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Virtual reality in betting
Order a VR project with the atmosphere of a real wagering club
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Virtual reality technology will allow clients of your online establishment to feel the atmosphere of a real bookmaker's office and experience unforgettable emotions.
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Advantages of the product

Flawlessness of the image

Incredible animation and colour saturation will surprise even the most demanding users of your resource

High-quality content

All software products are created by the best experts in the field of gambling software development

Full simulation of reality

Your customers will forget that they are at home due to the recreation of a real establishment’s atmosphere

High-income audience

As a rule, VR software is in demand among gambling enthusiasts having special expensive equipment

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Order the development of a unique Virtual Reality project from Bett-Market professionals.

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Virtual Reality in Betting: Launch a Successful Business With Bett-Market

Even 20 years ago, gamblers had to personally visit a betting shop to place a bet but today, the best lines and odds are available in the snap of a finger. Moreover, clients of a bookmaker's office can not only place a bet but also literally take part in the competition.

VR betting has given users an unforgettable gambling experience. Specialists of Bett-Market will tell you more about this technology and features of playing in the artificial digital environment.

From us, you can not only get detailed advice on all points of interest but also order the development of an individual sportsbook project. We guarantee a custom-tailored approach, impeccable quality, and pleasant discounts.

About VR Technologies

Virtual Reatily in betting

Virtual Reality software is an innovative solution that allows you to create full-fledged digital worlds, to delve into which you will need special-purpose equipment (augmented reality glasses and controllers).

It is important to make a distinction between VR betting and augmented reality technologies. In the first case, users find themselves in an artificial environment with almost unlimited opportunities for interaction, while AR programs only supplement the real world with some interactive elements.

It is worth noting that VR elements have been used in online sports betting for quite some time but there are still many options for modernising and improving this industry.

Some Statistics

According to the forecasts of International Data Corporation, by the end of 2020, the volume of the VR gambling industry will reach 18.8 billion dollars. This is almost twice as high as in the past year (in 2019, the industry's revenue was 10.5 billion dollars).

Among the largest markets of interactive gambling services, we can name:

  • China (5.8 billion dollars);
  • United States (5.1 billion dollars);
  • Western Europe (3.3 billion dollars);
  • Japan (1.8 billion dollars).

Experts from the IDC research centre believe that by 2023, the total revenue in the field of VR entertainment will increase by 77%.

How to Use VR Technologies in the Betting Business

VR betting software is a unique interactive system that can be used for the following purposes:

Virtual Broadcasts

Instead of spending time in front of the TV screen, users can be shifted to the stadium and watch the competition with their own eyes. Dedicated equipment and controllers allow you to enjoy the event with a 360 view angle.

Participation in the Event

VR betting software allows you to create an interactive gambling environment where each user can feel like an Olympic champion or a famous football player.

Before the session starts, the program generates a virtual league with its own schedule and championships. Also, the details of the session (from the colour of the uniform to the injuries of the sportsmen during the match) are prescribed by a computer algorithm.

Users can play alone or form teams by inviting their friends. Moreover, the virtual league practically does not differ from traditional sports events.

Interaction With Players

The development of VR betting involves the creation of not only the most realistic playing field but also personal account pictures of users to make them interact with the environment and other participants in the event.

The system allows players to:

  • customise the user interfaces at their discretion (from choosing standard layouts to purchasing exclusive items);
  • find like-minded people;
  • constantly improve playing skills;
  • organise competitions without time bounds and geographical limitations.

One of the most striking examples of the use of virtual reality in betting is the development of Get in the Race, the product of the well-known sports provider ― William Hill. The brand offers gamblers an interactive horse racing program.

To create the most realistic event, the company used advanced GPS systems and sensors for tracking the physical parameters of animals (from the speed to changes in the horse's heartbeats during the race).

The development turned out to be so spectacular and realistic that it put the very process of placing bets on the back burner: all the attention of gamblers was focused on the takeaway from the races. Moreover, the technical capacities of the product make it possible to launch the solution even on an ordinary smartphone.

What are the Advantages of an Artificial Gaming Environment in Betting?

Artificial gaming environment in betting

VR betting is one of the most promising and fastest-growing sectors in the sports betting industry. More and more operators all over the world want to create their own digital platforms.

Features and advantages of the technology:

  1. Large selection of sports. An investor can use VR betting software as a tool for watching live broadcasts in the higher quality or organising unique gaming events. Moreover, capacities of the software are powerful enough to generate any single competitions, create traditional leagues, and even support thousands of intercontinental tournaments.
  2. Active audience. As a rule, new virtual leagues are generated every 90 seconds, and the duration of the match does not exceed 3 minutes. Thus, users can regularly join new events.
  3. Simulation of events. Having decided to launch VR betting, operators gain access to unique mathematical algorithms that simulate the player space and the outcome of events based on the specified parameters. Moreover, users can view or change key indicators at any time, thereby creating new probabilities of the outcome. Such a system guarantees complete security and transparency of the game session, excluding errors due to the human factor and the influence of third parties on the outcome of the competition.
  4. Duration of game sessions. Thanks to the interactivity of events and the rapid generation of new leagues, combined with realistic graphics, users lose track of time. Another advantage is that modern developments are made in the HTML5 format, which allows operators to interact with a mobile audience.
  5. Quick launch. To realise your own project, you just need to buy the VR betting software from a reliable provider and roll out a well-thought-out advertising campaign. It takes several hours to connect the software, and there is no need to change the source code of your platform.
  6. Market coverage. Given the vast prospects of the industry and the limited number of thematic offerings, it is the perfect time to create the VR betting platform and take a good position in new markets. The artificial gambling environment will definitely be popular with European and Asian users, as well as the US audience.
  7. Short payback period. Oddly enough, virtual bets are perceived by users not as a way to make money but as interesting entertainment. And if a customer is ready to spend a certain amount on getting ready for the game (on the purchase of virtual reality glasses and additional equipment), then he will not be stingy when it comes to bets.

Virtual Reality in Betting: the Best Offers From Bett-Market

It is possible to order the bookmaker software in a matter of minutes. We constantly update our product range and offer high-end solutions for online gambling projects and the land-based segment.

The connection scheme for betting products


Each of our partners is provided with a personal manager who is ready to offer the best business solutions. You will learn more about the technical characteristics of products, nuances of registration and legalisation of business, and features of the development of the corporate identity

Audit of the system

Our experts independently monitor the platform, identify possible nonconformities with the established laws, and provide the manner to reconcile them

Software integration

To connect VR systems and other betting services, seamless API technologies are used. This approach allows you to install products from different suppliers on your platform without changing its original script

Software customisation

We are ready to help you to debug and personalise all elements of the backend:

  • quota correction;
  • customisation of reporting documentation;
  • debugging of security systems and risk control programs;
  • adjustment of visualisation of the system, etc.

Customer support

Our team guarantees the smooth operation of the platform and prompt elimination of technical failures and offers several channels of customer support (the interface was translated into several languages).

The Main Things About the Digital Reality in Betting

Digital reality in betting: benefits

Virtual Reality is one of the most interesting and fast-growing investment patterns.

The artificial gambling world in the sports industry opens the following prospects:

  • New audience. VR products attract the attention of a young and active audience. The new generation of players wants to get the maximum experience and not splurge on bets.
  • Promising markets. Despite the relatively small product assortment, the VR sector is growing rapidly and is already generating a good profit (in 2019, the total revenue of the industry was 10.5 billion dollars).
  • Active audience. Thanks to fast updates of the event feed and the ability to generate your own leagues, each visitor to the bookmaker's office can find entertainment to their liking and take part in the game without the need to spend hours choosing the most profitable odds.
  • Short payback period. The use of advanced technological solutions guarantees a positive response from the audience, stable growth of traffic and, accordingly, the profitability of the project.

The catalogue of Bett-Market contains the best solutions that will help you to run a successful business.

From us, you can buy the VR betting software, order the development of exclusive mobile applications, and purchase software for accepting bets on eSports, equipment, and furniture for land-based gambling establishments.

Establish a promising betting business with Bett-Market already today! Contact us:

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  • via the feedback form.

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Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

Updated 09.02.2023
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