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Where to Buy Sweepstakes Software in Africa?

The African gambling market is considered one of the most promising today. Residents of almost all African countries are big fans of games of chance and other types of gambling. The field of sports betting is developing in many countries very actively. The decision to open your own betting kiosks in Africa is an excellent opportunity to start a profitable business in this promising market.

Bett-Market has extensive experience of working on the African continent. We are ready to become your reliable partners and provide support at all stages of the development of your project. Our experts have prepared a review of the ground-based market in this region to help you choose the optimal format of work and find suitable sweepstakes software in Africa.

Development of Land-Based Betting in Africa

Land-based betting in Africa

Sweepstakes software in Africa is in high demand due to the popularity of land-based gambling. This trend is associated with several factors.

Low-quality internet connection

It is worth noting that this problem is being addressed actively today, and many countries have access to high-speed Internet now. However, just a few years ago, the data transfer rate was very low on the continent. Therefore, gamblers could not use online bookmakers, and many sweepstakes software providers in Africa began to focus exclusively on the offline market. In some states, such as Uganda, problems associated with the Internet still exist. That is why land-based betting in Africa continues to develop

Low incomes of citizens

Despite the fact that more than 40% of the population of the African continent live below the poverty line, gambling is quite popular here. Many young people find sports betting one of the few ways to make serious money. According to statistics, African gamblers are young people, mostly men. They make rather small (1-2 dollars), but regular bets. Therefore, betting shop software in Africa is top requested

Simple and clear principles of operation of ground-based establishments

Many people from African countries do not have personal gadgets and access to the Internet. They prefer to visit land-based bookmakers. It is noteworthy that even some citizens who have smartphones and computers still make bets in offline betting shops. This is a kind of habit for them. Moreover, many players note that this method of betting is the easiest and fastest one. It follows that land-based betting in Africa will continue to grow rapidly

The Popularity of Betting Kiosks in Africa

Betting kiosks in Africa: list of countries

After analysing some features of the gambling market in Africa, we created the list of countries in which betting kiosks are of great demand. It includes:

  1. South Africa
  2. Kenya
  3. Uganda
  4. Ghana

South Africa

This is one of the few states on the continent, which has modern gaming laws. Our company often receives orders on sports betting software in South Africa for retail and web venues, since local players use both ground betting shops and online resources. It is noteworthy that the authorities punish illegal operators and gamblers who participate in underground entertainment without legal Africa's betting software quite strictly.


All types of gambling are allowed in this country. Ground-based establishments are much more popular here than online resources. The fact is that the online sphere of the gaming industry belongs to the state. Because of this, it is developing quite slowly, offering players a small range of entertainment and sports betting opportunities. At the same time, foreign projects also do not cause much trust among local gamblers. They prefer to use the services of betting shops. If you want to buy betting shop software in Africa, pay your attention to this promising country.


Uganda's income level is considered one of the lowest on the whole continent. Despite this, sports betting is the most popular entertainment among the citizens of this state. It may seem paradoxical in our time, but the low speed of the Internet and the slow development of technologies plays into the hands of local operators who decided to buy betting shop software in Africa.


Interestingly, compared to Uganda, Ghana has its own segment of the online gambling industry. However, it is not very popular among the population for several reasons. Firstly, not all citizens have access to the Internet. Secondly, many gamblers complain that local operators often cheat players and do not pay the money won. That is why Ghanaians choose offline bookmakers.

How to Choose Good Betting Software in Africa?

Betting software in Africa: selection factors

The search for a good sweepstakes software in Africa is a challenging task for beginners. Its quality depends on many factors. It is worth noting the most important ones:

  • the reputation of the manufacturer;
  • the professionalism of developers;
  • experience in African countries;
  • following the needs of local gamblers;
  • the software stability.

Many sweepstakes software providers in Africa offer their products for sale. However, not all companies are real experts in the gaming industry.

Bett-Market works only with the best providers of bookmaker software. We are distributors of bet365 software in Africa. Besides, there are products of many other successful brands in our arsenal. We have been working with operators from Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, and other countries for many years, supplying the finest Africa's betting software.

We are engaged not only in the sale of software, but also help our partners launch a business from scratch. Our responsibilities include the preparation of documentation, registration of a licence, search for premises, legal support, and many other services. You can contact us and inquire about the details of sports betting kiosks for sale.

If you are thinking of starting your own land-based business in Africa, contact our manager to find out about sweepstakes software for sale and all the offers and discounts for our regular customers.

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