1. A Bookmaker’s Office Franchise: Advantages and Opportunities

2. How to Create an Online Sportsbook: The bookmaker’s Software

3. A Bookmaker’s Office Platform: Betting Software

Sweepstakes and bookmakers offer their services to gamblers calculating quotes and earning on margin. This type of business will always be profitable despite government bans and economic crises.

Sports betting business

The bookmaking field of gambling is a complex self-organized system, where its regulators, rules and etiquette are provided. You cannot just go to the stadium and start taking bets. To start an activity, you will need a license. To get a permission, you will have to prepare a package of documents, as well as collect a large amount of money on the company's account. The cost of a license varies from $60000 to 120000, depending on the regulator. This is not just an expensive pleasure but also very laborious.

However, there is also a less thorny path that will lead you to a lucrative bookmaking business: a bookmaker's franchise. You can open a betting shop under a franchise and operate using the license that your provider has. For example, the English bookmaker William Hill received a permit from the jurisdiction of Gibraltar long ago. If you buy William Hill's bookmaking software and provide a possibility of making bets on your website, you will be also working under the license of Gibraltar.

On the website of the Bett-Market company, you will have the opportunity to create a bookmaker's office online and choose the bookmaker's software for your business. Also, you can buy a complete bookmaker's office ready to launch.


To start a betting shop using a franchise, first you will have to choose bookmaker’s software. Bett-Market will offer you probably the best and most reliable software for sports betting.

A Bookmaker’s Office Franchise: Advantages and Opportunities

For offline betting shops, the decision to open a bookmaker's office using a franchise is a very liquid investment.

In addition to the liquidity, a bookmaker's franchise has a number of advantages and opportunities that will ensure your enterprise’s success and profits:

  • The terms of entry into the bookmaker’s business are very simple: a six square meters’ room, a working computer, a cash register and a screen where your players will watch a line with sports events.
  • To monitor the workflow and provide services to the customers, one cashier per shop is sufficient. This reduces the cost of salaries for staff. Similarly, you can entrust the software and hardware to Bett-Market.
  • To get your bookmaker’s franchise based on a premade script running, you will need one to two weeks. That is, from the moment you have decided to open a bookmaker's office using a franchise, it will take less than a month to receive the first profit.
  • Betting franchises pay off very quickly. Here is an example. Let us say you have bought a bookmaker’s software, rented a room, bought a computer and paid an advance to the cashier. At the start, you have spent about four thousand dollars. Within two months, your investments will return in double size. A maximum of 15% of the revenue is to be transferred to the franchisor. Further, you will need to pay the rent of a premise and the salary for your cashier from the received profit.

For a bookmaker’s office network, this is a very attractive solution. While you are looking for a suitable room, a reliable cashier, working an advertising campaign and building partnerships, the bookmaker’s software is already working for you.

Do not forget the fact that your own betting shop platform is still a less time-consuming investment. Of course, in a year or two, your business will be able to bring profits. If you are willing to wait, please contact Bett-Market: your bookmaker's office will be ready in a short time.

How to Create an Online Sportsbook: The bookmaker’s Software

If you have a website dedicated to sports, you can monetize traffic and earn the commissions from the bets. This is also done with the help of bookmaking franchising. All you need for this is to buy betting software and integrate it into the site.

This type of franchising has great advantages:

  1. You are developing your own brand. In fact, you are a partner of the bookmaker which has given you a franchise. Firstly, customers go to your site and only then are transferred to the bookmaker’s page. At the beginning stages, you are doing business within a franchise, and when you are ready, you will become an independent bookmaker entrepreneur. You will get access to a prepared database, which means that you do not have to gather your audience by trial and error.
  2. You are attracting traffic to the site and monetize your own resource, earning money on advertising. You can choose affiliate bookmaking software, become a webmaster and place ads on pages using the tools from Bett-Market and its partners. This means an additional income.
  3. No need to worry about the premises, rent, utility service, computers, security and other components of an offline betting shop. Buying a bookmaker’s software, it is possible to get a similar profit if you work outside your region and do not have additional items of expenditure. Speaking about the communication with customers, it is carried out through an online chat, in a messenger or by phone.
  4. The license. We have already mentioned the importance of this document for a bookmaker’s office. This is the foundation of your business. Beginners who make small bets tend to ignore it, but high rollers and experienced players will definitely look for an evidence of your establishment’s reliability. Accordingly, if you work with proven suppliers of betting software, customers will trust you.
  5. Online betting shops are easy to manage. The back office can be configured in such a way that all the information about players, bet sizes and winnings are displayed in real time. Not a single cent will pass by the control system as it happens with the offline bookies: nobody will deceive you.
  6. The transparency of the business. In the Russian Federation and other CIS countries, everything related to gambling is subject to severe controls and restrictions. If you place a banner in an inappropriate place, it may be removed. If someone from the city's residents complains about your bookmaker’s office, you will also have some complications. With a website legally opened and running, you do not need to fear sudden inspections. You are free to post ads wherever you want. The World Wide Web is big: there is enough space for everyone.

A Bookmaker’s Office Platform: Betting Software

The software for sports betting is very diverse. You will find bookmaker’s software for every taste, colour and sporting events on the Bett-Market’s website.

Software for sports betting

If you wish to keep up to date and give your customers the opportunity to bet on eSports, we recommend buying the software from DraftKings. Any application is suitable for football and basketball; you will have to focus on your budget.

Choose freely from the popular companies:

  • William Hill;
  • Golden Rac;
  • Unibet;
  • InterBet;
  • FavBet;
  • Bet365;
  • BaltBet;
  • FanDuel;
  • ZenitBet;
  • Pinnacle.

This is not yet a complete list of the reliable providers that produce bookmaking software.

To summarize, let us say that a bookie franchise is the easiest way to start an activity in the field of betting. You will be able to build your business in a matter of months without waiting a few years until it pays off. In addition, you are getting a full access to high-quality bookmaking projects, statistics, professional materials and some of the best software.

When you have received a bookmaker franchise, the next task of your team is actively attracting traffic to the site or people to your land-based office. This is much easier than building a bookmaker’s business from scratch.

To promote your betting shop, you should work hard on the site, run a high-quality advertising campaign and use the most of all the available digital marketing tools to the maximum.

You can also entrust the promotion of a betting company to the professionals of Bett-Market. Our specialists will provide you with the full support at all the stages of your business organization!