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Benefits of Opening a sports betting business in Germany

High Profitability

Stable economic conditions allowed Germany to enter the list of the most developed countries in Europe

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Work without violating German gaming laws — get a bookmaker licence in a suitable offshore zone

Business without Limits

Foreign betting websites are not blocked by the government and are in great demand among the population

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Buy Sweepstakes Software in Germany from the World-Renown Vendor Bett-Market

Regardless of the imposed limitations all around the world, the gambling business continues to flourish in various forms. One such direction is land-based betting. Numerous operators have already set up their successful bookmaker’s kiosks and receive impressive revenue. Bett-Market offers you to join the profitable area as well and start land-based betting in Germany. Not only is this a demanded entertainment in the country but also a completely legitimate way to develop your career.

Betting Kiosks in Germany

Land-based betting in Germany

Land-based betting has been particularly popular in Germany. The increased number of different types of sports activities has gathered thousands of people in the stadiums and millions in front of the screens. However, due to the legal restrictions, you have to be pretty cautious regarding your betting establishment. Therefore, Bett-Market offers you to order betting shop software in Germany for sale that is completely legal and won’t cause any misunderstandings between you and the local authorities.

Our experienced advisors will help you set up your business venue in the form of a sweepstake that is a viable way of distributing prizes. Your land-based establishment will take fees from the players for the time spent that is not forbidden in the country. In this context, a remuneration will most likely be a free prize draw. We offer sweepstakes software for sale of the highest quality to benefit your venues.

The award is considered legal if:

  1. The payment is taken to prove that a participant makes a financial sacrifice to receive a chance to win.
  2. The participation requirements are clear and unambiguous, as well as delivered to the player immediately and in a full form.
  3. The remuneration doesn’t cause any psychological pressure to purchase the promoted product or service.

Reliable Gaming Tools from Bett-Market

Betting shop software in Germany: reliable tools

In order to start offering your services in the chosen area, you will need high-quality sweepstakes software in Germany. Bett-Market is a team of reliable professionals that are always ready to provide you with elaborate advice on any issue you might have. We have been working with several branded sweepstakes software providers in Germany to guarantee immaculate managing experience for the operators and smooth entertainment process for their players.

Prioritized Design

When you order sweepstakes software in Germany for your new land-based establishment, you probably care about the design as much as about the functionality. The web manufacturers from Bett-Market totally understand this and do their best to adjust your ideas to implement them into reality. Indeed, the visual aspect of the entertainment software influences your profit directly since the satisfaction of your clients is a primary goal for any resourceful operator.

Sound Effects

As much as you care about the visual part of our betting shop software in Germany, you should pay similar attention to the audio component of your business. If you decide to resort to Bett-Market for the professionally designed sweepstakes software, you will receive just what you want. Here, we understand how crucial accompanying sound is during the process. We create licensed audio effects to make sure your clients are both not distracted by it too much and generate a feeling to return over and over again.

Effortless Handling

Among all sweepstakes software providers in Germany, Bett-Market is one of the minority to care about both sides of the process. We work not only to satisfy your image of the end product but also to try to predict how your clients will react to the completed project. With this in mind, we want your management of our sweepstakes software in Germany to be smooth while the gaming experience of your clients to look intuitive and effortless.

Total Security

One of the most essential things that most operators are asking about concerns protection. Usually, betting kiosks in Germany aren’t secured to the maximum extent and may suffer from unexpected DDoS attacks or information thefts. Bett-Market rates security as a task number one. Our sweepstakes software for sale is protected with the newest industry achievements. The latest technological innovations are used during the development of the safety system by an individual approach. This allows us to prevent the most common breaching methods and set up a reliable protective firewall.

Support Team

Betting shop software in Germany usually requires a meticulous control, and our support team is always there for you to deal with any issues that might occur. It doesn’t matter when you face the problem since our experts work 24/7 without any breaks. If you are struggling with anything during the setup, just give us a call and will try to eradicate the issue by the joint efforts.

Result of Ordering Our Software for Land-Based Betting in Germany

Software for land-based betting in Germany

By offering sweepstakes services to your clients, you will be able to boost your business in general as well as ensure you have considered a few essential points more:

Increased Popularity

High-quality software from Bett-Market will allow you to create a hype around the services that you provide

World-Renown Brand

The name of your sweepstakes software provider will speak volume even before your clients access the entertainment process itself

Internet Promotion

Usually, land-based betting in Germany doesn’t count on online promotion, forgetting that it is a really beneficial way to popularize your venue

Data Retrieval

Bett-Market also supplies some good-quality analytical tools that allow you to understand the strong and weak points of your business

Achieving the Union

Our software works not only to generate financial profit with money but also to make your clients feel comfortable with you as a caring host of the establishment

Peculiar Approach for Bett-Market

It is all about your convenience that our devoted experts care about. Since the sweepstakes business is developing at a rapid pace, our betting shop software in Germany is also upgraded accordingly. The ability to adapt to the new challenges makes our individual approach to each customer an unparalleled feature you will not find anywhere else. Don’t hesitate to resort to world-class professionals and buy bet365 software in Germany from Bett-Market. We work for your pleasure.

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