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Buy a licensed sports wagering platform at an affordable price
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Opening an online business under the White Label program will save you from potential financial risks and speed up the process of launching your bookmaker project.
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Advantages of the product

Design adaptation

Adjust the basic parameters and add some original elements to the design of your online resource

Your logo and name

Create a unique title and logo of your online betting portal to develop the independent brand

Worthy bookmaker software

Receive a decent collection of popular software products from leading gambling content developers

Reliable partners base

Get access to a database of trusted suppliers, marketers, affiliates, designers, and other useful contacts

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Buy a White Label solution

Participate in the White Label program to achieve financial success in the shortest time possible.

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Open a White Label Bookmaker’s Office: a Successful Launch With Bett-Market

Betting business is one of the most profitable and promising lines of commercial activity. Sportsbook platforms are successfully replacing traditional casinos and in many countries, they are in a better position than any other type of gambling.

White Label betting solutions: launch

A great way to become a part of one of the largest industries of our time is to buy a White Label betting solution. Leave an application to the representatives of Bett-Market, and we will help you to choose a reliable supplier, take care of organisational issues, develop a unique design for your future startup, and offer the best marketing tools. Order the finest White Label sportsbook solution from a renowned aggregator of services.

About the White Label Program

The White Label system is a unique type of market relations which represents mutually beneficial cooperation between 2 parties:

  • a seller (a developer or a provider of White Label sports betting services that are realised by third-party brands);
  • a buyer (an operator who distributes the purchased products under his name).

The program has become extremely popular with all commercial industries. Moreover, products with identical parameters can be distributed in several price ranges and by many operators.

The system was put to good use in the gambling field. Moreover, it is suitable for both online and land-based sectors.

The main reasons to buy the White Label betting solution

Budget savings

An investor can control the financing of the project at his discretion: order from the seller only the White Label betting products that he needs, buy a marketing case only to promote the brand or use a package proposal.

In any case, it will be much cheaper and safer to buy a bookmaker’s office and the White Label scheme than to launch a startup from scratch

Increased sales capacity

For example, the company has a budget for an advertising program but the sales potential may be outspent or limited because of the external factors.

In such a situation, cooperation with a big and more experienced brand for ordering White Label betting software integration will be the best way to reach a wider audience and increase traffic

Healthy competition

Cooperation with major companies is a convenient opportunity to open your enterprise without looking at competitors and enter the market by using an already well-functioning and proven scheme from the best White Label sportsbook providers (commercial risks are minimal and are prescribed in the contract)

The need to expand the number of specialists

For example, a company has its developers, finance department and other structures but no employees to work with marketing programs.

In this case, the White Label scheme provides a large selection of advertising tools on the most beneficial terms. It will allow you to minimise financial costs and focus on the key aspects of the business operation

Advantages of the White Label Scheme

Those companies that offer the White Label betting software also provides operators with a variety of conditions, including individual interest rates, an expanded set of marketing tools, educational resources, etc.

Such cooperation is beneficial for entrepreneurs for the following reasons:

  1. Quick launch. As evidenced in practice, the organisation of the White Label bookmaker’s office is 2–5 times faster than the development and testing of your product. Clients receive a completely ready-made solution. A configured White Label betting site is like a predesigned package of instruments for operators. They only need to choose the design and make up the customer database.
  2. New target audience. Operators can get additional profit by entering new markets and reaching a wider audience. Many experienced providers of the White Label solution offer proprietary loyalty programs and other useful tools that will help casino owners to attract new users.
  3. Simple integration. Betting systems under the White Label scheme can be implemented into already existing projects (for example, it is possible to organise the reception of sports bets as an additional entertainment in an online casino).
  4. Cost-cutting. Operators can use a ready-made, well-functioning infrastructure and adjust the financing of the project. The White Label program allows you to save up to 70% of the development cost (depending on where the services are distributed).
  5. Customer support. The manufacturer of the White Label sports betting platform offers customers a wide range of educational resources, business cases, and assistance in resolving disputes with users and legal issues. The supplier also undertakes a commitment to provide the technical support of the betting platform.
  6. Protection against financial risks. A huge advantage of the decision to create a White Label bookmaker’s office is a well-thought-out financial policy. Operators are protected against any kind of manipulations with money flows, and moreover, the supplier offers his assistance in covering the costs for paying large winnings.
  7. Flexible pricing policy. The cost of buying a White Label betting solution is always negotiable. The price can be fixed or depend on the volume of sales. The provider can also accept monthly post-payments that are connected with the number of sales.

Why It Is Worth Creating a White Label Gambling Project With Bett-Market

White Label gambling project: providers

By working with our team of specialists, you gain access to high-tech developments and offerings from the leading suppliers.

We cooperate with such well-known providers of White Label sportsbook software as:

Having decided to create a bookmaker’s office under the White Label scheme with the support of our experts, you get:

  • detailed line with odds for all types of sports events;
  • multilevel statistics on the placed bets and actions of an active audience;
  • powerful CMS system with flexible personalisation settings;
  • wide range of tools for risk management;
  • detailed reporting in real-time;
  • access to multicurrency payment services;
  • a multilingual interface that will help you to reach a wider audience;
  • professional round-the-clock support.

From us, it is also possible to order a set of services for scaling already existing business projects.

The Bett-Market company offers:

  • White Label betting software in the VR format;
  • ability to accept bets on eSports;
  • cash register equipment, furniture, and gaming systems for the land-based gambling business;
  • support for the development of mobile applications;
  • marketing cases with a guaranteed payback until the end of the first year of operation;
  • the exclusive design of the White Label betting platform.

The Main Things About the White Label Sportsbook System

The decision to launch a betting startup under the White Label program is a great way to enter the gambling market with minimal financial investment.

When buying ready-made solutions from reliable suppliers, operators obtain the following benefits:

  • High speed of the project launch. The White Label program allows you to establish a business in record time. To start receiving first visitors to the gambling platform, it will only be necessary to deal with initial debugging of the system and create your design.
  • Legal status. Cooperation with experienced suppliers allows you to significantly save on the purchase of a license: the White Label scheme makes it possible for operators to legally distribute betting services under a sublicense of the corporate seller.
  • Reasonable price. The cost of the program is calculated on an individual basis. Moreover, it is possible to work in accordance with the post-payment system (monthly contributions the size of which depends on the volume of completed transactions).
  • Financial guarantees. Operators receive not only high-quality legal support but also assistance in paying off large winnings.
  • Technical support. The seller guarantees the quality of his solutions and monitors the performance of the White Label betting platform.
We offer you to create a White Label bookmaker’s office upon the most favourable terms. Our team of specialists guarantees an individual approach, a fair deal, and a flexible rebate program.

From us, you can order a complete set of products and services for being able to organise a profitable betting project:

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Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

Updated 09.02.2023
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