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How to Set Up a Betting Website: Step by Step Plan

For online bookmakers, the site is not only a visiting card but also an office, accounting department and showroom. Here bets are made, winnings are removed, claims from players are accepted. Let us see how to create a betting website which will help to reach break-even point and make good money as quickly as possible.

How to create a betting website

We will discuss a step-by-step website creation strategy. We cannot say that it is fundamentally different from the preparation of other sites. More likely, the differences are in the details. Therefore, this article focuses on those pitfalls of betting website development that can hinder the growth of your business.

Do you want to do everything quickly and efficiently? This is possible if the case is taken by the guys from Bett-Market. Contact us if you decide to open your gambling business, and you are interested in the development or in sports betting website for sale. We guarantee you will not regret.


Advantages of Online Bookies

The average cost-effectiveness of the betting business varies from 8-10%. However, some companies obviously earn much more. The land-based betting shops have to spend money on maintains points, staff cost, as well as a daily line.

But online bookmakers can boast of very different costs for the maintenance of the business, so their profitability is much higher. And this is not all the advantages of the betting business on the Internet.

Why it is better to give preference to online betting shop:

  • To start a business, you need smaller start-up capital, so this option is suitable even for beginners.
  • Land-based betting shops can make their customers only local residents, employees of local enterprises and, sometimes, passers-by. Online betting shops work in the world wide web, so they have unlimited potential for the growth of the customer base.
  • You can manage your business from anywhere in the world. There is no need to constantly visit the betting shops because modern software for it instantly provides a complete overview of the current state of the business.
  • Your business will work 24 hours a day, all year round without holidays and days-off, unlike land-based betting shops, which are closed at night.
  • Even in the period of major championships and competitions, you can be sure that all bets will be accepted, and customers will not leave for competitors because of the huge queues.
  • The human factor is minimized in the work of the online casino. So, you can forget about mistakes, typos in bets, etc.

That is why we recommend novice bookies to work on the Internet. Let us consider how to create a betting website with your own hands.

How to Create a Betting Shop Website: Brick by Brick

  1. Business planning. Do not neglect this step. A detailed and circumspect business plan will help you understand whether you have enough start-up capital for creating a betting website and its first months of work. After all, in addition to the expenses of creating a website, you will need to invest heavily in the promotion, advertising and payment of winnings.
  2. Choosing a title and domain name. It is best to use in the title the words in English related to winning, profit, money (and then in the address of the site). This will allow players from any country to easily remember the address of the casino.
  3. Registration of hosting. It may take some time to find a good hoster because many of them refuse to place gambling projects at their facilities if it is inconsistent with the local legislation. Look for hosters in offshore countries where online gambling is allowed.
  4. Design development takes place in parallel with the preparation of the site “stuffing”, it means choosing reliable software. We will focus on this point in more detail below.
  5. Solving legal issues. When an independent bookmaker wants to create betting website, he needs to obtain a license to run gambling activities within the jurisdiction where he plans to work. For beginners, the option of starting a franchise business is more suitable, but even in this case, you need to register a company and become registered as a taxpayer.
  6. Site assembly: layout, software installation, testing, final preparation for launch.
  7. Advertising and SEO-promotion of the project. Indeed, it is not limited to putting into operation. After all, the first visitors will appear only as a result of active advertising and constant natural promotion. If it is necessary, this work can be entrusted to a third-party contractor.

Software for a Betting Website

We are warning you right now, it is impossible to create a betting website without reliable software. In addition, it should not be some script for bookmakers, downloaded on the Internet. You do not know what the creators put in it and now are sharing it for free.

High-quality software for online bookies provides a wide range of functions, and its importance should not be underestimated.

  1. First of all, it means security from external hacker attacks and internal attempts to cheat the system by players or even the employees.
  2. Betting software guarantees the security of payments and ensures their speed.
  3. And thirdly, the software from a solid developer allows your platform to work stably, without failures and accept an unlimited number of bets at the same time.

What other opportunities does good betting software provide:

  • multi-bet on the outcome of any sporting or cultural event;
  • variability of forecasts: setting by type of bet, odds, etc.;
  • automatic return of non-playing sports bets;
  • control over the actions of players, viewing the history of rates and financial transactions;
  • download daily lines in automatic mode, etc.

Now you understand why it is important to choose only high-quality software.

You can buy such software from the official representatives of manufacturing companies. The reality of the market is that developers prefer to be engaged only in the development of software, and put the sales on the shoulders of intermediaries.

Therefore, your task as the future owner of the betting shop — to find a reliable affiliate who has a large selection of high-quality software.

Bookmaker’s Office Based on the White Label Model

Self-development of the site, obtaining a license and buying a line requires a huge investment of time, money and effort. Therefore, novice businesspeople are considering alternative options.

First of all, a franchise comes to mind, but this method involves the monthly allocation of part of the profits to the corporate parent, so it is not suitable for everyone.

You may also be interested in 1xbet Bookmaker Franchise: How to Open a Betting Shop

There is another way — a White Label. In fact, this is the purchase of a ready-made business template and the owner selects the name, logo, finalizes the design and comes up with original details. One of the main advantages of the White Label is its 100% availability.

For those who do not have the skills of self-development of sites, the sale of the betting website based on the model of White Label will be the best opportunity to start their own business.

Where to Find a Betting Website for Sale and Start a Business?

Betting website created by Bett-Market studio

You do not need to do everything by yourself. You will have a much better chance of success if you entrust the business organization to professionals. In the Bett-Market company work people who will help you to choose the best way to create and maintain a betting shop.

The sports betting website for sale, regardless of whether you have chosen a franchise or a White Label, will be legal and safe by courtesy of our assistance. Here you can buy a ready-made turnkey betting shop and order the related services to promote the site on the Internet and attract new players.

With a professional team of Bett-Market opening of the business will be completed simply, and what is most important, quickly. And in a few days, you will begin to receive stable cash flow.

Contact us now and we will start working on your future website immediately:

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Check the information used to contact us carefully. It is necessary for your safety.

Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

Updated 09.02.2023
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