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5 Tips That Will Help You to Promote a Bookmaker’s Office and Monetise Sports Traffic

Despite the huge potential and the ability to transparently carry on the gambling business, bookmakers and betting shops are losing their customers. In 2015, a 5.3% drop in the income of these market participants was recorded. Perhaps it is connected with the political situation, although the increase in taxes on betting activities, the monopolisation of large bookmakers, and competition on the part of online casinos also had a negative influence.

However, services of bookmakers are still very in-demand but sometimes operators of betting shops make mistakes when promoting their enterprises. For example, many people organise only outdoor advertising next to the betting shop, ignoring banners and promotion in social networks. Moreover, operators make mistakes in the audit and analysis of the work of their bookmaker's offices. And the most reckless decision in running this kind of business is to launch a new betting location instead of squaring away the old one.

Rebranding is the best solution if your business is in a stalemate. But this is a drastic action. On the Bett-Market official website, you will find out what advertising to choose for a bookmaker’s office and how to monetise a betting platform.

You can entrust the development of a bookmaker's office, its promotion, and monetisation of sports traffic to PR specialists of Bett-Market.

Advertising of Betting Shops. Experience of Foreign Bookmakers and Competitors

If you buy the betting software that has been developed by foreign companies, what will be wrong with overseen their business and advertising methods? However, we would like to warn you that you should not look up to bookmaker aggregators and their promotional tools since they already have huge traffic and occupy a significant market share.

Even if you set aside a similar budget for the promotion of a bookmaker’s office or a betting shop, you will simply waste your money. It is better to choose niche regional locations that have achieved success in their segment. To study the activities of other bookmakers in great detail, make a SWOT competitive landscape.

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Advertising of betting shops: experience of foreign bookmakers

The following analysis criteria can be used in the table:

Integration With Online Vetting and Communication With Customers

A competent marketer, when asked about the promotion of a bookmaker's office, will answer that the best advertising for is a good service. And this is true. Therefore, first of all, we develop the product, and then we advertise it. But under the competitive climate, you can combine 2 aspects and make the service a marketing tool.

Today, many bookmakers develop their activities on the Internet where an individual approach to each customer and communication are minimised. But betters, like all people, need communication. For this, online bookmakers offer bonuses, loyalty systems, mailing lists, and prizes. When analysing the online bookmaker’s office, pay attention to the means of communication with users and personal offers provided to clients.

Promotion in Social Networks

20 years ago the statement “No office ― no company” was the most relevant, 10 years ago it was “No website ― no company”, and today “No page on social networks ― no company”. You can ignore such an important marketing tool but sooner or later, you will have to contend with the fact that it is time to set up a communication channel on social networks.

Promotion in social media is closely related to the first item. It is on social platforms that you can assemble an audience and communicate with customers. If you have a betting shop only in one city, you will be able to use geo-targeting to focus only on those customers who live there. It is not a problem.

So, the second criterion of analysis is an activity in social networks.

Wide Choice of Sports Events

Today, customers are demanding in any area. When using the service, they want to immediately get what they need. For example, if your clients are fans of FC Arsenal, offer them with what they like.

Your betting website should be built in such a way that visitors immediately find what they need. Personalised lines of events will become the key to the success of your business. And to make it more effective, it is worth checking what lines are offered by competitors.


The modern gambling industry is characterised by a huge selection of adaptive bookmaker software. The presence of a mobile version of the betting website can speed up the promotion of your project.

Thus, the monetisation of traffic can be reached within a shorter period of time. For the mobile version, it is better to select event lines separately. It is inconvenient for a person to scroll through a large list of options using a mobile phone or tablet. Large betting companies offer their clients a shorter list or groups of events. Be sure to take this into account and visit websites of your competitors from gadgets.

Mobile online betting


If you have insider information on a competitor, it will be great. Record the lifetime value of customers of a particular company. On the online resource, you can see if competitors are using the up-selling method: it increases the average receipt amount thanks to additional sales. For example, if a person places a bet on a football match, you will need to offer him horse racing quotes as a bonus. This is how you can improve the conversion, increase the level of customer’s loyalty, and make sure that the gambler will visit your betting platform again.

Based on the SWOT analysis of competitors, you will determine what strengths do you have, and what aspects still need to be improved. When you have a clear understanding of what needs to be done, you will be able to draw up a business plan that is aimed at increasing revenues.

Outdoor and TV Advertising of Bookmaker’s Offices

It is worth noting that the promotion of a bookmaker's office with the help of outdoor advertising is rather cost-intensive but still, it needs to be done. If you have one or more betting shops in the city, you need to tell its residents about your business. Outdoor and TV advertising can be an excellent option. But do not forget about the strict advertising law, which describes all the restrictions in detail. For example, before 10 pm, it is prohibited to broadcast ads of betting solutions on TV.

Outdoor advertising should be subject to even stricter rules:

  1. It is allowed to place banners only on the building where the betting shop is located. The only exception is transport facilities.
  2. When promoting the bookmaker’s office, it is prohibited to exaggerate the chances of winning and actively promote big prizes. You should also note that minors are not allowed to gamble.
  3. Advertising in magazines and other printed media, except advertising booklets, is strictly prohibited.

An example of a good advertising slogan is

“Sports betting with the highest odds!”

And here is the slogan for which your banner can be demounted:

“Ivan Petrov won a million rubles in our bookmaker's office. You can be next!”

Thus, it is worth making sure that people will notice your betting shop with the help of outdoor advertising. This promotional tool always works.

Promotion of Bookmakers on the Internet. The Betting Software

Everyone needs to monetise the betting business but not everyone knows how to properly advertise the betting website on the Internet. We have already talked about how important social networks are for a company.

But besides SMM (Social Media Marketing), there are several more methods that can and should be used:

  • SEO. Optimisation of a website for search queries.
  • E-mail marketing. Working with customer databases.
  • Affiliate betting software. It will allow you to participate in affiliate programs.
  • Search engine advertising.

SEO optimisation is the type of digital promotion that should be used in any type of gambling. Why do you need a bookmaker franchise, betting software or a website with excellent design if there is no gambling traffic? According to statistics, 60% of all traffic is accounted for by organic conversions, which can only be obtained through properly organised SEO.

E-mail marketing is the best tool to provide personalised communication with customers. Besides, by using e-mail marketing, you can optimise the up-sell, which means the addition of another 20% to the amount of profit.

Affiliate betting software will also attract more visitors to your gaming site. Promotion of a bookmaker’s office with the help of affiliate programs will provide an increase in those customers who are interested in your services.

Search engine advertising, along with the affiliate software for the betting business, will help you to build traffic. Thanks to loyal payment methods and a large selection of advertising formats, this type of promotion is considered to be one of the most profitable for bookmakers.

Bonuses for the Clients of Bett-Market: 10 Ways to Increase the Profitability of a Bookmaker's Office

  1. Analyse projects of competitors in your region and abroad.
  2. Conduct a detailed audit of each betting shop.
  3. Correctly optimise the space of your betting shop.
  4. Get rid of queues. The bookmaker’s office should work as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  5. Consider the hobbies and needs of the players.
  6. Purchase only betting software.
  7. Foster the skills of your employees.
  8. Use the up-sell method.
  9. Use as many advertising tools as you can to attract new customers.
  10. Make sure that the promotion of your betting shop brings results.
If you are planning to launch or buy a bookmaker's office, then you have come to the right place. Bett-Market will help you not only to promote your betting business but also launch it, choose the software, and develop the website.

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Updated 09.02.2023
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