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Benefits of Opening a sports betting business in Japan

Decent Incomes of Gamers

Working in the Japanese market will bring you worthy profits due to the high level of its development

Lack of Strict Control

Do not worry about the legal nuances, international online betting projects are allowed in Japan

Use of Cryptocurrency

Provide secure and fast money transfers without commission payments to your potential customers

International Licences

Obtain permission to provide services from an offshore jurisdiction with excellent tax conditions

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Recommendations on Buying Online Casinos in Nippon

The gambling business in Nippon is the most profitable industry in the Asian region. This market brings colossal revenues to owners of online casinos and betting projects.

Gambling business in Tokyo: casinos and betting

Learn more about the features of the gambling business in Tokyo. Order the development of a turnkey entertainment website from Bett-Market.

Why Should You Choose Japan?

The bookmaker business in Nippon has many advantages.

Let us consider the main specifics:

  1. A positive attitude of the population and authorities to games of chance. Japan, like other Asian states, has rather conservative traditions. Fortunately, gaming activities do not contradict the local moral norms. People can play their favourite games freely. On the contrary, traditional entertainments are an integral part of the national culture.
  2. High living standards. According to the latest data, the average level of GDP per capita is $44,227. Japan ranks third in the list of the most developed countries in the world. That is why operators wishing to launch their gambling businesses in Nippon hope to attract solvent customers.
  3. The leading position of the state in the field of innovative technologies. Entrepreneurs wanting to work in the gambling business in Tokyo have the chance to experiment with the latest solutions. VR and AR casinos have long become commonplace for Japanese gamblers.
  4. Widespread use of digital currencies. Bitcoin betting software in Nippon is incredibly demanded. This and other cryptocurrencies have replaced cash and bank cards for lots of citizens.
  5. Gradual improvement of Japanese casino legislation. The Japanese government has legalised many types of land-based gambling activities. The legitimisation of online sectors is planned soon.
  6. The lack of government control over international online resources. According to Japanese gambling legislation, foreign websites are not prohibited.

Working Following Online Gambling Japanese Laws

To open an online casino in Nippon, you must obtain a gaming permit. Some jurisdictions offer favourable taxation terms and affordable prices. The presence of a licence will allow you not only to enter the Japanese market but also to start operating in the international business arena.

In addition to getting a permission document, you also need to purchase licensed betting software in Nippon.

These world-renowned manufacturers offer a wide range of gaming products to Japanese operators:

How to Start a Casino or Bookmaker Business in Tokyo?

Bookmaker business in Tokyo: organisational stages

Starting a casino business in japan consists of several stages:

Exploring statistics

Get started working on your project by examining statistics and useful information regarding the specifics of the Japanese entertainment market.

Get acquainted with the specifics of your audience to offer sought-after services to players

Developing a business plan

A well-thought-out algorithm of actions will allow you to predict your costs and approximate profits. The process of analysing every detail will let you assess the pros and cons of each solution and select an effective way of developing your project

Searching for trustworthy intermediaries

It will be rather difficult to open a casino in Tokyo on your own. Experienced developers, marketers, web designers and other specialists will help you speed up the process of opening your betting website or virtual casino

Advertising and promoting an entertainment portal

To present your casino or betting project to many people, it is necessary to apply efficient marketing techniques.

Affiliate programs, bonuses, and promotions will help you attract and retain loyal users

Protecting financial assets and personal data

Unfortunately, gambling websites often become victims of scammers. Use reliable security software to avoid DDoS attacks and other threats.

As practice shows, the best protection against fraud is in identifying potential violators at the stage of creating a new account

The Specifics of Opening Turnkey Online Casinos in Nippon

As you can see, to open a casino in Tokyo, you need to spend a lot of time and learn many issues thoroughly. This variant is suitable mostly for experienced operators.

If you are a beginner, we advise you to buy a turnkey online casino in Japan. The development of a ready-made project will save you from having to cope with a lot of tasks. They will become the responsibility of the intermediary company’s employees.

Let us evaluate the benefits of this service:

  1. Simple and fast way to obtain a licence. To obtain permission, you need to contact the regulator and comply with its requirements. As a rule, entrepreneurs need to collect a large amount of documentation and prepare it for the application. The representatives of the mediator firm will assist you in this important process.
  2. The rent of servers. You do not need to buy expensive hardware to keep your website operating smoothly. The modern market offers affordable hosting services. After purchasing a turnkey online casino in Japan, clients receive access to reliable servers with the best rental terms.
  3. The creation of websites following current trends. Professional web designers and programmers know the interests of players from Tokyo, Kyoto, and other cities. They will create an eye-catching gaming portal, considering the preferences of gamers and your wishes.
  4. The formation of a catalogue of gaming content. Entertainment software is the backbone of every online establishment. Therefore, it is essential to offer users a decent collection of casino games. Reputable intermediaries partner with international brands producing innovative software products that will definitely impress the Japanese audiences.
  5. The connection of secure and fast payment methods. Local players are very demanding in terms of choosing financial instruments. They use only up-to-date services. To attract customers of different ages, we recommend you to connect various payment methods, from bank cards to cryptocurrencies.
  6. Effective work with clients. To ensure a stable work of a professional customer support team, it is not necessary to spend huge sums of money and rent office space to create an optimal environment for your employees. Good intermediary companies cooperate with highly qualified consultants who work remotely.
  7. Constant informational support. Beginning operators may face some difficulties in the process of working on their projects. The managers of reputable firms will help them resolve any issue in the shortest possible time.

The Main Things about Entering the Gambling Industry in Nippon

Gambling business in Nippon: key notions

Thousands of entrepreneurs dream of buying a Japanese casino. It is not surprising, because starting a business in this country guarantees a stable income and attention of the interested audience.

The gambling industry in Nippon is characterised by the following peculiarities:

  • large flow of solvent clients;
  • the possibility to work under offshore permits;
  • high level of advanced technology development;
  • the popularisation of innovative payment methods;
  • the opportunity to launch a project with the support of a professional team.

If you want to find out more about the specifics of operating in this state or order the development of a turnkey online casino in Tokyo, contact Bett-Market managers.

They will inform you about possible options for cooperation and propose a lot of useful services: assistance in obtaining a licence, selecting gaming content, installing payment software, connecting security systems, etc. In addition, our regular customers receive bonuses and substantial discounts.

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