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Sports data feeds
Get information about sporting events in real-time to satisfy your clients
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The use of data feeds will let you provide the visitors of your establishment with maximum useful and relevant information about sporting events, and coefficients.
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Advantages of the solution

Regular information updates

Important facts about current matches and sports news will be updated automatically every day

Simple and fast integration

Using the API will allow you to integrate and configure sports data feeds quickly and easily

Automatic odds calculation

Coefficients for different types of sports bets will be calculated as accurately as possible

Large selection of events

Receive useful information on over 100,000 competitions in more than 200 sports per month

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Bett-Market Suggests the Best Offers to Buy Sports API Solutions for Your Sweepstakes Business

The number of sports sweepstakes establishments is rapidly growing day after day. The increased demand for betting activities makes it possible to start a new venue with genuine confidence in profitable prospects. With this in mind, the necessity of a reliable sports data feeds becomes incredibly huge. Unfortunately, not all providers of this kind of information fully perceive their duties.

That is why Bett-Market is ready to offer you highly elaborated sweepstakes systems of sports data feeds. Our API technologies will supply your clients with the latest changes to the results with our most innovative solutions for delivering betting odds.

What is API, and How Can It Be Useful To Your Sweepstakes Establishment?

Application programming interface

API is an application programming interface. In brief, it is a set of instructions and programming standards for accessing network software or a tool. Bett-Market refines it as a betting application tailored to your requirements. In the world of gambling, APIs can be used to create automated systems or customizable betting interfaces such as live sports feeds. There are two main factors in favour of using sports data feed API from Bett-Market.

  1. Speed. One of the main arguments in favour of players using our API to place bets is a significant reduction in the time compared to using a website or a land-based establishment. Odds change very quickly, so the operators’ profit or loss can directly depend on the speed of placing bets, especially during games in live mode.
  2. Automation. Confirmed bets require the simultaneous execution of many tasks with a continuous consideration of several factors: comparison of odds, liquidity, calculation of the bet money, the current state of the account, and the remaining time of the game. The sports data API from Bett-Market allows your clients to create a model for processing this data and automatically place bets without the need to monitor the process using a computer or smartphone.

What Benefits Will You Receive from Ordering Bett-Market Sports Data Feeds?

If you have no necessary technical knowledge, a good solution is to resort to a professional team of experts when setting up the API for placing bets.

Our sports API guide will help perceive the entire range of the possible functions and exclusive features of our product:

  • sports data feeds from Bett-Market are always up-to-date for your clients to receive the latest information about the change of the events they are tracking;
  • more than 200 different kinds of sporting events are included in the complete database of the feed that allows all fans to keep track of their favourite competitions equally;
  • in total, you receive more than 100,000 sporting events monthly if you buy sports data feeds in a full package;
  • convenient sports API integration will allow your clients to receive the maximum experience of using this betting tool;
  • automated rate calculation is a significant improvement for every player that will increase the traffic.

In addition to the mentioned functions of our live sports feeds solution, any Bett-Market service that involves comparing odds or using arbitrage mechanisms will also include the use of API channel data. The player of any level can freely take advantage of our service. You can offer your clients an entirely new level of betting by introducing them API guidelines to boost their leisure experience.

Which Functions Can Sports API from Bett-Market Perform for Your Sweepstakes Establishment?

The ability to guarantee your clients constantly updating information is key to the clients’ satisfaction, and as a result, increased total revenue. With this in mind, Bett-Market offers you to order our sports gambling data feeds for sale that supports some integral functions.

Online odds and pre-match analytics

Our sports data solutions delivery will allow you to supply your clients with the latest information both before and during the event

Past odds and changes in the line

An abundance of previous data for proficient players to analyze the chances before the event from the opening line to moments before a match. Such a thorough odds observation gives essential insights for your experienced clients to receive an advantage to evoke the desire to bet more and more

Consideration of data from other sportsbooks

Development sports data feeds requires a thorough evaluation of all the available information, so your odds will be on the same competitive level as in the world-renown betting establishments

Prop bets and futures

Exclusive types of bets, starting from prop bets and ending up with the futures, bring popular non-matchup statistics right before and during every new playing season

Instant results of the events and post-gaming statistics

The ability to deliver the necessary information to your clients is a great sports data solution that will provide your clients with an in-depth statistical analysis

Is It Possible to Become an Improved Sports Betting Establishment with the Sports API Data Solutions from Bett-Market?

Sports API data solutions

One of the vital peculiarities that our company always strives to is the satisfaction of our clients. It is the main criteria for our success. By the way, hundreds of positive reviewers can’t be mistaken about it. With this in mind, you are highly recommended to buy sports data feeds from Bett-Market to increase the productivity of your sweepstakes establishment and eventually boost your profit. We are waiting for your future orders!

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