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Develop and promote your online betting project lawfully and unhindered in many European states

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Virtual Betting Business in Europe: Specifics of the Target Market

The EU is one of the most stable and lucrative regions in the world. That is why capital providers from different parts of the world seek to open their businesses here. Find out how to start an online gambling project in Europe and get the maximum profit. Get to know the specifics of the most promising countries.

Buy a bookmaker business in Europe from Bett-Market.

The Strengths of the EU Industry

Betting business in Europe: strengths

Why do enterprisers want to open betting start-ups in Europe? This region has several significant advantages:

  1. High incomes and a decent standard of living. Most EU countries are characterised by high rates of economic growth. Substantial salaries and high quality of life make the gambling market in Europe stable and up-and-coming.
  2. Large selection of gaming content. The largest manufacturers of gambling and betting software in Europe trust local entrepreneurs and offer them their leading developments.
  3. The demand for sportsbook projects. Europeans are big betting fans. They actively follow sporting events. The favourite direction of most gamblers is football. In addition, EU citizens prefer tennis, basketball, hockey, volleyball, and other athletic disciplines.
  4. Advanced payment infrastructure. Enterprisers planning to buy bookmaker businesses in Europe have access to a huge selection of various payment services: banking tools, electronic systems, virtual wallets, cryptocurrencies, and others.
  5. Loyal gambling law in Europe. Many EU countries allow gaming activities. The European Commission is doing everything possible to improve conditions in the entertainment markets in different states.
  6. Working with offshore licences. The government of most European countries is quite positive about foreign online projects. The purchase of an offshore permit for entering the gambling market in Europe will let you reduce your costs significantly.

The Most Prospective States

Is gambling legal in Europe’s market? Gaming activities are lawful in many countries.

Let us check out the most promising regions.


This country is one of the largest EU economies. The state ranks sixth in the world in terms of living standards. The minimum wage here is almost €1,600 ($1,860) per month.

According to the consultancy centre Goldmedia, the revenue of the gambling market in Europe, in particular the German industry, will reach over 18 billion euros (21 billion US dollars) by 2024.

It is noteworthy that about €3.5 billion (approximately $4 billion) will fall on the virtual betting business in Europe.

In addition to sportsbook services, German players prefer:

This expert forecast was made based on an analysis of trends in the development of the iGaming market after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides, the planned changes in German gambling legislation were considered. The new laws will allow all German states to issue permits for opening betting projects in Europe.

It is noticeable that about 17% of German entrepreneurs conduct their business under offshore licences. This tendency will continue to grow in the coming years. Such a work format does not contradict gaming legislation.

The most popular offshore territories are:

  • Alderney;
  • Curacao;
  • Cyprus;
  • Malta;
  • Antigua and Barbuda, etc.


This prospective country located in Central Europe is viewed by many investors as an incredibly lucrative market.

The population of the state is about 40 million people. The minimum monthly salary is around €630 (about $730). It is permitted to participate in gambling activities from the age of 18.

The market is developing quite rapidly. Polish laws allow the launch of legal online betting start-ups in Europe.

The most demanded sports in this country are as follows:

  • football;
  • cycling;
  • volleyball;
  • skiing;
  • rugby;
  • water sports.

The local legislation does not prohibit the operation of international betting businesses in Europe. The main condition for legal work is the availability of appropriate licences.

The UK

Great Britain is the centre of the betting business in Europe. It is one of the most influential and lucrative regions in the world. Residents of this wealthy state have always shown a high interest in gambling. At the same time, the British government is doing its utmost to improve the working conditions in this gaming market.

The UK Gambling Commission is the governing body for the entertainment industry. It issues licences for opening betting projects in Europe and monitors the activities of gambling companies. Licensees are required to pay taxes to the state treasury — 15% of their income.

To obtain a British permission document, a candidate must provide the gaming committee with such documents:

  1. Enterprise registration certificate.
  2. Receipt for payment of the application fee.
  3. Financial information, including data on the sources of financing, the business plan of a project, and the forecast of the profitability for the next year.
  4. An applicant's contact information.

UK operators are allowed to work in the following fields:

  • bookmaker services;
  • bingo;
  • slot machines;
  • lotteries;
  • card games.

Lots of entrepreneurs start bookmaker businesses in Europe with offshore permits. The presence of international licences allows operators to provide their services to consumers on more loyal terms.

How to Enter the Gambling Market in Europe Successfully?

Gambling market in Europe: how to enter the area

To start a lucrative business in the EU. A well-thought-out business plan needs to be drawn up.

A good algorithm of actions should include such points:

Obtaining an international permit

Choose an offshore jurisdiction offering favourable conditions or contact the gaming commission of the desired country.

Prepare your project for licensing and provide the regulator with the required documents

The purchase of betting software in Europe

Order high-quality sportsbook content from trusted manufacturers. Pay attention to experienced suppliers who have built a good image in the EU market

The attraction of the target audience

Engage solvent consumers with the requested betting software in Europe, bonus programs and drawings with valuable prizes and monetary rewards

The retention of loyal players

To keep high-income users interested, it is necessary to organise interesting promotions with substantial bonuses. Besides, rewards for attracting new players is a great way to encourage standing customer

Customer support

High-quality service is the key to the prosperity of any betting business. Train your staff on the nuances of working in the sportsbook industry or order outsourcing services from experienced experts

Business scaling

After a successful start of a bookmaker business in Europe, many enterprisers are thinking about expanding the geography of their projects.

To enter new markets, you should prepare your company for the operation in other countries.

It is important to consider the legal nuances and the specifics of advertising campaigns in different jurisdictions, as well as consumer preferences

Why Should You Purchase a Turnkey Betting Site in Europe?

To achieve success and financial stability in the EU market, it is necessary to organise the process of implementing your online project properly. To get the desired result in the shortest possible time, collaborate with professionals. The purchase of a turnkey betting start-up in Europe is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs who value their time and resources.

The acquisition of a ready-to-launch business will bring you:

  • licensing in a prestigious jurisdiction;
  • the best sportsbook software;
  • technical supervision of your project;
  • 24-hour informational assistance;
  • help in connecting and customising software.

The Main Things about Europe’s Bookmaker Business

European bookmaker business: key notions

The operation in the EU is the dream of many enterprisers. This region is one of the most profitable and stable markets in the world. The purchase of a turnkey betting site in Europe will bring recognition and financial success to an operator.

Europe’s iGaming industry is characterised by the following specifics:

  • high standard of living and decent incomes of players;
  • the legal status of online segment;
  • the possibility to operate with offshore permits.
To order a sportsbook project in this region, please contact the Bett-Market employees. Our team is ready to become your reliable partner, regardless of your project’s scale. We will help you find the perfect bookmaker products and get a good return on your investment in just a few months.


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