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The installation of self-service terminals in betting offices allows operators to increase the efficiency of their businesses and minimise their costs significantly.
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Advantages of the solution

Cost optimisation

Reduce your staff costs by applying advanced equipment for customer service automation from Bett-Market

Increased security

Built-in protection tools will help you prevent fraud attempts by identifying potential attackers

Expanded audience

The simplicity and convenience of the gameplay will attract the attention of many sports betting fans

Round-the-clock work

The hardware and software are able to process information and interact with customers in the 24/7 mode

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Self-Service Terminal for Betting from Bett-Market – An Ideal Helper in Your Everyday Sweepstakes Operation

Each year, the number of betting clubs that use self-service terminals to receive bets is increasing. To understand the reasons for their growing popularity, Bett-Market analysts conducted a study by interviewing our partners. Bookmakers, who have already tested such a business solution, are sure that the transition from conventional reception of bets to self-service terminals for betting can increase the efficiency of the bookmaker's club and increase revenue.

By resorting to Bett-Market and asking for this innovative technological equipment, you will easily boost the productivity of your venue.

What do the Clients of Bookmakers' Stores Think about the Implementation of Modern Technologies?

Betting business: implementation of modern technologies

Of course, some operators are against installing betting self-service terminals and argue that their guests prefer to use the cashier for bets. Well, it is all about personal inclinations, and you can't make someone bet in a specific way. Before deciding on the choice of the equipment, you need to prepare your clients for the innovations and show how beneficial it can be for them. Bett-Market specialists are well-prepared to such situations and are ready to describe the advantages of installing a self-service terminal for betting.

Advantages for Players

Convenient display of statistics

Bett-Market software for self-service betting terminals shows detailed statistics that can't be displayed on live monitors. The information is presented clearly and conveniently. Your clients will be able to see the data on the teams or tournaments that interest them

Secured personal information

The information on the balance and personal data are reliably hidden in the interface, so neither cashiers nor other clients can find out the amount of money on the account. This ensures privacy and total security of self-service betting

Live broadcasts

The self-service terminal for sweepstakes offers a convenient opportunity to watch the most popular sports events live with just a few clicks. Your clients will be able to find the result of their bets in the online mode instantly

Benefit for the Betting Club

Self-service betting terminals have several advantages over the cash register not only for your clients but also for you as a betting store operator.

Cost reduction on the stuff

Self-service terminals allow reducing personnel costs. Due to the decreased workload, fewer cashiers will be required. Besides, your staff will be able to pay more attention to the players, inform about available club services, explain the rules, encourage them to make more bets

Cost reduction due to less fiat cash

Apart from that, these convenient sports betting self-service terminals from Bett-Market make it possible to unload a cash zone. This provides a reduction of mistakes made during the discharge.

Lower risk of possible heists

Less cash means the lower risk of possible heists since robbers will simply fail to find any money

What are Additional Benefits for Your Business that the Self-Service Terminals from Bett-Market Can Offer You?

Besides the obvious cost-reduction opportunities, the operators who decided to buy a self-service terminal for betting from Bett-Market receive the following features.

  1. Some players tend to trust real cashiers by setting higher expectations on them than on a wage-machine. Also, the owners of betting clubs believe that the cashier will be able to suspect a scammer and take appropriate measures. However, these are popular misconceptions. The client's betting history and other personal information are concealed from the cashier, so they will most likely not be able to suspect a fraudster.
  2. When a guest makes a bet on the terminal, Bett-Market analysts evaluate the bet history, personal information in real-time and can offer the administrator to increase or decrease the bet limit for a particular player or block the user if fraud is suspected. On average, about ten cases of fraud are detected per month. Therefore, betting through a self-service terminal is safer for the owner of a betting club.
  3. Another inherent advantage of the self-service terminal is that clients keep money at the club in any case. By betting through the cashier, the guest must collect their winnings with cash. When they use the terminal, the funds are credited to their accounts. According to statistics, usually, they continue making new bets to multiply the win. Since the odds are in favour of the establishment, more money is spent on betting with self-service tools from Bett-Market.
  4. Also, the terminal allows you to accept more bets. Intensive sports, such as tennis, badminton, basketball, hockey, have a lot of possibilities for wagers. There are situations when guests make many bets in a row and keep the cashier busy all the time. Thus, the club loses profit, as other players are unable to make bets. Self-service terminals help solve this problem.
  5. Another indisputable advantage of the self-service terminals is the cost of their installation. On average, hiring a single cashier is comparable to the cost of installing eight machines. Given the fact that the profitability of betting tools is higher due to the greater number of bets, the cost of installation will pay off quickly enough.

Why Should You Resort to Bett-Market for Purchasing Self-Service Betting Terminals?

Resort to us for purchasing self-service betting terminals

Among the increased variety of technological abundance on the market, our company tries to satisfy our clients in the first place. Our responsive support team will gladly give you a detailed informational rundown on any issue you are interested in.

Don't hesitate to resort to the professionals – buy self-service betting terminals from Bett-Market and boost your career with the best quality tools.

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