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The Brazilian betting market generates huge revenues for online operators thanks to the large number of clients.

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Benefits of Opening a sports betting business in Brazil

Large Flow of Clients

Enter the market with the largest number of potential players in the world and reach a broad target audience

Public Interest in Sports

Inspire Brazilian users to bet online on their favourite soccer teams with your bookmaker website

Cryptocurrency Tools

Make the gameplay as safe and confidential as possible using the capabilities of cryptocurrencies

Mobile Online Gambling

Create convenient and simple mobile applications that will help you attract and retain more consumers

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Where to Buy Sweepstakes Software in Brazil?

The Brazilian gaming market has long existed in the underground segment. Today, the situation has changed dramatically. Last year, the local government supported a law authorizing the activities of ground-based and virtual gambling establishments in the country. That is why the subject of buying sweepstakes software in Brazil is very relevant now.

Bett-Market has been operating in different countries for many years. We are ready to help you open your project in Brazil and in other states. Familiarize yourself with the history of the Brazilian betting market and evaluate the current prospects. This review will simplify the process of searching for sweepstakes software providers in Brazil.

Development of Land-Based Betting in Brazil

Land-based betting in Brazil

The gambling industry of this country has faced many difficulties. Many members of the public have long sought the legalization of gambling. In 2019, the government considered the requests of local businessmen and members of public organizations and decided to allow the betting activities. The issue of legalization of the gaming industry was incredibly relevant for several reasons.

High crime rate

The emergence of illegal sweepstakes software in Brazil provoked the interest of criminals in this business area. Underground bookmakers appeared throughout the country. Their owners were closely connected with the criminal world. They did not pay taxes and put their customers at great risk

Popularization of sports

It is no secret that Brazilians are big football fans. Besides, local residents are interested in other sports quite actively. That is why the decision to buy betting shop software in Brazil can become the beginning of your profitable business

Large population

Brazil ranks fifth in terms of population in the world. Many local residents are young people who are interested in the world of sports and gambling. It is worth noting that the fact that some large states prohibit gambling activities on their territory (for example, China or USA) plays into the hands of sweepstakes software providers in Brazil

Brazilians have always been great gambling enthusiasts. Before the Second World War, many betting halls were located on the territory of the state. However, after the war ended, the government banned gambling business. Since that time, the betting industry has long been in the shadow segment. The legalization of ground-based and virtual establishments will help novice businessmen receive legal income. At the same time, the state will get a significant profit too, which will be spent on the development of culture and sports in the country.

Advantages of Betting Kiosks in Brazil

Betting kiosks in Brazil: advantages

As already mentioned, land-based betting in Brazil for a long time existed only in underground establishments. It is noteworthy that virtual gaming resources were also banned in the state. Nevertheless, local residents used many foreign websites very actively.

Undoubtedly, online betting is much more popular than land-based betting kiosks in Brazil. However, do not underestimate this type of gambling. It has several undeniable advantages that will benefit the operator.

  1. Broad potential audience. Given the fact that Brazil is a densely populated country, it can be argued that ground-based establishments can attract a lot of players. You must agree, not all residents of the state are active Internet users. For example, many older people use their smartphones solely for communication purposes. Ground-based establishments are suitable for both young and senior gamblers.
  2. The unique atmosphere of a ground-based establishment. Many players prefer land-based bookmakers because of their special atmosphere and the feeling of excitement during the game. Gamblers like to spend time in such clubs, communicating with real people. That is why betting shop software in Brazil does not lose its relevance.
  3. Instant payouts. In the case of online resources, players often have to wait for their money for several days (or even weeks). At betting kiosks, most financial transactions are carried out using cash. Having made a winning bet, the player will receive his or her prize immediately.
  4. Minimum advertising costs. Of course, the land-based business needs good promotion. Nevertheless, you do not have to spend a lot on advertising, because the convenient location of your establishment and a bright sign will help you attract many customers.
  5. The presence of guarantees from the operator. This aspect is of great importance to many gamblers. The fact is that many scammers are working on the Internet. The presence of a licence and other permits is a guarantee of the bookmaker’s safety and legality.

Where to Find Good Betting Software in Brazil?

Betting software in Brazil: requirements

Many novice businessmen are interested in where to find betting shop software in Brazil. Many manufacturers propose lots of attractive offers for sale. However, it is essential to choose a really experienced and reliable developer. Remember, bookmaker software must meet some basic requirements:

  • high-quality products;
  • the excellent reputation of the provider;
  • reliable security system;
  • the smooth operation of payment systems.

Bett-Market works with well-known vendors of gambling and betting software for land-based establishments from around the world. We have many years of experience. Positive feedback from our customers is the best evidence of the effectiveness of our services.

We are the official partners of bet365 software in Brazil. In addition, we cooperate with other famous companies. Our experts will help you find good providers, rent premises, connect and adjust payment systems and ensure a high level of security for your betting kiosk.

If you want to start your own business in the field of land-based betting in Brazil, contact our manager and get answers to all your questions.

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