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Display showing live odds
Buy stylish and affordable gaming monitors for betting halls
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Monitors are not only a part of the equipment but also a significant element of the style in any gaming club.
Attract the attention of customers using modern displays.
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Advantages of the solution

Large assortment

The catalogue of equipment from Bett-Market includes monitors for establishments of different formats

Superior quality

Ensure a comfortable gaming experience thanks to high definition and perfect colour saturation

Relevant solutions

Curved shape, backlighting, and other features will grab the attention of the potential audience

Protection of displays

Reinforced fasteners and protective films will help you secure the screens from external damage

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One of the Most Innovative Sweepstakes Solution From Bett-Market – Buy Display Showing Live Odds

Every self-respected sweepstakes operator understands how important it is for clients to track the bets to ensure the upcoming victory. Therefore, you should look forward to equipping your land-based establishment with state-of-art technology.

Bett-Market offers you to buy a display for live odds that corresponds to the latest innovations on the market. We want your players to feel comfortable and provide a wide range of available facilities for tracking the result of their favourite sports competitions.

What Makes the Gaming Hardware from Bett-Market the Right Choice for Your Sweepstakes Venue?

Display showing live odds: sweepstakes solutions

Our company cooperates with the world’s most renowned developers and supplies only the best kind of display for betting odds. The certified equipment has undergone all the necessary tests and approved by the experienced operators to be used in your establishments.

In order to understand why exactly you need to buy our display for live odds, let us briefly talk about the main features that make it different and unique on the market.

Extensive Functionality

The ability to set up a display showing live odds without any difficulties makes our product a helpful piece of equipment in your establishment. It takes just a few minutes to ensure your clients have access to all the statistics and bets they have made. Deep saturation options and easily-regulated brightness will allow you to adjust the settings of the display to any illumination around.

Refined Design

Indeed, the shape of the display may not be the most crucial side of the equipment. However, when we talk about perfection, even the slightest bend can attract the attention of a choiceful client. We supply the models that have proven their design solutions in several bookmakers stores and sweepstakes establishments.

Wide Compatibility

Our company operates in several parts of the world, and we want your experience of working with our display showing live odds to be effortless and smooth. Therefore, we ask the manufacturer to adjust the function of the equipment to the most prevalent needs of modern bookmakers and sweepstakes.

What are the Peculiar Functions That Make Our Display for Betting Odds a Demanded Product on the Market?

The wide range of displays that you can currently find on the market impresses with its variety. That is why Bett-Market works on offering you only the equipment that suits perfectly for bookmakers or sweepstakes business.

This is mainly due to some of the peculiar features we focus on:

  • easy access to all essential components and functions;
  • high-quality versatility of the equipment;
  • extra-durable body frame components;
  • easy to handle;
  • multiscreen mode;
  • ability to connect a few units into a monitor system;
  • a large number of new options for personalization;
  • individual settings for each system;
  • an ideal solution to increase profitability.

Why do You Need to Choose Bett-Market as Your Supplier of Display Equipment?

We are a company that has extensive experience in operation on the betting market. Unlike in any other software and hardware supplier, task number one for us is the comfort of our clients. When suggesting the choice of a display showing live odds, pay particular attention to how our company works with the clients on an everyday basis.


100% of our clients are satisfied with the result of the received products and services


The personal information that we receive is subjected to high-levelled security measures and isn’t mentioned to any third party

Technical awareness

Our proficient technicians are knowledgeable experts in their field, so there is no reason to doubt in their professionalism


The support team that you will communicate the most is ready to answer all the queries that you might have during the preordering process


All the received certificates and guarantees received by international commissions prove that we are a serious company that works to achieve the best result to our clients

How do You Make the First Step to Acquiring Your Equipment for Live Betting?

Equipment for live betting

If you have finally made a decision on cooperating with Bett-Market on the question of purchasing a display for live odds or any other software or hardware, you don’t need to do a lot. Just contact our support team and mention your desires.

We will do our best to implement your wishes into reality for relatively little money. See you at Bett-Market.

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