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Software for Fantasy Sports: a Profitable Solution for a Successful Betting Business

The popularity of betting on fantasy tournaments is growing from year to year. The audience of this market is more than 100 million people, and in 2017, the industry's turnover only in Canada and the United States has reached 7.22 billion dollars.

Software for fantasy sports

The Bett-Market team will be glad to tell you everything about the specifics of the market and offer the best fantasy sports software on the most beneficial terms.

We are ready to implement a project of any level of complexity and help you to win global recognition. We guarantee a fair deal, no hidden fees, impeccable quality of software, and professional project administration.

About the Formation of the Fantasy Sport Industry

Fantasy sport is an innovative business. The idea for the formation of a new industry came from a seminar of baseball fans that was organised in 1960 by William Gamson, the professor of social science.

Participants of the event were offered to create a dream team that includes real-life athletes. Scores of each of the teams were calculated on the basis of the actions of players that they performed during real competitions.

The professor's idea was borrowed by sports journalist Daniel Okrent. By the end of the 80s, the fantasy sport had become one of the most popular types of entertainment with American users and attracted an audience of more than 500 thousand people.

In 2001, the industry entered the online market.

Game Principles and Types of Fantasy Sport

Fantasy sports software is a unique solution that allows you to form a dream team in your favourite sports discipline. Players act as managers of their teams whose task is to organise the best squad taking into account various restrictions (for example, it is necessary to take into consideration the standard number of active players and backups) and a flow of salaries.

A high-quality fantasy sports platform offers users the action line with the most relevant and popular events:

  • fantasy football;
  • basketball;
  • baseball, and other competitions.

Traditional games can be classified in accordance with the duration of tournaments. There are competitions that take place over a month or 1–2 days.

Another interesting sector of the industry is the development of software for daily fantasy sports. Daily tournaments are held much more often than other traditional entertainment, allowing you to accept more bets and update the line of events faster.

The professional fantasy sports software supports several game formats:

  • single competition (competition between 2 users);
  • competitions 50 to 50;
  • matches with several teams (in such competitions the prize is divided between several winners).

Typically, traditional seasonal tournaments are held for free. Organisers of competitions receive money not from the burnt-out bets of users but advertising campaigns, thus giving players an opportunity to act as sports analysts.

The best fantasy sports betting software combines both free play and traditional bets for money.

The real bet resembles games on a trader's website: access to the system is provided only after you make a certain deposit (buy in ― the initial bet that will allow you to participate in the game process). Moreover, many providers offer users additional options and opportunities for winning: discounts on first deposits, promotions for purchasing players, etc.

Each athlete has his own value, and the quality of the squad directly depends on the size of the game deposit.

Rules of the Game

This is the most interesting and at the same time, controversial part of fantasy sport. Each user can independently create not only the strategy but also the format of the match. Possible restrictions are generated by operators of the platform.

The development of software for daily fantasy sports is controlled in accordance with several parameters:

  1. The entry list. The team must include 11 athletes.
  2. The positioning of players. For example, the traditional order in football is defenders and midfielders (8 players), forwards (2 players), and the goalkeeper.
  3. The list of players. Even if you buy exclusive fantasy sports betting software, the list of available sportsmen is supplied by the Opta Sports concern ― the monopolist that provide live data to the world's largest betting media and sponsors.
  4. The price of sportsmen. The cost of participants may change only before the game or in the intervals between matches (depending on the player’s performance in real events). During the period of the match, the value remains fixed.
  5. The team list. Fantasy football and software for other sports events allow owners of the platform to adjust the lists of participants in the tournament before the deadline.
  6. Calculation of the results. The results of the competition must be published by the provider within 24 hours after the end of the event.
  7. Scoring. The fantasy sports software provides detailed statistics for each player on a team. For example, for 2 missed balls, the goalkeeper loses 1 point, for a scored goal, the defender gets 6 points. The scoring program is supplied by each specific operator.

Types of Fantasy Bets

Types of fantasy sports bets

The platform for daily fantasy sports is a unique digital infrastructure that gives users an opportunity to hit the jackpot. Moreover, the betting system is somewhat different from betting on traditional sports matches.

The most popular bets on fantasy events

The prize fund of the league

Participants place their bets in advance by reserving a seat in a specific fixed-fund tournament. The amount of payments depends on the rating in the league’s table and the internal bonuses offered by an operator

Head-to-head games

Users compete with a specific participant for the prize offered by the operator. Many professional gamblers consider head-to-head games to be the most profitable betting format


The fantasy sports betting software offers unique bets for the major leagues. The program doubles the initial investment for all users who made it to the top of the league table

Cash game

Gamblers create their own leagues or join already existing ones. In this case, the prizes are not so big but it is much easier to win in such competitions

Major Representatives of the Industry

If an operator wants to launch a startup, the fantasy sports software must have such characteristics as impeccable quality, reliability, a wide range of gaming options for users, and convenient ways to deposit and withdraw money.

Among the best vendors of thematic software, it is worth highlighting the following brands:


This is one of the largest international corporations, the main audience of which is users from the US and Canada. The company offers operators interactive fantasy sport betting programs and is actively developing in the spheres of analytics and sponsorship of matches. The brand boasts of multimillion-dollar contracts with major American sports channels.

One of the features of the DraftKings platform is an ability to take part in traditional fantasy tournaments and form unique events in narrower industries. For example, you can organise a martial arts competition.

The fantasy sports software of the American provider supports several types of tournaments:

  • 50/50 (all winners receive the same prize);
  • GPP (all participants of the event get cash prizes);
  • Multipliers (users receive an additional bonus in the form of an opportunity to increase the entry fee);
  • Qualifiers (qualifying tournaments, after participating in which players can count on bigger prizes in major leagues).


Another American provider with many (over a million) active members on its platform. The company became the first organiser of the NFA online fantasy championships. 10 participants made it to the finals, and the prize fund of the first tournament of its kind was 25 thousand dollars (in 2013).

For a long time, there were rumours on the Web about the merger of the 2 giants FanDuel and DraftKings but in 2017, the US Federal Trade Commission made a stand against such an action to make sure that 2 largest concerns of the industry do not control 90% of American daily fantasy sports sector. The local regulator took all measures to prevent market monopolisation.

Prediction Machine

This is an interactive fantasy project launched by the Perduco Group. The proprietary software attracts gamblers with several unique features, including:

  • access to tournaments for users without a subscription;
  • the flexibility of the platform with the ability to connect it to any of the existing betting sites;
  • the Optimizer function (assistance in forming the best team based on the proprietary prediction program);
  • the Next Man Up statistical summary (this report contains information on the injuries of real sportsmen, which makes it possible to timely adjust the team list);
  • weekly Winning Strategies metrics (analytical summaries and reports on the best and worst performance for the previous competition);
  • the Winning Lineups table of winners (rating of the most sought-after and promising players);
  • forecast and assessment of the team by Team Projections (this is a program that will help you to analyse the chances of players to win in future tournaments).

The above-mentioned companies are major representatives of the American and Canadian markets.

The following operators are popular with European players:

  • FantasyBet;
  • DraftJam (the company is focused exclusively on fantasy hockey);
  • Yahoo;
  • Premier Punt;
  • DraftGaming (one of the most famous Russian-speaking providers).

Fantasy Sports Software: Characteristics of a Great Bargain

Fantasy sports software: characteristics of a great bargain

High-quality software for a betting startup is the key to a positive response of the audience, high traffic, and return on investment in record time.

When purchasing software for the fantasy sport, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. The reputation of the vendor. Your best choice is the branded software from companies that have won international recognition and respect. Moreover, when buying software, you should pay attention not only to the functionality of the platform but also to the range of additional offers (this can be customer support, bonus programs, agreements with partners, etc.), and the feedback of users on the Internet.
  2. The flexibility of the system. When purchasing software, you should consider the variability of personal settings. The best choice is a platform in the format of a constructor, which can be modified and supplemented with the relevant software at your discretion.
  3. Software adaptability. Products of the largest industry brands are designed for quick integration into any scripts and are well suited for working with the mobile audience, which makes up more than 60% of the total number of gamblers.
  4. Power of the platform. A high-quality system should provide the round-the-clock response and seamless operation, regardless of the volume of loads.
  5. Customer support. Professional vendors offer not only automated services but also several channels for communication with support staff. Moreover, the most popular services are those that can provide services in several languages.
  6. Payment methods. The more financial services are connected to the system, the wider is the audience of the gaming site. Bett-Market offers the best banking and electronic aggregators that are well-proven in the markets of Europe, CIS, Latin America, Asia, and the United States.

The Main Things About Programs for Betting on the Fantasy Sport

Fantasy sports tournaments are a unique combination of real-life sports events and innovative digital technologies.

The advantages of launching your own fantasy betting platform are:

  • Good growth prospects. The Forbes magazine predicts that the industry will grow 41% annually. The industry's audience already exceeds 100 million users.
  • Legal status. Daily fantasy sports betting is not always classified as a type of gambling. Operators often organise competitions for free. To accept bets on money, the bookmaker needs to obtain a special license in one of the foreign offshore jurisdictions (these are Curacao, Malta, Alderney, Isle of Man, and others).
  • Short payback period. With the right approach to business organisation and high-quality advertising, all investments in a startup will pay off before the end of the first year of operation. As an additional source of income, you can use affiliate networks, contracts with sponsors, and mass media advertising.
  • Unique functionality. The fantasy sports software differs from traditional sportsbook software by innovative options and gaming capabilities. Moreover, the rules for interacting with the audience are mostly set by operators themselves (from controlling the cost of players to the size of the minimum fee that needs to be paid for being able to participate in the tournament).
The Bett-Market catalogue contains the best thematic solutions: ready-made turnkey projects, integrated gaming systems from the world’s leading international providers. We also offer a wide range of related services.

From us, you can order:

  • traditional betting software;
  • software for live broadcasts;
  • social games;
  • mobile applications;
  • exclusive content.

Buy software for betting on daily fantasy sports right now! Contact us:

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  • in Telegram:
  • via the feedback form.

Check the information used to contact us carefully. It is necessary for your safety.

Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

Updated 09.02.2023
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