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Server security for betting
Integrate up-to-date safety software to secure your betting club
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Profits of land-based gambling establishments directly depend on the quality of protective tools.
Make sure your server can resist external threats.
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Advantages of the solution

Application of SSH keys

Authorization using special electronic keys makes it impossible to enter the system for third parties

Copying important files

Apply emergency backup of essential data in case of hacker attacks and other unforeseen situations

Up-to-date protocols

Our security tools work with reliable data transfer protocols such as CAVA, ICAP, RPC, and others

Regular database updates

Information about new potential threats and advanced hacking techniques will be updated automatically

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Provide effective protection of gambling servers with Bett-Market.


Server security for betting: your personal guide from Bett-Market

The first thing that comes to the mind of a thoughtful businessman is the security of its venue. Moreover, if you own a land-based betting kiosk, your concerns must be rated exceptionally high due to the particular necessity to certify a reliable operational process. 

Bett-Market offers you the best software to take care of server security for land-based betting. By using the latest technological means, we are ready to guarantee riskless system management for you as an operator and a flawless gaming process for your clients.

No-Risk Protection from Bett-Market

Server security for betting: no-risk protection

The ability to use the newest technological innovation made it possible for our team to develop a highly reliable security system that guarantees reliable protection from the most popular breach methods. On top of that, our proficient experts work 24/7 to update the database of the continuously appearing hazards.

Bett-Market professionals do their best to grant a calm operation to the users and their betting kiosks that can entirely depend on our prime features:

Round-the clock support

Any technical malfunction is swiftly eliminated as soon as you notify about it to our support team

The pace of the operational process

The modern tools used for server security for betting kiosks allow maximizing the response speed in all available systems regardless of the distance

Stable workflow

Regardless of the traffic involved in your establishment, each of your clients will receive a timely answer on its query

Encrypting methods

The appearance of an unbreakable 128-bit standard of encryption together with repeated back-ups create a solid wall against most of the known cyber attacks

Legal background

All our hardware is licensed according to the latest operation standards and supports the newest systems that are responsible for server security for betting


On top of the existing protection of personal data and financial information, constant updates of our firewall prevent any unauthorized access from the suspicious sources

Preventative Methods from the Most Popular Server Attacks

In order to prevent our customers from unpleasant hacks and attacks, our server security for sweepstakes software has several functions that stop unauthorized access from the suspicious sources that are most likely to be DDoS attacks. This means that Bett-Market experts monitor the latest upgrades in the databases of possible breach methods and adapt the protection systems accordingly.

  1. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) communication method is a highly reliable means of transferring data that doesn’t allow any third party to interfere in the sending process. With the fast speed of the modern connectivity tools, the request is sent to the servers and returns in a blink of an eye without the chance to be changed or shifted.
  2. 128-bit security encryption is a basement to all actions. In theory, there is no possible way to sneak around such protection, but for additional safety, our developers make repeated updates anyway.
  3. The reliable RNG (random number generator) can’t be submitted to any changes without direct access to its settings. Since the security measures are on a good level, there is no need to worry about possible intrusion into the working process of the RNG.
  4. Continuous back-up of users’ personal data and financial information is performed on a regular basis with hardly any interference from any human factor. This allows storing information safely even in case of a successful attack and a connection loss for a significant period.
  5. Suspicious activity is always marked and tracked until the clarification of the conditions. Bett-Market wants your server security for betting kiosks to be immaculate, so there should be a meticulous observation even when people play honestly, win substantial money, and it is all about their luck.

Server Security for Betshop Terminal

Some of the land-based betting operators are particularly concerned about their terminals and the server security for betting using these tools. We provide highly protected software with a comfortable, customizable interface for betshop terminals. Bett-Market developed systems are compatible with an extensive range of different equipment components.

These include some of the key features that are important for smooth operation:

  • processing requests through cash in/ticket out, ticket in/ticket out functions;
  • customer cards prepayment availability;
  • dual-screen system for branded marketing, analytics, and streaming;
  • flexible bonus system;
  • enhanced customizability of the design;
  • a multilingual interface with the support of several currencies.

Additional Peculiarities That Make Bett-Market an Ideal Choice of a Software Provider

Ideal choice of a software provider

Indeed, our server security systems are working flawlessly with already a dozen of betting kiosks. The result they show is incredible, and all our clients-operators are excited about the opportunity to prolong the cooperation period. This certifies the credibility and trustworthiness of the software developed by our proficient experts.

All you need to do to find it out personally is just to contact our support team and discuss the cooperation conditions. You will be pleasantly surprised by what we are ready to offer you. Join the ranks of successful operators — boost your gambling career and buy software from Bett-Market.

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