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Bett-Market proposes its clients several ways to ensure fast and secure financial transactions.
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Several types of equipment

You can find software for working with cash registers, POS terminals, and other devices in our catalogue

Minimum commission fees

Most available payment systems offer small commission fees or do not charge extra payments at all

Multicurrency solutions

Let your clients choose a convenient currency for making transactions in your bookmaker's office

Different language versions

Provide consumers of your services with different language versions of worthy financial software

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Payment Systems for Betting Establishments

The development of modern technologies has brought many changes to the field of ground-based betting. Previously, all payments were performed using cash at sports betting offices. However, the emergence of online gambling, which provides the opportunity to use various payment systems for betting websites, made owners of offline gaming establishments think about expanding the assortment of payment methods.

The Bett-Market team has prepared a detailed review of sweepstakes payment systems to help you learn all the intricacies of this theme.

The Essence of Payment Systems for Betting Clubs

Method of payments for betting: cash

Payment systems for betting establishments are software products and equipment that allow customers and employees to make payments. Cash remains the most popular method of payments at many betting offices. Today, you can pay in cash in two ways:

  1. The use of cash equipment. This method involves the interaction of the player with the cashier. The gambler needs to choose the necessary sporting event and inform the employee of the betting shop about his or her desire to make a bet.
  2. Placement of bets using a betshop terminal. This method is more convenient and advanced. Players can choose sporting events, types of bets, and odds themselves, using special equipment. Some betting terminals provide the possibility to change the interface settings. This option makes the betting process incredibly comfortable. 

Betting terminals and cash registers work thanks to modern payment systems for land-based betting clubs. They help operators make the payment process fast and secure.

In addition to using cash, up-to-date bookmaker terminals give the opportunity to bet using bank cards, or electronic wallets.

The use of tablets is one of the most convenient ways to make bets. This method allows businessmen to save significant sums needed for the purchase of equipment. Besides, payment software for tablets can be installed and configured without the help of specialists.

Characteristics of High-Quality Payment Systems

The search for a payment system for a casino or a bookmaker office is an incredibly responsible task. Your choice may affect the security of transactions and the reputation of your establishment. In order not to make a mistake and select the right product that will bring a decent profit, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics of high-quality payment systems for betting kiosks.

Impeccable reputation of the manufacturer

Buy software developed by reputable, trusted manufacturers. Do not risk your money. Products from little-known brands may work unstably. In addition, remember that a good payment system cannot be too cheap

High level of safety

This criterion is of great importance here. Unfortunately, ground-based clubs can also become victims of cyberattacks. The finances of your customers must be well protected

Quick payments

Many people prefer to visit land-based bookmaker offices because of the opportunity to place bets and receive money in the shortest possible time

Reliable technical support

Even high-quality hardware and software can face some difficulties. The task of the technical support team is to resolve the problems encountered as quickly as possible

User-friendly interface

Programs for performing payments should be simple and easy-to-use. The overloaded interface can distract the cashier or player from the transaction process

Various payment methods

Advanced betshop terminals should allow users to make payments using different payment methods (for example, cash, bank cards, electronic wallets)

Where to Buy Payment Systems for Betting Kiosks

Payment systems for betting

The purchase of equipment and software for ground-based betting establishments is a very crucial stage in the development of your business. The issue of acquiring payment systems for betting kiosks deserves special attention. To make the right choice, you should cooperate with reliable intermediary companies. Such firms help novice businessmen choose the best variants among other attractive offers.

Bett-Market has extensive experience in the land-based betting market. Many operators from around the world have realized their successful projects with our help.

In addition to the sale of payment systems for betting offices, we provide some other services for operators:

This is just a small list of offers from our company. One of the most popular services is the development of turnkey ground-based betting solutions. This option allows novice operators to save a lot of money and time.

Besides working with beginners, we also cooperate with experienced businessmen. If you want to get advanced payment software for your establishment, contact us, and we will help you find the perfect option.

Do you want to buy payment systems for a betting club? Feel free to contact our managers at any convenient time. The best Bett-Market specialists will provide you with a free consultation and inform you about all the aspects of choosing reliable payment systems.

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