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The Benefits of Working in the Australian Market

Stable Economy

The high level of economic development of this country will let you attract a lot of prospective clients

Loyal Audience

The gambling business is legal here, millions of citizens are ready to spend large sums on entertainments

Simple Licensing

To start working in this region, it is enough to choose a jurisdiction and obtain an international licence

Demand for Cryptocurrencies

Benefit from innovative payment methods thanks to the popularity of digital currencies among local gamblers

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Starting Gambling Businesses in Australia: Basic Points

Lots of entrepreneurs choose Australia to launch their projects. This country differs from many jurisdictions thanks to its favourable laws and high level of economic development.

If you want to open a gambling establishment in Australia, our tips will help you organise your activities properly. Order a turnkey casino in Australia by contacting the Bett-Market team.

Undeniable Advantages of the Market

Australian gambling market: benefits

Businessmen wish to start casinos in Australia for some essential reason. 

Let us take a closer look at them:

  1. The evolution of the gambling industry. The gambling business in Australia has existed for several centuries, since the founding of this state. This area is represented by a huge number of establishments of various formats.
  2. High-income clients. Australia is considered one of the most developed countries in the world. Residents have stable, worthy incomes. According to statistical studies, every Australian spends about $500 a year on different entertainments. Therefore, starting a casino in Australia will undoubtedly bring you good revenues.

Legal Nuances

Potential investors often ask: Is gambling legal in Australia? Yes, almost all types of gaming and bookmaker business in Australia are legalised. However, it is worth considering the peculiarities of different regions. Each state can introduce its restrictions for representatives of the gambling business in Australia.

It should be noted that the online gambling business in Australia is legitimised too. Moreover, local businessmen are allowed to provide their services to foreigners. At the same time, the activities of international gaming portals are not prohibited on the territory of the state. This means that operators can use both the Australian casino licences and permissions issued by offshore jurisdictions.

Regulatory Documents

Check out the list of regulations governing the gambling market in Australia in some regions.


The following regulatory documents are in force in the capital:

  • Gaming Machine Act;
  • Interactive Gambling Act;
  • Race and Sports Bookmaking Act.

New South Wales

These Australian gambling laws are relevant in this state:

  • Lotteries and Art Unions Act;
  • Gambling Act;
  • Betting Tax Act;
  • Racing Administration Act;
  • Totalizator Act;
  • Casino Control Act.


The government is guided by the following Australian gambling laws here:

  • Gambling Regulation Act;
  • Casino Control Act;
  • Casino Act.


The gambling industry of this island is guided by such norms of casino law in Australia:

  • TT-Line Gaming Act;
  • Gaming Control Act.

Land-Based or Online Gambling Market in Australia?

Aspiring entrepreneurs often cannot decide in which area of the gambling business in Australia to start working. Even though the land-based segment is quite well-developed here, we advise you to pay attention to the online industry.

It has the following strengths:

Minimum costs

You do not have to spend money on renting premises, hiring a large staff, buying furniture, slot machines and gaming tables

Unlimited audience

Launching an Australian gambling establishment in the online segment will allow you to provide services throughout the country and even abroad

Large assortment of entertainments

Purchasing innovative gaming betting software in Australia will let you experiment with various relevant styles and technologies

Ways to Launch an Entertainment Business

Betting business in Australia: launching a project

There are several popular methods to open gambling portals in Australia.

Independent Development of a Start-Up

This way of entering the gambling market in Australia is appropriate primarily for experienced entrepreneurs who know all the intricacies of the industry. It includes searching for suppliers of betting software in Australia, developing a website, establishing contacts with affiliates, etc.

This path is quite difficult. Be ready for substantial expenses. Nonetheless, there is another method providing the launch of an Australian gambling establishment in just a few months (or even faster, in some cases). You can buy a turnkey casino in Australia. In addition to the high speed of entering the market, this service has many other advantages. Consider them in more detail.

Turnkey Bookmaker Projects in Australia: The Benefits of the Service

Buying a turnkey casino in Australia will save you from having to complete many tasks on your own:

  1. Studying casino law in Australia. Professional consultants will help you understand all the legal aspects of the gambling market in Australia. Besides, they will provide comprehensive information on other critical issues.
  2. Working with the documentation. The intermediary company will help you prepare the papers required by the regulatory authority. You will be able to work within the framework of gambling law in Australia 2020 thanks to the obtained permit.
  3. Searching for suppliers and partners. Get access to the best betting software in Australia from such manufacturers as Neds, PlayUp, Ladbrokes, PointsBet, and others. Moreover, enlist the support of consultants to find suitable protection and financial instruments.
  4. Advertising services. After starting an online gambling business in Australia, you need to ensure effective promotion. Use up-to-date methods to attract social media audiences. Participate in affiliate programs to guarantee perfect results.

Searching for a Trustworthy Mediator Company

If you decide to open a gambling site in Australia, pay due attention to selecting a reliable intermediary. The modern market offers a lot of affordable options. Nevertheless, do not rush to make deals with firms proposing attractive prices. Too low cost of betting software in Australia may indicate its questionable quality.

Another important criterion is the company's experience in the gambling business. Consider brands that have been working in the industry for at least 10 years.

Following gambling law in Australia 2020 also plays a crucial role here. Make sure the supplier has all the necessary certificates and permission documents.

The target company should propose relevant content. Avoid outdated trends and banal themes. Players are quite demanding today, try to surprise them.

The Main Things about Opening Start-Ups in Australia

Starting an online gambling project in Australia

Starting an online gambling project in Australia can bring you worthy profits and recognition. It is important to stand out from other companies to gain the attention of solvent gamers.

Before buying a casino in Australia, familiarise yourself with these critical things:

  • all types of online and land-based entertainments are allowed in Australia;
  • each state has its regulatory bodies and legal framework;
  • working in the online field is more profitable than the operation in the offline sector;
  • the launch of a project in a turnkey format will take just from several weeks to a few months.

Bett-Market has been working in the Australian industry for many years. We have helped many entrepreneurs to implement incredibly lucrative projects in different regions of the country. Our company offers such services as assistance in the licensing process, rental and sale of software, selection of equipment, customer support, etc.

Are you interested in the opportunity to buy a casino in Australia? Contact our managers to find out the details.

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