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Install secure multicurrency software for instant transactions
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A broad assortment of payment instruments will attract the attention of a wide audience due to the high speed of transactions and reliable protection of money transfers.
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Advantages of the product

Expanding your audience

Players with different preferences will be able to choose optimal instruments for financial transactions

Increasing the stability

The availability of alternative payment methods guarantees the smooth operation in unforeseen situations

Ensuring anonymity

Many up-to-date financial instruments do not require entering personal data during the registration

Simplicity of Management

The process of connecting and configuring payment systems does not require special programming skills

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Install fast and secure online payment services from Bett-Market for smooth transactions.

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Connection of Payment Systems for Bookmaker’s Offices: Transparent and Secure Business With Bett-Market

A payment system for a betting shop is one of the most important components of online commerce. It is impossible to run an efficient and profitable business without a reliable and high-quality service that will ensure the security of transactions.

Integration of the sportsbook with payment systems from trusted providers guarantees casino owners the following benefits:

  • enhancement of capabilities related to interaction with users;
  • accumulation of the audience of a gaming site;
  • stable increase in traffic;
  • building of brand awareness.
You can find out more about the technical characteristics and features of financial aggregators from Bett-Market.

Payment systems for bookmaker’s office

We will provide detailed information and help you to install a payment system for your bookmaker’s office on the most beneficial terms. We guarantee an individual approach, high-quality financial systems, competitive prices, and a fair deal.

How the Bookmaker Payment Software Works

The sportsbook payment system is a complex of software components with a well-thought-out organisation and excellent technical characteristics. The task of the service is to ensure secure money transfers between the parties to a transaction. Reliable sportsbook payment solutions are key to the fruitful operation. In fact, the system is an intermediary between the bookmaker and the user.

The connection of the payment system to a betting shop offers the following opportunities:

  • support for the smooth operation of internal parameters of the service;
  • control of the transparency and security of transactions;
  • guarantee of the fact that the enterprise operates legally;
  • insurance of participants in the transaction against failures, blocking, and transaction terminations.

For support and control over the security of transfers, the payment system takes a certain commission fee (the amount of deductions depends on the internal policy of the provider).

Classification of Payment Systems for Betting Shops

When ordering the connection of payment systems to a bookmaker's office, the owner of a gambling startup must understand the differences between online services and financial instruments for working in the land-based segment.

Financial Flows in Land-Based Betting Shops

If an investor is interested in the development in an offline sector, then in order to be able to carry out transactions with clients, he will need end-to-end systems with different methods of accepting bets. The selection of sportsbook payments software and hardware for this purpose is enormous.

Financial tools for land-based betting shops

Cash register

Acceptance of money through the cash register is one of the most common options for organising sports betting. It is one of the traditional betting payment solutions that can be met in both small kiosks and big facilities. But working with cash means additional expenses and the operator's responsibility for:

  • hiring and training of an employee so that he can work with the cash register;

  • regular inventory checks of a betting shop;

  • organisation of land-based security services;

  • customer service quality assurance.

Among the disadvantages, we can also name traffic restriction. The speed of bets acceptance and the number of customers directly depend on the human factor (actions of the cashier)

POS terminals

This is an analogue of the previous option. However, it works not with cash but with bank transfers (transactions from a personal account or a plastic card).

A disadvantage of the system: the device can only serve the owners of bank cards (it is also necessary to sign an agreement with a specific banking institution)

Self-service systems

It is a combination of physical equipment, specialised payment software, and a bill acceptor.

The Stavkomat brings the following advantages to owners of the bookmaker's office:

  • increase in customer flow (automated services speed up the time that gamblers need to place a bet many times over);

  • error exception related to the human factor;

  • minimisation of costs for hiring full-time employees (cashiers)

Payment Products for Virtual Bookmakers

Electronic financial services are a convenient alternative to working with cash. If you decide to connect sportsbook payment systems, you will not need to hire staff, purchase additional physical equipment or change the current script of an online platform.

By choosing a high-quality product, operators can guarantee their customers:

  • secure and transparent money transfers;
  • round-the-clock access to the system;
  • prompt debugging;
  • protection against cancellations and blockings of transactions;
  • completion of transactions in record time.

How to Choose Payment Systems for Bookmaker’s Offices?

Sportsbook payment systems: integration

Integration of sportsbook payment systems is a simple and rather fast procedure. The key to success is to choose a product that meets the needs of both the business owner and his customers.

A high-quality service should combine the following characteristics:

  1. High speed of transfers. Usually, the transaction takes from a few minutes to 3 days. In comparison to land-based sport betting payment solutions, it is much faster. Besides, it is more convenient than when you work directly with a bank or postal services.
  2. User-friendly interface. To install the sportsbook payment system is a great way to save time on making a deal. Clients do not need to complete complicated registration forms, stand in a queue to the cashier or visit the bank. 2 clicks are enough to send or receive money. Moreover, online services allow you to automate recurring payments.
  3. Technical capabilities. Modern financial instruments not only provide maximum simplicity and speed of transactions but also have useful functions, including automatic risk assessment, protection and encryption of personal and financial data, and personalisation of transactions (customisation of the pricing schedule, limits, and identification forms).
  4. Security assurances. Connection of payment systems for bookmaker’s offices is impossible without turning to local legal authorities. Since financial online services often interact with banks, their work is strictly controlled by government regulators, so that all transactions within the system are as transparent and safe as possible. Also, the supplier must provide its clients with detailed information on the limits, the level of risks of transfers, and commissions.
  5. Ways to withdraw money. The most popular channels for working with finances are bank transfers (to an account or a plastic card), online purchases, payments via mobile phones or self-service terminals, and withdrawal of funds to the internal wallet of the system or a personal plastic card.
  6. Bonus program. We strongly recommend you to buy a betting payment system with the maximum number of individual services and programs to increase the level of loyalty of your audience. This can be cashbacks, discounts and promotional codes for online purchases, temporary cancellation of commissions for transactions, personal limits, and much more.
  7. Multicurrency. The more currency notes are presented in the system, the more possible it is to reach a wider audience. Sportsbook payment services must be versatile to cover the requirements of different audiences. At the same time, the platform should have powerful risk assessment tools and a built-in conversion program with up-to-date rates of exchange.
  8. Customer service. The technical support of the provider should be responsible not only for the connection of the payment system to the bookmaker's office but also the prompt resolution of any disputable situations and responses to the questions of users. The best thing is to choose recognised international brands with round-the-clock multilingual customer support.

Integration of the Sportsbook With Payment Systems From the Best Providers

From Bett-Market, you can order the integration of the betting shop with payment systems that are well-reputed in the markets of the CIS countries, Europe, Asia, the USA, and Latin America.

We have made a list of the best providers of financial products for the betting business:

Bank Transfers via Visa/MasterCard

This international payment system is used in more than 200 countries all over the world. The program allows you to place bets on sports events via both plastic cards and electronic accounts.

The connection of sportsbook payment systems from an international banking institution gives operators the following advantages:

  • high speed of request processing;
  • transparent transactions;
  • security of all parties to a transaction;
  • availability and brand awareness;
  • ability to reach a wider audience;
  • wide range of additional services (from insurance and deposits to personal credit limits).

WebMoney Electronic Wallets

The system has been operating since 1998 but it is not included in the list of traditional payment aggregators. The fact is that transactions made through WebMoney wallets provide for the use of internal denominations that do not have the status of electronic or fiat currency.

The program offers its clients:

  • favourable exchange rates;
  • ability to use virtual money for any payments on the Web (sports betting, utility bills, tickets booking, online purchases, etc.);
  • complete security of personal and financial data;
  • browser extension and mobile client;
  • affordable commissions.

Yandex.Money System

This is one of the most popular services in the CIS market. Until recently, the program supported transfers only in Russian rubles but since 2019, it supports more than 10 types of currency and offers users a pre-canned conversion program with up-to-date exchange rates.

Integration of the Yandex.Money payment systems to a bookmaker’s office has the following advantages:

  • loyal commissions;
  • good bonus program;
  • high-quality customer service;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • wide range of payment methods.

Skrill Program

The system obtained licences to work with gambling platforms that were issued by EU and UK regulators. It is also used by most Western bookmakers (the service is available in more than 170 countries).

A personal e-mail address acts as an electronic account in the program. This service guarantees unlimited storage of funds, a high response speed, and the ability to perform transactions in 39 currencies.

Click2Pay System

This is a unique financial aggregator that makes it possible to conduct any online payments. The program not only allows you to pay for goods in internet stores, place bets, and withdraw winnings but also offers unique crediting systems for registered customers.

Neteller Program

The online aggregator is considered to be one of the leaders in the list of Western payment systems for bookmaker’s offices.

This system offers:

  • fast and secure transfers;
  • low rates of interest;
  • high speed of transactions.

One of the advantages of the program is its focus on the international gambling market. The system serves the customer base of bookmakers, poker rooms, and online casinos from more than 200 countries.

How to Connect the Payment System for a Bookmaker’s Office?

To connect a sportsbook payment service, you can turn to Bett-Market. We offer the most beneficial and affordable terms.

Cooperation with our team means:

  1. Fast response. To connect online services, seamless API technologies are used. The installation of a payment system for a bookmaker’s office, you will need just several minutes. The process does not require any changes to the source code of your platform and makes it possible to start receiving first visitors immediately after the launch.
  2. Quality assurance. Our catalogue includes products from the world’s leading suppliers. We offer a large selection of the licensed software and developments that were tested in independent gambling laboratories.
  3. Loyalty of the audience. Reliable and high-quality products from famous providers will help you to increase the level of trust of users, brand awareness, and traffic.
  4. Product range. We offer online services that will allow you to work in the CIS countries, launch a bookmaker’s office in the European market, and reach the US audience. From us, you can buy software and equipment for launching both online and offline projects.
  5. Professional support. The Bett-Market team is ready to promptly resolve any legal and organisational issues, assist you in casino licensing, develop a corporate identity for network projects, and ensure the stable operation of systems of any capacity.

The Main Things About Payment Systems for the Betting Business

Payment software for betting business

A high-quality financial aggregator is the best way to increase the traffic of a gambling project and brand awareness and provide the audience with the most secure payment tools.

The decision to buy the Bett-Market payment software gives owners of betting shops the following advantages:

  • Legal support. The operation of financial systems is strictly controlled by government regulators which is one of the main guarantees of the security and transparency of transactions. Besides, we are ready to help you to obtain a specialised licence in the most reliable foreign offshore jurisdictions.
  • Brand recognition. Cooperation with major international suppliers is a good way to increase the level of confidence of users and traffic of your gaming site.
  • Fast launch. The integration of software takes only several minutes. You can start receiving visitors after the installation and debugging processes are finished.
  • Wide audience. We offer an extensive set of services for the acceptance of bets in any fiat currency. There are specialised products for the CIS countries, as well as European, USA, and Asian markets. We also offer modules with multilingual interfaces and support for mobile clients.
  • Customer support. Specialists of Bett-Market are available round-the-clock. We will promptly fix any technical problem, resolve controversial legal issues, and provide powerful tools for risk control.
Hurry up to purchase a payment system for betting shops on the most beneficial terms.

Bett-Market has attractive offers for online startups, a large selection of cash register equipment for working in the land-based sector, and high-quality software for cryptocurrency transactions.

For all questions, please contact our team of experts:

  • by e-mail:
  • on Skype:
  • in Telegram:
  • via the feedback form.

Check the information used to contact us carefully. It is necessary for your safety.

Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

Updated 09.02.2023
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