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Affiliate Programs for Betting Business: Find the Best Partner for Your Online Bookmaker's Office

What income will you have from such a type of gambling business? It is impossible to know for sure but we believe it is estimated at billions of dollars. It is very difficult to launch such a project from scratch, and not everyone can afford it. Therefore, today, we will consider what affiliate programs for bookmakers are, and how they can help you to establish a profitable business.

Affiliate programs a betting business

To open a bookmaker's office under an affiliate program, please contact Bett-Market. Our experts will tell you about the specifics of running this business and help you to launch it. From us, it is also possible to buy the sportsbook software.

At first, the betting business seems simple and straightforward but in fact, it is not cut and dried, and it is better to turn to professionals.

How Online Betting Shops Work

Before you start looking for affiliate programs for your bookmaker’s office, you need to understand the very essence of work of a bookmaker. A betting shop is a place where gamblers are offered to place a bet on the outcome of sports, cultural, political or any other event.

The results of the competition are not important for the bookmaker since he gets money anyway. How? Everything is very simple. Each coefficient contains a margin. This means that the bookmaker, as an intermediary, takes interest for the provided services (they are included in the coefficient). Yes, this commission is very small, and at first, it is difficult to believe that it can produce income. But if the gambling establishment is in-demand and can boast of a large number of active players, then the profit will be sufficient.

The income level directly depends on the popularity of the bookmaker’s office. The more famous and in-demand it is, the higher is its turnover and, as a result, income. What determines the popularity of the gambling location? Operators must provide players with a diverse line of events and convenient and advanced betting software. Much depends on the advertising campaign, bonus system, loyalty program, etc.

To establish your own betting business is not an easy task. It will be necessary to work out a strategy to earn customer loyalty and figure out how to promote your brand in the face of severe competition. Today, new bookmakers appear like flies. That is why to open a business is one thing and to make it profitable ― another. However, for beginning entrepreneurs, the betting project is not always associated with various problems: there are very simple and profitable ways to start a business.

How to Launch a Bookmaker’s Office Under the Affiliate Program

Almost all modern reputable bookmakers offer proprietary affiliate programs. In order not to get confused in this vast variety, contact Bett-Market. Here, you can buy a bookmaker's office with all the necessary software. There are already existing affiliate schemes with the help of which sole proprietors and organisations secure profit.

Affiliate programs of bookmakers (they are also called franchises) are ready-made solutions that allow operators to quickly launch online betting shops without the need to obtain a license. At the same time, such an activity will be absolutely legal since the business is already licensed by a franchisor (a bookmaker whose affiliate program you decided to use).

Affiliate bookmaker networks are considered to be the best option for a beginning entrepreneur to implement his own betting project.

Affiliate programs of bookmaker’s offices provide businessmen with a wide range of services:

  • high-quality sportsbook software that is popular with betters;
  • advice on any issues of concern;
  • along with the betting software, users are offered a huge line with many betting options;
  • training of staff and several recommendations for its recruitment;
  • assistance in organising an advertising campaign.

To attract gamblers to your website, you need to take care of the advertising campaign. To do this, you should use specialised information platforms and any other resources where your target audience usually spends time. It is important to keep in mind that the vast majority of gamblers are men.

It is much easier to launch a bookmaker's office under an affiliate program and promote it than to start from scratch. The fact is that the franchisee (you and your new betting platform) gets the right to use the original brand. That is, the new bookmaker’s office will work under the name of the franchisor (the parent company). Therefore, users will trust you and place bets in your gambling establishment.

Affiliate betting programs make it possible to independently organise special offers, discounts, and the creation of unique bonus systems. Using the original sports betting software, beginning entrepreneurs will be able to attract new players using their own methods and offering customers something new.

The participation in bookmaker affiliate programs is an excellent solution for webmasters who can direct user traffic to a betting website. This activity is considered completely legal if the betting business operates under a licence.

The Benefits of Bookmaker Affiliate Programs for Operators and Partners

By choosing the best bookmakers affiliate programs, operators get the following advantages for the promotion of their businesses:

  1. The expansion of the customer base. Cooperation with affiliates helps an operator to increase user traffic on his or her bookmaker website. Moreover, these are interested users who can become regular visitors to the resource.
  2. Profit growth. There is a high probability that the attracted users will make bets on the bookmaker portal at least once. However, the operator is responsible for whether they become regular customers.
  3. Return on investment. Bookmakers affiliate programs often imply monetary rewards for targeted actions of visitors (registering, depositing, placing bets). This means that every cent invested in the promotion will bring profits.
  4. The popularisation of the brand. The more partners post links to the bookmaker website on the Internet, the higher the recognition of the resource.
  5. The control over results. Bookmaker affiliate programs and payments associated with them are absolutely transparent. The processes are automated to the full. The operator can evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion by several parameters at any time to understand whether the offers that the bookmaker works with are profitable. This approach allows businessmen to adjust their marketing strategies promptly.

The advantages for affiliates are obvious too:

  1. Passive income. It is enough to build a promotion scheme for a bookmaker project just once to receive stable profits, even if an affiliate does not control it every day.
  2. The opportunity to make good money. Some affiliates earn thousands of dollars every month.
  3. Free work schedule. The partners of betting companies are not linked either to any place or to the time of work.

Choose the Best Partner With Bett-Market

To launch a bookmaker’s office under an affiliate program, first of all, you should carefully choose the program itself. Before making a final decision, it is essential to weigh up the pros and cons. The first thing that is worth paying attention to is the bookmaker's attitude towards his clients.

Honesty and timely payments are factors which are important for the reputation of the betting shop. Therefore, you should read the reviews and talk to experienced gamblers. Remember that you will be using someone else's brand. Take your time and choose a partner whose name triggers positive associations among players.

It is also important for Bett-Market that every customer is satisfied. Employees of the company will help you to make the right choice and select the best affiliate program that will fully meet your expectations.

The brand also offers its proprietary software for the bookmaker's offices. If customers are not satisfied with the original bookmaker software that is provided as part of the affiliate program, they will be able to purchase unique betting software.

Practice shows that investments are fully paid off within 6 months after the project launch. Once this is done, the bookmaker’s office will start bringing a stable profit.

Partner for a bookmaker business

Bett-Market provides a full package of services with the help of which you can not only establish the business but also develop it. Remember that only regular investment in a project will help you to achieve success. And later, maybe you will launch a bookmaker’s office under your own brand. Anything is possible! Experts of Bett-Market will be glad to help you to make your dreams come true.

The Main Things about Proven Affiliate Services for Bookmakers

The launch of a sportsbook site with an affiliate program is a great way to organise and implement a profitable business with minimal costs.

  • When buying a betting portal with a partner program, an operator receives secure software with high performance, a deep event line with multi-level filters, assistance in organising advertising campaigns, and staff training.
  • The list of affiliate programs’ advantages includes the expansion of the client base, rapid growth in profits, good return on investment, and the popularisation of a sportsbook brand. A customer can control the operation of the service to the full, including the quality of online traffic attracted and payouts to affiliates.
  • Here are the criteria for choosing a reliable affiliate program: many years of working experience in the market, positive customer reviews, and the provision of a well-thought-out platform with a broad range of settings.
Bett-Market offers you to open a profitable turnkey betting business. You can connect a franchise of a well-known brand or order the development of your unique bookmaker site from us.

When working with Bett-Market, you get:

Contact Bett-Market manager and get the best business offer in the market!


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Updated 09.02.2023
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