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Great Britain

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Benefits of Opening a sports betting business in Great Britain

Loyal Legislation

The laws of the United Kingdom allow the activities of betting projects on the Internet

High Rentability

Get the desired profits in just 3–6 months after the start of your online bookmaker project

British Licence

Obtain a premium permission document issued by the reputable body UK Gambling Commission

Entering New Markets

Expand the scope of your sportsbook project by approaching other promising European markets

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Why Is It Worth Buying a Bookmaker Business in Great Britain?

The United Kingdom is deservedly considered the centre of the European gaming industry. The gambling business in Great Britain has a long history of development. The conditions of the modern UK market allow operators to implement various gaming and bookmaker projects. Find out more about the features of this attractive region.

Open an online betting club in Great Britain with Bett-Market.

The History of the Gaming Business in the United Kingdom

Gaming business in the United Kingdom: history

The first event that significantly influenced the evolution of the entertainment sector in England was the legalisation of the national lottery in 1569. The gambling business in Great Britain was the privilege of wealthy people in those times.

The overall popularity of real money games and bookmaker services began to acquire in the 19th century. However, the rapid spread of gambling has provoked the emergence of many underground establishments controlled by criminal groups.

Beginning in 1800, the government gradually limited the possibilities of the gambling business in Great Britain. This continued until the middle of the 20th century. The first royal commission responsible for the regulation of the gaming sphere appeared in 1960.

Today, entertainment services are available to all residents of the country. Betting kiosks in Great Britain and analogous online projects are favourite ways to have fun for many gamblers.

In addition to sportsbooks, British people like:

  • slot machines;
  • card games;
  • roulette;
  • sweepstakes.

Great Britain’s Gambling Laws

The key piece of legislation governing sports betting, games of chance, and the lottery business is the Gambling Act. It is important to note that Great Britain’s gambling laws do not apply to Northern Ireland. This jurisdiction has adopted regional gaming legislation since 1968.

The United Kingdom government approved the appropriate legal system in 2005. Nevertheless, 7 years later, Great Britain’s gambling laws were amended. According to the changes, the gaming commission acquired the right to control not only projects operating in the domestic market, but also foreign online portals that provide their services to the citizens of the United Kingdom.

Licensing of Gaming and Betting Businesses in Great Britain

Many entrepreneurs dream of obtaining a permit issued by the United Kingdom. This document is pretty expensive. However, the availability of such a licence guarantees a quick and successful market entry for operators planning to buy betting sites in Great Britain.

To obtain a UK licence, an applicant must provide the following documentation:

  1. Business plan of an organisation.
  2. A description of the management structure.
  3. Information on beneficial ownership.
  4. Financial plans.
  5. AML/CFT policy.
  6. Data on key personnel.

In order not to lose a licence and ensure the stable operation of a business, an entrepreneur must:

  • observe social responsibility;
  • apply effective measures to combat money laundering and the financing of crime;
  • ensure transparency of monetary transactions;
  • protect consumers;
  • advertise his or her project responsibly.

According to local laws, betting land-based clubs in Great Britain are permitted. Besides, the launch of online businesses is completely legal here too.

Working in different fields of the entertainment industry requires obtaining several specialised licences. The cost of the permit depends on the type of services provided by an operator, the format of work (offline or online), and the scale of a project.

It is noteworthy that many entrepreneurs open bookmaker businesses in Great Britain under offshore licences. This is not prohibited by law. Moreover, according to the 2012 amendments, foreign start-ups have practically the same rights as local companies.

How to Open Bookmaker or Gambling Projects in the United Kingdom?

Betting club in Great Britain: how to open

To buy a betting club in Great Britain or open casino start-ups here, you have to develop a well-thought-out business strategy.

Here are some key steps to follow:

Applying to the gaming commission

Check out the regulator’s requirements to get your project ready for the licensing procedure.

Cooperate with professionals to speed up and simplify this process

The creation of a gambling site

Your online portal should look stylish and modern. In addition, the interface must be user-friendly.

Focus on the preferences of British gamers when developing a design of your website

The purchase of gambling software in Great Britain

Order high-quality and reliable bookmaker programs from reputable manufacturers with extensive experience in the UK market

The protection of informational and monetary assets

Connect security betting software in Great Britain to protect players from data breaches and financial fraud

The attraction of a solvent audience

Involve prospective customers with promotions guaranteeing significant rewards and in-game benefits

Maintaining the interest of players

Launch a loyalty program for your loyal clients. Organize regular sweepstakes with impressive prizes. Reward steady customers for attracting new users

Where to Buy Sweepstakes Software in Great Britain and How to Enter the Market?

The local iGaming industry is well-developed. The level of competition in the lottery, betting, and casino areas is quite high. Therefore, the speed of entering the market plays a key role for managers wishing to take advantageous positions in the UK gambling sphere.

The easiest and most effective way to open a successful business is to buy a turnkey betting site in Great Britain. What is included in this service?

Let us take a look at the key offerings:

  1. Contacting the gaming commission and obtaining a licence.
  2. The purchase of sportsbook and sweepstakes software in Great Britain.
  3. The integration and configuration of payment and security programs.
  4. A prompt resolution of technical issues.
  5. Comprehensive informational support.

The acquisition of a turnkey betting site in Great Britain or the start of an analogous similar sweepstakes project is a more beneficial decision than independent work on a start-up. The well-coordinated work of a professional team following a proven scheme will let you enter the market quickly and get desired profits even with a minimal initial investment.

The Main Things about Working in the British iGaming Industry

Turnkey betting portal in Great Britain: key notions

The launch of a turnkey betting portal in Great Britain will open up many opportunities for an operator. This market is characterised by excellent economic conditions and well-thought-out legislation.

Betting land-based clubs in Great Britain are allowed. Internet projects can also work here absolutely legally.

To open a start-up in the United Kingdom, it is necessary to:

  • obtain an offshore or local gambling licence;
  • buy sweepstakes software in Great Britain;
  • attract customers and keep them interested.
Employees of the Bett-Market firm know all the intricacies of the UK market. If you want to learn more about this region, please contact our consultants. They will provide you with the information you require.

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