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The Benefits of Working in the South American Market

Large Population

Get the opportunity to attract a huge audience of sports betting enthusiasts from Brazil and other countries

Developing Economy

The incomes of gamers are constantly increasing — this is your chance to interest solvent customers

Young Age of Players

Work with progressive, active people with an interest in technical innovations and online entertainments

Lack of Restrictions

The presence of an international licence gives you the right to provide services in any country

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Helpful Hints on Launching Gambling Businesses in the South American Market

To succeed in the bookmaker or casino industry, you need to find a suitable region with high user traffic, as well as favourable economic, and legal conditions.

Working in the gambling market in South America has brought high revenues and the trust of thousands of users to many young companies.

Gambling in South America: betting and casinos

Explore the opportunities of this area. Launch a South American gambling project with Bett-Market.

Essential Stages

The algorithm for creating a gambling business in South America consists of several stages:

  • learning the specifics of South American gambling laws and economic conditions;
  • familiarising with the interests of consumers;
  • purchasing betting software in South America.

Let us explore each of them in more detail.

Exploring Legal Nuances

Is gambling legal in South America? Note that laws may differ in particular countries.

Before starting a casino in South America, you need to study a large amount of important information. Analytical articles and reviews will help you learn many interesting facts and useful tricks. In order not to waste a lot of time looking for reliable sources, we recommend you to cooperate with professional consultants. Collaborating with experts will help you highlight only essential data.

Acquainting with the Interests of Gamers

Find out what types of betting software in South America are sought-after among gambling enthusiasts. Besides, examine the preferences of the players in terms of gaming website design. Try to provide your audience with the desired services.

Projecting Your Future Activities

This stage is of great importance. You need to be very attentive because every detail may play a key role. Calculate the approximate costs and profits to evaluate the lucrativeness of your project. Consider the market specifics when preparing your business plan.

Working on the Website’s Style

This is one of the most complex processes of starting an online gambling company in South America. It consists of many steps.

Consider some key points:

  1. Choosing the right look. All elements of your casino or bookmaker project should correspond to a single theme. Find out which trends are relevant in the country of your interest today and follow these tendencies.
  2. Design creation. Think about the location of blocks on your website carefully. Pay special attention to such details as colours and fonts. Hard-to-read types and too bright shades, as well as flickering animations, can distract your customers from the gameplay.
  3. Interface adaptation. The interface of your entertainment portal should be as user-friendly as possible. Test the site on your own and get the support of independent experts to make sure it is simple and comfortable. If you find any imperfections, please, report it to the developers.
  4. Selecting trendy games. To open a gambling establishment in South America, you need to collect a set of suitable gaming products from leading manufacturers. In addition, read the reviews of players about different casino games.

Advertising Your Services

If you want to start an online gambling portal in South America and get worthy profits in the first months of your work, be prepared to spend a substantial amount on implementing your marketing strategy.

The most relevant ways of advertising and promoting gaming sites are affiliate programs, first deposit and registration bonuses, advertising on social media, seasonal promotions, etc. Besides, rewards for loyal customers will help you retain solvent consumers and avoid bonus abuse.

The Strong Points of the Gambling Market in South America

Gambling market in South America: strong points

The region's entertainment sector generates colossal revenues. However, it is in the shadow segment in many countries. This situation has many negative consequences for both operators and states’ governments.

Therefore, businessmen and officials are negotiating to legitimise games of chance and bookmaker activities. This solution will let entrepreneurs work freely. In turn, representatives of the authorities will receive new sources of budget financing.

Leaders of some countries have already realised the importance of the gaming industry for the economy. For example, the Chilean government has legalised all types of gambling services. The Brazilian authorities (this is the region's most profitable country), are also moving towards legitimising the entertainment sector. Recently, they allowed bookmaker sites to operate.

Even though the gambling business in South America is legal only in some countries, this region is considered one of the most promising in the world.

It is marked by the following peculiarities:

Lots of potential clients

The sizeable population will guarantee the lucrativeness of your gambling business in South America

Widespread use of advanced payment methods

The bookmaker business in South America keeps up with the times. Operators offer their customers convenient, fast and secure payment methods: cryptocurrencies, electronic systems, digital wallets, etc.

Simple receiving South American casino licence

According to casino law in South America, it is necessary to get an international betting permission document.

Choose a jurisdiction with good tax conditions and begin working in the Brazilian and other industries

Access to a broad assortment of gaming and betting software

Products from top manufacturers of casino and betting software in South America, for example, Unibet, 22bet, and BetOnline are available to gamers and business owners

The relevance of mobile games

Mobile entertainments are very popular in the gambling market in South America due to their wide accessibility and ease of use.

Cross-platform solutions are in demand thanks to their versatility. Choose games that can run on both computers and smartphones

How do players from this market differ from Europeans or US residents? The main feature is the huge interest in betting. Various sports are amazingly actual here. Therefore, the bookmaker business generates more profits than online casinos in the region.

At the same time, a perfect solution is a combination of betting and gaming activities. Some world-renowned companies have successfully practiced this approach for many years.

Why Is It Worth Purchasing Turnkey Bookmaker Portals in South America?

Turnkey bookmaker business in South America

Businessmen with extensive experience in opening gambling establishments in South America can cope with the above tasks quickly and easily. They have a database of useful contacts and know all the intricacies of working in the gambling market in South America.

Nevertheless, beginners can make a lot of mistakes and lose large amounts. To avoid this situation, buy a turnkey casino in South America. Purchasing a ready-made entertainment website will also help you save your valuable time and money.

Moreover, the development of a turnkey casino in South America is characterised by the following benefits:

  1. Developing a casino or betting website from scratch. The creation of a portal involves the development of a stylish design, the search for actual gaming content, data protection, and the performance of other crucial assignments.
  2. Assisting in legal issues. Consultants from reputable intermediary companies will tell you how to open a legal online betting portal in South America. They will also help you collect the papers required to apply for a permission document.
  3. Complete freedom of action. Although professionals will help you work on every stage of building your business, you will be empowered to make key decisions. Each step will be agreed with you.
  4. Interacting with the interested audience. It is not enough just to buy a casino in South America. You must do your best to make your project stand out from competitors. Innovative marketing techniques can let you achieve this aim.

The Main Things about Operating in the Region

Providing services in the local market can bring you a wide audience’s attention and good revenues.

Consider these specifics before buying a casino in South America:

  • the region has loyal economic conditions;
  • the activities of foreign projects are not prohibited by the gambling law in South America 2020;
  • mobile games and advanced payment methods make online gambling publicly available;
  • turnkey services will help you start making money in 3-6 months.

To get acquainted with this theme in more detail or purchase a ready-made project, contact our employees.

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