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Turnkey betting software
Launch a ready-made lucrative project with a wide event line
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The development of a turnkey bookmaker website includes assistance in licensing, website creation, software selection, project promotion, and other important issues.
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Fast payback of projects

Cooperate with Bett-Market to earn worthy profits in the first months of your online resource’s operation

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Effective marketing methods will attract the attention of potential customers to your betting project

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Let your website look vivid and memorable using the services of professional web designers from Bett-Market

In-demand content

Select and install high-quality bookmaker software from the best manufacturers on your gambling website

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Buy a ready-made bookmaker project to save your precious time when entering the betting market.

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Turnkey sports betting solutions: 5 advantages

A bookmaker’s office is a dream of many entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting their own business. The area always has customers, attracts large sums of money and generates profit. The essential advantage of betting is its legality in many countries, including Russia and other CIS members.

Opening of the bookmaker's office on a turnkey basis

There are different ways of opening a betting shop: performing it independently or by ordering turnkey sportsbook software from the professionals like Bett-Market. In the second case, you get a turnkey bookmaker’s office which complies with the modern requirements.

Firstly, let us speak about the things you need to do to create your own sportsbook by yourself:

  • Going through all the stages of registering a new enterprise.
  • Getting a license. Betting business is one of the few gambling activities that are legal in the Russian Federation. You can register a Russian license (which prise is quite astounding), or do it in popular offshore areas like Curacao.
  • Purchase or rent of betting software.
  • Ordering a fast, convenient, functional and reliable website. Players like to bet online, so there must be a mobile version or an application.
  • Connecting payment systems that you can safely use to conduct transactions.
  • Finding personnel. It is important to be especially careful selecting analysts, the people who are responsible for the coefficients.

This is quite a list, is not it? But here are the good news: you can avoid performing everything on your own if you choose one of the turnkey sports betting solutions. In this case, all these worries lay on the others’ shoulders. Our sportsbook turnkey solution ensures a quick and problem-free elaboration of your business.

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Turnkey Bookmaker's Office: Why is it Worth Choosing?

There are several reasons:

Time Saving

Sportsbook turnkey solutions are extremely efficient, while the independent launch of such a business may take many months, since obtaining a license is not the easiest procedure. With a turnkey sportsbook, this will not happen, because the whole process will take you a maximum of several weeks.

Money Saving

A turnkey option will require much less investment. The Russian license alone will cost a billion rubles (including all contributions and an insurance). The company providing turnkey sports betting solutions will simply make a new entry in an already existing document or help to issue a cheaper permit.

Original High-Quality Turnkey Betting Software

The software is a rather big item of expenditure in the process of opening a booking office. You will need a site, software, and payment systems. A partner is responsible for the quality of turnkey betting software. As a result, you will receive a properly functioning turnkey sports betting website with licensed bookie software programs.

Completely Finished Product

One of the peculiarities of a turnkey betting shop is that after the release it can be immediately opened for players. This is not a script that requires improvement, but a fully functional project. A turnkey betting provider will guide an operator from the idea to a finished portal. After that, the customer can start earning money right away.

Support at Each Stage

Launching a sportsbook is not the same thing as opening a grocery store in a house. In the process, some misunderstandings may arise. With a contractor, you can be sure that all problems will be solved; the office will open on time and with all the necessary documents and turnkey betting software.

Turnkey betting software

How Can I Buy a Turnkey Bookmaker's Office?

There are two ways to obtain turnkey software for sportsbook: purchasing a franchise of a well-known brand and ordering the development of software from scratch. Let us say a few words about each option.


A simple and common way to your own betting shop. It means that one party buys the right to use the name, the logo, corporate processes and other aspects of the business of another one. That is, a franchisee acquires a ready-made brand.

We are sure that you have heard the following names:

These companies have hundreds of branches around the world, all thanks to the franchise. The franchisor expands its network, and the franchisee acquires the opportunity to start a business under a popular name with a turnkey software solution for sportsbook. The Bett-Market company offers a vast list of systems for connection.

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Development of a Bookmaker’s Office from Scratch

In this case, the customer will receive a unique turnkey sportsbook solution, which will include lines, payment systems, betting software and other necessary programs. After you have provided a finished project, you can promote it, monetize the traffic, add new opportunities and develop at your discretion. A betting turnkey solution is an efficient way to start earning solid capital.

Betting Business with Bett-Market

In the Internet, hundreds of enterprises offer turnkey solutions, but with Bett-Market you will receive your office and turnkey sports betting website in a few weeks and start using it in your work.

Also, the company offers promotion of your turnkey sportsbook solutions; financial and other related services. Order a free consultation and open your bookmaking business.


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Updated 09.02.2023
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