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Betting fraud protection
Order modern safety software to secure your betting portal
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We use advanced technologies and guarantee the complete security of information and financial assets.
Our systems can instantly identify and solve any problem.
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Advantages of the service

Round-the-Clock Monitoring

The system works 24/7 and generates reports on the identified and prevented risks in the real-time mode

Double Identification

All visits to the platform are controlled by an automated module with the multi-level authentication

Financial Management

The system monitors the security of transactions and identifies schemes that are potentially dangerous

Protection of the Technical Basis

Powerful tools stabilize the operation of your casino, regardless of the volume of system loads

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Betting Fraud Protection Software: Establish a Reliable Business With Bett-Market

Digital casino fraud protection is in stark contrast to control systems for offline locations. For the protection of a land-based gambling club, several simple tools are used: video surveillance, identity check, guard services, etc.

The betting security software operates out of sight of players and practically does not require manual intervention. Such products perform a wide range of functions: they monitor the actions of users, maintain the entire system, and much more.

Betting security software: description

Specialists of Bett-Market will explain to you how online gambling security works. Our team of experts has prepared a detailed description of the basic components of the digital infrastructure and their functionality.

To connect software to protect the casino or betting solutions from the world’s leading providers, please contact our managers. We guarantee fast integration, fair deal, and flexible discounts!

Functionality of the Betting Security Software

Online casino safety is a program structure that consists of many components. It ensures the security of personal and commercial data and keeps the gambling platform operational.

Casino fraud protection software performs several tasks:

  1. Prevention of external threats. The casino id verification system monitors the behaviour of visitors to the platform and detects any suspicious activity. It also protects the resource against hacker and DDoS attacks, the use of malicious software, intellectual property theft, TCP desynchronisation, and financial fraud.
  2. Fight against unauthorised actions of players. The solution protects the bookmaker’s office against hacker attacks and prevents such types of fraud as multi-accounting, playing with bots, improper distribution of bonuses, logging into the system from devices with a bad reputation, etc.
  3. Control of the work of staff. Betting security products are aimed at combating disclosure of personal and commercial information, data leakage, intellectual property theft, and incorrect work with payment instruments. This also includes such types of fraud as the artificial generation of winning events in favour of a specific user or a group of people.
  4. Network security support. The betting security software monitors the legality of Internet connection, analyses the history of user devices (including mobile gadgets), and maintains stable access to services for a loyal audience.
  5. User identification. The id verification for betting is an integral component of security programs that allows you to identify potential fraudsters and players with ludomania even during their first visit to the casino website. Also, the software automatically deselects traffic from those countries where betting and casino games are forbidden by law.

Digital Security Technologies

Gambling security software is developed on the basis of advanced IT technologies.

Among the key tools and services that guarantee a stable operation of the gaming site, we can name:

  1. SDK plug-ins. These are multilevel informational libraries and technical option catalogues with increased safety. The system automatically adapts to changes in the basic script.
  2. Firewall screens. Flexible filters protect bookmaker’s offices against hacking. The program blocks any unauthorised interference in the system.
  3. Cryptographic encryption. It encodes information streams and prevents data leakage. It will be impossible for fraudsters to use someone else's intellectual property. Only the security service and administrators of the bookmaker’s office with personal keys have access to the blocks of encrypted data.
  4. Optical recognition of gamblers. This tool activates during the casino id verification when the user visits the website for the first or second time.
  5. XML protocols. The tool is used as additional protection of the casino against fraud when working with payment services that are built into the website.
  6. Urgent copying. Software components save the gambling platform in case its basic script is damaged or there is a need to quickly save important information. The work of this tool is closely connected with hosting and dedicated servers (the software is installed on external network cells).

Work Techniques of Betting Security Programs

Betting security programs: work techniques

Betting security is a structured digital environment, which includes the following components:

Data Audit and Forecasting Centre

Tasks of the module:

  • analysis of the working capacity of the service and monitoring of the current level of protection in real-time;
  • assessment and forecasting of possible interference in the system’s operation based on the basic indicators and algorithms that were chosen during the initial set up;
  • certification of the betting website, which includes an assessment of the operating capacity of the system, the functionality of the script, the quality of hosting, and the level of security of streaming channels.

External Threat Prevention Module

We recommend operators to connect verification for casino not only to evaluate the quality of traffic but also to prevent any attacks. The program works with external sources, collects, filters, and stores information on possible types of fraud. Thanks to the self-learning system, the betting security software instantly recognises hacker traps and identifies the security vulnerability in the platform code in advance.

Risk Management Service

The task of the block is to evaluate and control the quality of work with cash flows. Financial security of a bookmaker’s office is a flexible interactive system that combines the following options:

  1. Analysis of transactions in real-time. The system’s operation does not affect the total performance and responsiveness of the platform.
  2. Management of suspicious money transfers. You can redirect requests for manual consideration or automatic blocking of accounts.
  3. Processing of geographical data of users. Transactions that are carried out from those jurisdictions where sports betting is strictly prohibited are automatically blocked.
  4. Prevention of risky transactions. To fight against money laundering, the software redirects suspicious frequent requests and large transfers for manual id verification for betting.

UID Centre

The casino fraud protection software automatically classifies traffic of the platform and divides potential fraudsters from a loyal audience.

The program can be activated in 2 modes: evaluation of each login in the system or checking the user identity after receiving a request for withdrawing funds.

After that, the id verification for betting will ask for such data as:

  • scan of the user's passport;
  • bank statement indicating the personal data (with the stamp of the institution that issued the certificate);
  • details of an electronic wallet (if digital services are used instead of banking systems);
  • photo of a plastic card (of its 2 sides).

The software gathers financial information on customers in order to prevent fraud, money laundering, and the payment of winnings to third parties. The same systems block access to the game content for minors.

Customer Services

Experienced providers often offer to connect software to protect the casino and immediately order some additional services.

The list of such offers may include:

  • round-the-clock technical support for partners;
  • multilevel reporting modules with the generation of analytical reports in real-time;
  • insurance services (additional protection services in case of the theft of commercial and other confidential information);
  • the digital signature program that can simplify the internal flow of documents of the bookmaker’s office;
  • independent external audit services;
  • artificial hacker attacks the aim of which is to detect weaknesses of the security system.

Id Verification for Casino and Online Bookmaker’s Offices

Id verification for casino and bookmaker’s offices

The main task of the software module is to check the compliance of the personal information provided by users during the initial registration. Most modern services provide for complex id verification with several stages of identity authentication.

Ways of checking the user data

Simple identification

Experts recommend operators to use this format for working with players with minimal experience in gambling. The program implies the loggin in procedure using a unique PIN code that is sent to the gambler's phone number

More complex procedure

The betting security asks for personal data of users and allows them to enter the system after answering a special security question (by analogy to banking programs and standard queries “the pet name” or “the mother's maiden name”)

Complex verification

This program combines several typical methods of identity verification: it asks for the age, private papers, and the IP address of users.

One of the trends in digital security is the technique of biometric face recognition (verification of photos from a webcam, passport, driving licence, etc.)

Selection Criteria for the Reliable Gambling Security System

When buying digital protection systems, you should pay attention to such factors as trustworthiness and recognition of the brand, its reputation in the market, and the feedback of partners.

We recommend you to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the offered solutions according to the following parameters:

  1. Product adaptability. The system should be automatically adapted to the features of an already existing platform and the latest market trends (for example, new laws).
  2. Simplicity of operation. All key components of a good program are automated as much as possible. Operators only need to monitor the general indicators of the system and use additional filters (if necessary).
  3. Speed and simplicity of connection. The world’s leading software vendors use seamless API technologies to quickly integrate and customise their products immediately without the need to modify an original script of the gambling platform.
  4. Certification and compliance management of the system. The best choice is to purchase software solutions that meet ISO 27001 and PCI DSS international standards (information and financial security).

The Main Things About the Betting Security Solution

To achieve success, betting operators need to provide the security assurance of their platforms. Reliability of the gaming site, transparency of transactions, and casino id verification are the best ways to increase the level of loyalty of your audience and brand awareness and ensure the stable operation of the entire business.

Advantages of purchasing certified security systems:

  • Simple connection. Integration of the product takes a minimum of time and does not change the original script of the bookmaker's office.
  • Audience segmentation. The program instantly evaluates the quality of traffic and identifies potential fraudsters at the stage of registration in the system. Unreliable users and gamblers from those countries where betting is strictly prohibited are blocked immediately.
  • Automated operation. The system requires only initial debugging, and there is practically no need for manual intervention. Only the most suspicious inquiries are considered manually.
  • Financial security. The software assesses the level of risk of each individual transaction, prevents unjustified charging of bonuses, and other unauthorised actions with money.
  • Protection against external threats. Digital security systems automatically block suspicious traffic, identify new threats, prevent hacker attacks and information theft, and prohibit minors from accessing the gaming site.
The Bett-Market team offers to its clients to connect verification for casino on the most beneficial terms, with a guaranteed fair deal and no hidden fees. We can customise the software and provide professional 24/7 customer support.

Moreover, from us, you can order services from the world’s leading providers, unique game content, turnkey gambling platforms, and solutions for launching a land-based casino.

With the help of a test version of the gambling platform, you will be able to make certain of the quality and effectiveness of our products.

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Updated 09.02.2023
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