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Get professional tech assistance with instant solving of issues
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Provide professional information support to clients of your betshop using the services of qualified consultants cooperating with the Bett-Market team.
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Advantages of the solution

Professional approach

Entrust the work with the clients of your establishment to real experts with rich experience

Different working formats

Offer the visitors the best variants of communication with technical support employees

Quick solution of issues

Users will receive answers to requests as quickly as possible, regardless of the communication channel

Loyalty of the audience

The professionalism of the technical support team will increase the level of consumers’ trust

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Ensure high-quality information support to your clients.


Technical Support for Betting Establishments

Even high-quality hardware and software can face some difficulties. The task of technical support for betting kiosks is to solve problems associated with the operation of software, payment systems, and equipment as quickly and effectively as possible. When buying bookmaker products for your establishment, you need to make sure that the supplier will provide you with high-quality technical support.

The Bett-Market team decided to analyse the features of technical support for sweepstakes software to help you understand how this area of the betting business works.

Key Features of Technical Support for Sweepstakes Software

Technical support for sweepstakes software

The main areas of work of technical support service include:

  1. Cooperation with operators and employees of bookmaker kiosks. The responsibilities of the technical support service include providing counselling and solving technical problems that may be encountered by betting kiosks in the course of their activities.
  2. Work with clients of betting establishments. This service involves communicating with customers of betting institutions and solving issues that may arise during the game (for example, problems associated with financial transactions).

Characteristics of Highly Qualified Technical Support Staff

The employees of technical support for betting kiosks must have some professional qualities.

Prompt response

Any technical difficulty slows down the functioning of the betting shop. The loss of time is equal to the loss of significant finances in this situation. That is why real professionals should provide support for betting establishment in the shortest possible time

Clarity of instructions

In the event of a malfunction or controversial situation, operators or customers of gambling establishments contact the technical support service using a mobile phone or other communication channels. If the problem is not too severe, the employee of the call centre should give comprehensive instructions on how to fix the malfunctions. If the recommendations of the consultant are not enough to solve the issue, technical support employee should visit the gambling establishment, analyse the degree of difficulty of the problem and try to fix it as quickly as possible


This criterion seems obvious at first glance. Nevertheless, it plays a crucial role here, since the reputation of suppliers depends on this aspect. Friendly, polite communication will help to fix the malfunctions promptly

High level of competency

Technical support employees should know all the features of the sphere in which they are working. In addition to the characteristics of the products, they must also be well aware of the specifics of a particular market, because the betting business is developing differently in each country

Factors Affecting the Quality of Technical Maintenance 

To receive full-fledged technical support for land-based betting establishments, it is necessary to select reliable software providers. The fact is that the modern ground-based market is full of many attractive offers and high-quality products. Very often, entrepreneurs use software and hardware from several brands at once in their establishments. Experienced businessmen seek the help of intermediary companies. Such firms help them establish contacts with manufacturers and provide reliable technical support.

The reputation and experience of the intermediary affect the quality of technical support for land-based betting kiosks directly. We recommend you to work only with time-tested companies that have won the trust of operators in different countries of the world. Having started cooperation with a little-known firm, you risk not only the loss of your finances but also a decrease in consumer confidence. If the intermediary cannot provide you with a good level of technical support, you will not be able to avoid constant malfunctions in the operation of the equipment and software of your bookmaker establishment.

How to Provide Reliable Technical Support for Your Project

Technical support for your business

If you are thinking about starting your own land-based business, we advise you to purchase turnkey betting software from Bett-Market.

This offer includes several services, such as:

  • selection of software from the best manufacturers;
  • financial and legal counselling;
  • creation of a promotion strategy;
  • technical support for betting shops.

This comprehensive service will help you save a lot of time and money. In case of technical problems, you do not have to pay extra fees for support for betshop terminals. The cost of round-the-clock technical support and consulting is included in the price of turnkey software. In addition to working with operators, we provide informational support for customers of bookmakers.

We cooperate with the best developers of betting software. Therefore, you can be sure of the reliability and stability of our products. However, if you will face any difficulties, we will be ready to provide you with assistance in solving different problems.

If you are interested in our services, contact us to find out more about Bett-Market and its activities in more detail using a convenient communication channel:

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  • feedback form.

Check the information used to contact us carefully. It is necessary for your safety.

Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

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