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Buy Lottery Software: Launch a Successful Startup With Bett-Market

The lottery business is one of the most attractive investment spheres that promise a record-breaking return on investment.

The first draws were held in ancient Rome and China, and the Great Wall of China was built for money received from state lottery draws. The government is more loyal to this business than to gambling halls with slot machines, casinos or bookmaker’s offices.

Online lottery software development has also progressed a lot, highlighting the demand. Experts give notice to the huge potential of the industry: the niche is occupied only by 15%.

Lottery software for a business

The Bett-Market team will be glad to help you to launch a thematic startup. We are ready to offer the best lottery software on the most beneficial terms. We guarantee reasonable prices, fair deal, short payback period, and pleasant discounts. Buy the finest lottery ticket software for your sweepstakes' portal.

Lottery Business: the World Situation

In some countries, ticket sales constitute a huge part of GDP. According to media reports, by 2023, the industry's total annual income will exceed 10 billion dollars. Moreover, the online segment will make a significant contribution. Experts predict the growth of the virtual lottery market by at least 8% annually.

Let us consider several examples of successful projects in different countries:

  • China. The state lottery brings more than 30 billion dollars a year to the public treasury (as of 2017).
  • The United States. The most popular supplier of the American market is Mega Millions Corporation. The world's largest jackpot was won also in the United States ― 1.537 billion dollars. On average, Americans spend about 80 billion dollars a year on lottery tickets.
  • Spain. This country is considered to be the European region where gambling is most in-demand ― 75% of the country's adult population participate in lottery draws.
  • Russian Federation. On the territory of Russia, 28 types of raffles are officially registered: 18 draw-based lottery games and 10 instant lotteries.
  • Ukraine. The regulator has released a multi-year exclusive control over the lottery industry. This is a promising market that attracts both local and foreign investors.

Features of the Organisation of Lottery Draws

The project launch consists of the following stages:

  • drafting a step-by-step business plan;
  • purchase or rental of lottery software;
  • purchase of specialised equipment (you will need it to establish a land-based network business);
  • recruitment/training of staff;
  • startup legalisation;
  • launch of an advertising campaign.

Before you start organising a gambling establishment, it is necessary to choose the operation mode:

Traditional Offline Draws

Traditional offline draws

This type of entertainment is still very popular and opens new interesting prospects for development.

Advantages of launching a land-based lottery network:

  1. Additional advertising revenue. On a traditional lottery ticket, it is possible to print marketing and promotional offers. Operators can promote both their own products and solutions from other brands.
  2. Blanket distribution. Unlike slot machines, this equipment can be installed in any crowded places: metro stations, public transport stops, cafes, shopping centres, etc.
  3. Remote control. By deciding to buy a lottery machine, operators will save on the recruitment and training of staff, workplace arrangement, and ticket ordering from printing companies. The automated lottery software itself performs the necessary operations. Investors can only organise the audit of lottery networks and remotely control business processes.
  4. Profitability. Depending on the working efficiency of distributors and the places of installation of automated terminals, the project can pay off in 12–15 months.
  5. Loyal legislation. Many countries approve of lotteries, although they prohibit other types of gambling business. Operators can count on flexible and democratic conditions and a reasonable tax rate. With the proper support of online lottery software creators, many countries become ideal destinations for such an activity. The legalisation of projects happens faster and easier than the legal registration of a casino or a bookmaker's office.

Formats and types of paper lottery tickets


Users buy folders for a specific game session.

Operators distribute the results via all available channels:

  • on the lottery’s website;
  • via television and radio broadcasts;
  • in print media.

It is important to remember: it is prohibited to organise such draws on the Internet in order to prevent hacker attacks and the influence of third parties on the outcome of sessions

Instant lottery

Cells on paper tickets are covered with a special protective layer. You can find out whether you won the prize or not and what is its amount immediately after you purchase the ticket. To do this, just wipe off the layer

Motivating draws

A convenient and effective opportunity to attract a new audience and increase brand awareness. As a rule, participation is for free but in order to receive a ticket, users must purchase the seller's product (for example, play in one lottery and additionally get another ticket)

Lottery Draws on the Internet

The online distribution of lottery tickets is a good alternative to the traditional land-based business. You can combine a project with land-based locations or focus only on the online audience.

Features and advantages of online draws:

  1. Geography of distribution. Operators get a stable increase in customers no matter what location they have. For example, the global Euro Millions network accepts bets from residents of all European countries and offers several convenient ways to deposit and withdraw money (bank transfers, mobile payments, credit funds writing-off, transactions via e-wallets).
  2. Saving on equipment. To launch an online project, you do not need to buy special terminals, cash registers, and other equipment. It is enough to choose the functional lottery software and develop the design of your website.
  3. Simple administration. Most of the processes in the online system are automated and do not require manual intervention. To launch a project and realise a profit, it is enough to set up the lottery software by using basic filters.
  4. The minimum staff. Operators only need to hire a few administrators. Entrepreneurs will save a lot of money on searching and training of specialists to work with cash registers, ticket printing, and accounting. Efficient lottery administration software will ensure maximum automation of the process.
  5. Round-the-clock operation. The lottery software can work without manual intervention 24/7 and process more requests than traditional land-based equipment or a seller.
  6. Saving on ticket printing. Serious requirements are imposed on game folders: they must be numbered, encoded, and entered into special registers. It is much faster and easier to distribute online tickets. The lottery software automatically generates combinations of draws.

Development of the Lottery Software From Bett-Market

Our team offers the most attractive cooperation conditions: reasonable prices, security assurance, professional customer support, and a flexible discount program.

The lottery software is developed according to the following scheme:

  • discussion of the future project, consideration of current scenarios, and drawing a business plan;
  • preparation of technical specifications, discussion of foretypes;
  • assessment of the complexity of implementation, as well as the description of stages and terms of launch;
  • execution of an agreement with an investor;
  • development of lottery software;
  • activation and testing of the system, customisation of the administration panel;
  • connection of payment services, installation of additional software.

Bett-Market also offers its clients a full-fledged promotion of the project. We use advanced advertising tools. When purchasing our solutions, you get access to the best affiliate programs, convenient analytical systems, and risk assessment programs. We guarantee the return on investment within 12 months.

Our team of experts also offers software for lottery terminals and equipment for land-based locations of any size.

The Main Things About the Launch of the Lottery Project

Launching a lottery project

The distribution of lottery tickets is one of the most promising and profitable types of gambling industry. Both online sessions and traditional paper draws are extremely popular with players.

Advantages of such a project:

  • Fast launch. To establish a business, it is enough to buy the lottery software and organise sales points: install land-based terminals or create a website. All business processes are performed remotely and practically do not require any manual intervention.
  • Cost-cutting. We help our clients choose a lottery software development company to supply the necessary components. Operators do not need to spend money on the equipment for a special gambling area, buy cash registers or hire and train employees. The automated software replaces real staff.
  • Ability to reach a wider audience. The size of draws can be different, and there is no geographical reference or time restrictions. The lottery software automatically processes external requests and operates smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Loyal legislation. It is easier to establish the lottery business than to open a casino or a bookmaker's office. The distribution of tickets is allowed even in those countries where other gambling projects cannot be launched.
  • Profitability. If handled properly (rational equipment spotting, organisation of a well-thought-out advertising campaign), the project will pay off in 12–15 months.
Cooperation with Bett-Market is a profitable and safe investment. We offer ready-made lottery software from the world’s leading vendors, the development of unique products, equipment for land-based locations, and some related services.

From us, you can also purchase multicurrency payment modules (including programs for working with cryptocurrency), interactive security systems, a large selection of mobile applications, social casinos, and eSports betting platforms.

For all questions, please contact us:

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  • via the feedback form.

Check the information used to contact us carefully. It is necessary for your safety.

Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

Updated 09.02.2023
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