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eSports Betting Software: a Startup of the Future With the Bett-Market Team

eSports is a relatively new sector of the betting market. Despite the long history of eSports, the industry became independent not that long ago. For many years, bets on virtual competitions were made only within the gambling community. However, a couple of years back, large international operators began showing their interest in this sphere.

Why do online competitions attract bookmakers? How to implement a gambling project? How to choose the software for eSports betting? These and many other questions will be answered by the Bett-Market team of specialists.

eSports betting software

We offer not just professional advice but also ready-made solutions that will allow you to quickly enter the international market. We guarantee a fair deal and good discounts!

The eSports Industry in Numbers

The concept of eSports means individual or team computer game competitions. The first thematic tournament was organised back in 1972. Today, the audience of virtual contests exceeds 230 million people.

In 2019, the turnover of the market reached 950 million dollars, and there is more to come: the industry is growing rapidly.

There are no thematic tournaments for the strongest teams but, according to an unofficial rating, the number of professional eSports players is the highest in the following countries:

  • the United States (2375 gamers);
  • China (652);
  • Russia (625);
  • Germany (615);
  • South Korea (553).

The Most Popular eSports Games

The eSports software, like any traditional betting software, contains a line and a list of basic industry events.

Among the most popular games, we can name:

Dota 2

The aim of this game in the MOBA format (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is the battle of 2 teams on a special map. Participants have the opportunity to choose a specific character with a unique set of abilities and level it up during the game. The task of the team is to destroy the headquarters of the enemy.

The prize pool for the international tournament is about 28 million dollars.

League of Legends

The second most popular eSports game in the world. In 2019, the number of users who simultaneously logged into the system approached 30 million.

League of Legends championships have been held since 2011. The size of the prize fund starts at 7 million dollars.


This is one of the most famous representatives of the first-person shooter. The game is based on the confrontation between the teams of special forces and terrorists. The task of the participants is to destroy the enemy while completing the tasks on the map along the way. The product has internal money that users receive for a completed mission or a destroyed enemy. Virtual coins can be used to upgrade weapons.

The prize pool for the international tournament is about 4 million dollars.

StarCraft II

The game is presented in the RTS genre (Real-Time Strategy). The tasks of the participants are to build and improve their headquarters and destroy the enemy. Users have access to 3 races with different capabilities and combat skills.

The first part of the game was released in 1998. Today, the winning team of the championship can hit the jackpot of 3 million dollars.


The Blizzard interactive solution is a collectable card game simulator. Each session is a one-step battle between 2 participants. At the beginning of the round, users receive unique game cards, which are laid out in a certain order.

To upgrade the card deck and buy more powerful characters, you can use the internal store. New cards are also unlocked if you will participate in games in the Arena.

The annual prize pool is about 2 million dollars.

Software for eSports: Types of the Bookmaker’s Bets

Software for eSports: types of the bookmaker’s bets

The eSports industry differs from traditional competitions in several unique ways. Users know about the peculiarities of matches and participating teams much more than the bookmakers themselves.

To offset the risk of winning, operators use the eSports betting software with an increased margin. If for traditional sports events this figure is 4–5%, then the coefficient for eSports events is 8–13%.

A unique feature of the industry is that there is no influence of the human factor. There are no judges in the games, and the outcome of the competition depends only on the skills of participants.

The eSports betting software allows you to place not only preliminary bets but also bets in real-time. The live format is more in-demand and popular.

Types of bets in eSports

Bets on winnings

The simplest type when a player places a bet on one of the teams. If it wins, the user will get a prize

Handicap bets

The bookmaker gives one of the teams a certain advantage or tries to equalise the score. If the handicap, for example, is equal to 1.5, then in order to win, the participants in the eSports competition must win with a score of 2:0

Bets on totals

These are bets on statistical metrics:

  • the number of rounds;
  • the number of points scored by a participant or a team;
  • duration of the match, etc.

Additional bets

Professional eSports software offers not only traditional types of bets but also an expanded range of additional bets, such as:

  • “Map winners” (the task is to guess the gamers who will be the first to cover the map);
  • “First Blood” (bets on the team that launches the statistics of defeats);
  • “Total losses” (bets on the sum of points lost by a participant or a team);
  • “The overall number of cards” (bets on the number of locations that were closed during the entire tournament)

Each game has its individual bets, so the related odds will be quite different.

Characteristics of the High-Quality eSports Software

eSports is one of the fastest-growing areas of the betting business. If you want to invest money and quickly recoup your investment, it is worth ordering eSports betting software from reliable providers.

Characteristics of a high-quality eSports betting system include:

Response Speed

Given the widespread appreciation of tournaments that are held within this industry, the eSports software has to cope with a big flow of external requests. The most high-quality solution must accept hundreds of applications per minute, support live betting, and guarantee a stable connection regardless of the quality of the network attachment.

Cross-Platform Interface

More than 80% of the online audience is mobile users. The betting platform must provide a reliable connection and fast launch on any operating system.

From Bett-Market, you can order traditional gaming sites and special services for portable devices. We also offer services for adapting desktop systems to mobile browsers and assistance in developing downloadable applications.

Financial Capacities

High-quality eSports software must support the most popular methods for conducting money transfers:

  • mobile top-up;
  • transfers via electronic wallets;
  • the use of bank returns (credit and debit cards, personal accounts).

Moreover, it is possible to order software that supports cryptocurrency transactions.

Security Assurance

Professional software passes mandatory inspections and is certified by the largest industry laboratories. From Bett-Market, you can order an assessment and audit of gambling platforms. We offer assistance in licensing of already existing projects and a number of ready-made solutions with certificates from the most respected foreign offshore zones.


The development of software for eSports betting includes not only a reliable backend, a well-thought-out user interface, and a long list of events. One of the most effective tools for those who want to attract and retain the target audience is an effective loyalty program.

The most popular types of bonuses are:

  1. Free Bet. This is a small, fixed amount that is provided by a gambling establishment. It allows gamers to place bets without depositing their personal funds. The tool is often used as a welcome surprise for new users and as an encouragement to make gamblers continue playing (for example, the “Every 50/100 Free Bet” program).
  2. Gifts for the deposit. The cash bonus is charged to the client's game account immediately after the first deposit. Its size depends on the internal policy of the bookmaker (from 3% for each deposit to several hundred dollars for the first bet).
  3. Cashbacks. Users can get back a certain percentage of the “burned” bets or a specific number of game sessions that were played. As a rule, the cashback system is aimed at working with regular customers and the VIP segment.
  4. Virtual currency. If other bonuses are actively used on most betting and casino platforms, then the special internal money is usually used by cyber bookmakers. Electronic coins can be exchanged for skins for favourite characters, gaming devices, free bets, and other options that motivate gamblers to continue playing.

The Main Things About eSports Betting

Cybersport betting providers

Betting in the field of computer games is a sweet pot for investors who are looking for interesting interactive solutions. The industry already draws an audience of 230 million people, and the annual market turnover has reached almost a billion dollars.

The main task of operators is to buy software for eSports betting from a reliable provider.

High-quality software combines the following features and characteristics:

  • Fast response. The system should work stably regardless of the volume of external requests.
  • Live mode. Unlike traditional sports where pre-game betting is the most in-demand option, the eSports industry is characterised by a large number of real-time bets.
  • Cross-platform option. Professional software should attract the widest audience: users of desktop devices and players who place bets via mobile OS.
  • Security. It is necessary for online bookmakers to legalise their business and obtain a license from local regulators and foreign jurisdictions. Only trusted financial aggregators and interactive security systems are used on such platforms.
  • Customer support. The team of specialists works round-the-clock. E-mail addresses, telephone lines, chat rooms, and other tools can be used to provide users with options for feedback. From Bett-Market, you can order translation of the interface into several languages.
We are ready to offer the best solutions for a fast, safe, and successful launch. You can choose between many ready-made solutions, and there is also an opportunity to order the development of eSports betting software according to your sketches.

The Bett-Market team will help you with the implementation of projects of any format: online bookmaker’s offices, mobile gaming services, and land-based gambling business.

We guarantee the best cooperation conditions and professional round-the-clock support. Just contact us:

  • by e-mail:
  • on Skype:
  • in Telegram:
  • via the feedback form.

Check the information used to contact us carefully. It is necessary for your safety.

Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

Updated 09.02.2023
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