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How to Launch a Lucrative Betting Business in New Zealand: Tips for Newcomers

In recent years, operators have often turned their attention to developing markets. The level of competition in such regions is relatively lower. In addition, the authorities of promising states are trying to create optimal conditions for entrepreneurs to develop the gambling industry more efficiently.

Betting business in New Zealand: tips for newcomers

If you are looking for the perfect market to start a new project, the Bett-Market team recommends you to open a betting business in New Zealand. This country has good characteristics. We will consider them in more detail in this article.

Start a successful bookmaker project with our studio.

The Profitability of the Gambling Market in New Zealand

Millions of potential players live in this country. According to recent statistical studies, about 80% of the population takes part in various gaming activities.

Last year, the gambling market in New Zealand made almost NZ $2.5 billion (approximately US $1.8 billion) in revenue. The average player spends about NZ $650 ($470) a year on betting and games of chance.

Such positive indicators are encouraging entrepreneurs from all over the world to buy bookmaker businesses in New Zealand.

The Features of Gaming Legislation

Is gambling legal in New Zealand? Yes, the entertainment business is controlled by several regulatory bodies:

  • Internal Affairs Department;
  • Gambling Commission;
  • Ministry of Health.

These departments operate following the gambling law in New Zealand, adopted back in 2003. Over 18 years, the legislation has undergone many changes due to the incredibly fast pace of the gaming industry’s development.

To start online gambling projects in New Zealand, operators have to obtain offshore licences. The local gaming committee does not issue permits to work in the Internet environment. However, the activities of foreign betting businesses in New Zealand are not prohibited.

The Strong Suits of the Region

Gambling market in New Zealand: strengths

Why are foreign investors eager to enter the gambling market in New Zealand?

It has several strengths:

  1. High quality of life. According to Numbeo, the state ranks 21st in the world in terms of the average monthly salary. The hourly wage rate in New Zealand is NZ $18.90 ($13.54). The average salary per year is NZ $49,000 (over US $35,000).
  2. Loyal attitude to foreign projects. International portals working in the virtual gambling market in New Zealand can provide their services to citizens absolutely freely and legally. The main prerequisite for successful work in this region is adherence to the principles of responsible gaming.
  3. The popularity of bookmaker services. New Zealanders are interested in many sports: rugby, soccer, cricket, netball, basketball, and others. They are ready to make large bets regularly.
  4. The demand for mobile solutions. The betting business in New Zealand keeps pace with modern times. Players prefer fast and convenient gaming formats. Mobile applications allow them to place bets and play their favourite games anywhere and anytime.
  5. A widespread application of cryptocurrency instruments. People from New Zealand have been using digital money for financial transactions for a long time. In 2019, the government permitted employers to pay salaries in cryptocurrency. The purchase of Bitcoin betting software in New Zealand will let an operator significantly minimise his or her costs and increase the security of monetary operations.
  6. English-speaking environment. About 95% of New Zealanders speak English. This is a great advantage for owners of working foreign projects, or operators planning to launch international start-ups. The English-language interface of the site will allow you to expand the geography of your business very quickly and start providing bookmaker services to citizens of other countries.

How to Open a Sportsbook Project in this State?

To start a bookmaker business in New Zealand, you should complete several critical tasks:

Obtaining an international licence

Find a jurisdiction that offers good conditions for opening a betting club in New Zealand.

Pay attention to such parameters as the validity period, the cost of the document, tax conditions and others

The acquisition of betting software in New Zealand

To start attracting a decent audience and making big profits, you should purchase high-quality content for your website.

Choose experienced suppliers with an impeccable reputation in the local and global market

The creation of an internet portal

Enlist the help of qualified designers to implement a stylish and vibrant virtual resource.

The most important role here is played by the user-friendliness of the interface

The safety of data and financial transactions

Integrate up-to-date protection betting software in New Zealand into your portal to secure yourself and your users from financial fraud and information leakage

The connection of payment services

Install reliable money transfer systems to make your interaction with customers as efficient and profitable as possible.

The ideal solution for the start of a bookmaker business in New Zealand is the connection of cryptocurrency payment instruments

The attraction of potential consumers

Organise effective marketing activities to engage your target audience.

Reward new clients for registration, first deposits, and specific in-game achievements

Customer support

Respond to users’ requests promptly to maintain a good reputation of your turnkey betting portal in New Zealand.

Help players understand the functionality of the site and the peculiarities of payment instruments

The retention of a loyal audience

Pay enough attention to your regular customers. Launch promotions that will allow experienced gamblers to get additional in-game benefits, bonuses, and valuable prizes

The Development of Turnkey Betting Projects in New Zealand

Turnkey betting business in New Zealand: development

To stand out from competitors and reach the widest possible audience, you need to plan the launch of your start-up properly. It is almost impossible to open a betting club in New Zealand without professional support. To start your business quickly and efficiently, we recommend you to work on a turnkey basis.

The purchase of a ready-made sportsbook site will bring an operator:

  • the possibility to open a legal online betting portal in New Zealand with an offshore licence;
  • a wide range of sportsbooks and gaming software from reputable manufacturers;
  • the assistance in installing and adjusting program products;
  • 24/7 informational and technical maintenance.

An owner of a turnkey betting portal in New Zealand is responsible for the promotion of his or her resource. However, marketing services can also be ordered from specialists for an additional fee.

The Main Things about New Zealand’s Market

If you are looking for the best country for launching your entertainment start-up, we recommend you to pay attention to this option. Open a betting site in New Zealand to work in optimal conditions and make decent profits.

The reviewed market has such specifics:

  • offshore licensing of virtual gaming projects;
  • the popularity of cryptocurrency instruments;
  • English-speaking high-income audience;
  • the demand for sportsbook resources.
To buy a bookmaker business in New Zealand, turn to the Bett-Market studio. Our team is ready to support operators regardless of the budget and the scale of their projects. We help entrepreneurs launch new start-ups and improve their existing businesses.

The assortment of the company includes betting and gaming software from leading suppliers. We provide comprehensive technical and informational assistance to our clients.

Leave a request to find out how to open a money-making project in any market and recoup your investment in just a few months.

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