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Betshop terminal
Obtain high-tech hardware to let your clients place bets quickly and safely
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Reliable cash registers will help you establish stable work with transactions, control financial flows, and reduce the time of interaction with customers.
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Advantages of the solution

Broad assortment

Bett-Market offers a large selection of professional cash register equipment of various formats

Simple program interface

The principles of working with cash registers for bookmaker offices are easy to master even for beginners

Protection of equipment

Anti-vandal body elements and built-in software protection mechanisms will secure financial transactions

Creation of reports

The information about each payment will be saved and transferred to the library by the system

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Buy Betting Kiosks Terminals from Bett-Market – a High-Tech Solution in the World of Land-Based Sweepstakes

Nowadays, modern technologies have developed a clear tendency to create universal solutions designed to solve a wide range of tasks. Multifunctional devices become familiar in use, and sometimes they can operate simultaneously in entirely different or related areas. Such solutions turn out to be convenient, economical, and practical. Therefore, they quickly gain good market positions.

Bett-Market is extremely glad to offer you our brand-new hardware for betting kiosks — betshop terminals.

These highly functional technological devices are used to offer the bookmakers’ clients an opportunity to place their bets individually and extremely fast. The range of available games that are being provided in these convenient tools is incredibly broad, meaning your players will find a lot of enjoyable activities to be absorbed into. You won’t regret it if you resort to our company for ordering the best-quality land-based betting terminals. So, let’s try to figure out what our sports betting kiosks for sale are in detail.

Betting Terminals: Trendy Innovation for Multifunctional Solutions

Betting terminals: trendy innovation

The name of this modern tool already implies that it can be used to receive bets. And this is only one of the main functions. But at the same time, within the framework of the betshop solutions, several other opportunities can interest a broad audience of you as operators. So, with the help of betshop terminals, you can:

  • conduct a wide variety of marketing campaigns;
  • provide advertising information about your gambling venues;
  • conduct surveys to inquire about the most common issues.

Concerning the realities of everyday life, betting kiosks terminals can be compared to, for example, opening access to interactive maps in shopping centres that show the list of goods and services and other relevant information.

Extensive Functionality of the Last Generation of Betting Terminals

Bett-Market introduces the last generation of sports betting kiosk terminals for the convenience of your users. Such a convenient business solution opens brand-new opportunities for your clients and adapts to the specific demands of you as an operator.

Depending on the location of your sports betting kiosk you can buy betting terminal with a single or dual view. Also, there is a possibility to choose whether you want your clients to work with a touchscreen mode or a conventional mouse and keyboard.

Our top-notch betting equipment provides your clients with an immersive experience, offering a wide range of opportunities for broadening the everyday playing process:

  1. Dive into the betting activity or play various games without a queue at the cash desk.
  2. Live Center and Live Streaming of the selected events are always in front of you.
  3. Regularly updated statistics for new bids are easily accessible with just a few clicks.
  4. Quick access to event results provides you with updated information on the chosen sporting activity.
  5. Bet check without the necessity to undergo any registration process.
  6. The ability to reserve a terminal in case your client needs to leave it for a few minutes.

It is worth noting that the innovative betting kiosks terminals from Bett-Market have several significant advantages for the operators as well. In addition to the breadth of the functionality, you are even able to integrate with the partner’s office. In case of urgent necessity, the owner of the land-based betting terminal and its manufacturer can implement any new interactive projects of any complexity. The software has flexible functionality that the operator can take good use of.

Increased number of bets

Depending on the number of terminals in your betting kiosks, your clients can take part in several activities at the same time independently

Reduction of money for personnel

Betting terminals are one-time investment since you don’t need to pay the regular salary and suffer from the inconsistency of their working process

Absence of mistakes

The elaborate software written by the professional developers from Bett-Market eradicates the possibility of any error by the terminal

Maximum use of the audience

Depending on the number of acting players, you will be able to involve all of them into the betting process

Increased loyalty

Such a modern technological solution will boost the trustworthiness of your clients into your betting establishment

Ability to work 24/7

Without the need to spend much on the personnel, you can make your betting kiosk work round the clock without significant additional expenses

The design of the terminal has a pretty compact size and can be placed even in a limited area. An essential condition for the operation of the product is to maintain the ambient temperature at favourable levels. Bett-Market hardware solutions are able to take place on any horizontal and vertical surfaces. Various versions of the frames make it possible to make this betting tool a harmonious component of any interior: the surface can be matte and glossy, in multiple shades, and with imitation of texture like stone, wood, leather.

Buy sports betting kiosk from our company for unique interior adjustment.

Maximum Use of the Latest Betting Opportunities from Bett-Market

Latest betting solutions

Our company supplies only the trendiest betting solutions for your betting kiosks. The newest terminals will bring incredible benefits to both new venues as well as the long-established organizations.

Buy betting terminals from Bett-Market, and you won’t have any regrets about your innovative working process.

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