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Sweepstakes games
Install modern self-service terminals and machines for lottery draws
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Up-to-date sweepstakes games will allow you to provide a wider range of entertainment solutions to your customers.
Moreover, such draws are legalised in many countries.
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Advantages of the solution

Well-thought-out design

Our experts work on the style each game carefully to ensure a comfortable and pleasant gameplay

Original plots of games

Unusual themes and characters will attract the attention of the most demanding gambling enthusiasts

High-quality graphics

Incredible realism and clarity of the image will let players experience unforgettable emotions

Additional bonus options

Bonus features of sweepstakes will make the gaming process more unpredictable and exciting

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Contact the Bett-Market company to buy innovative sweepstakes games.


Buy Sweepstakes Games from Bett-Market – One of the Most Reliable Entertainment Software Provider

Every self-respected sweepstakes operator understands how important it is to keep the diversity of the available games. The ability to choose gives your clients a feeling of freedom to have a possibility to select a way to win by themselves. The sweepstakes game usually closely resembles slots even though their main difference is the legality of the operation

By resorting to Bett-Market, you buy sweepstakes games on a licensed basis and provide your clients with an opportunity to enjoy the best quality of such entertainment.

Difference between Gambling and Sweepstakes

Difference between gambling & sweepstakes

Even though these may seem like two similar notions, you need to know several notable differences before developing your sweepstakes business.




Against the casino itself

Against each other due to a jointly formed bank

Likelihood of winning

The more gamblers start playing, the bigger chance you have to win

The more players take part, the smaller the chance of win becomes

The tax rate on sales revenue



The tax rate on winning



The Tax on net income



Order Unique Development Games for Betting

Each individual sweepstakes facility must be thoroughly prepared for severe competition in the local market. Since numerous similar establishments have been popping up like mushrooms after a spring rain, you need to remember to make yours one stand out from the crowd. With this in mind, Bett-Market offers you some of the exclusive features of sweepstakes games that we gladly provide you with on the request.

Unique and Original Storyline

One of the most important factors why people adore playing sweepstakes games is the presence of a great storyline that wouldn’t resemble anything else on the market. That is why our proficient content creators spend hours on a single order to develop a complex plot inside each of the games (sports, adventure, slot, etc.). This allows us to ensure that your clients will be satisfied and completely absorbed into the gaming process.

Complexly Elaborated Graphics

The ability to impress your clients with bright but, at the same time, not overly obtrusive picture is one of the critical elements of your sweepstakes establishment. All graphical designers at Bett-Market work meticulously on each detail of your order to achieve satisfaction from you and complete a wow-effect for your customers. Even though the picture may not be the main feature of the game, it is definitely one of the crucial parts of the entertainment process.

Accessible and User-Friendly Interface

Similarly to the graphical issue, the design of the interface is under meticulous development sweepstakes games. We understand that every button, every menu option should be simple for understanding and impressive for perception. Bett-Market has the best set of designers who do know how to achieve such an incredible result.

Jackpots, Free Spins, and Multipliers of Winnings

Apart from the conventional victory, your games must include some additional perks to motivate players to continue taking part in the entertainment process. Our content creators know ideally what games need the addition of jackpots, where a player deserves some free spins, as well as how often they should be given winning multipliers. Our development games for betting is a complex approach for achieving the best result possible.

Software Security

Our professional developers understand that besides good-quality graphics and emerging sounds, there should be a protecting barrier that would secure you as an operator from the unexpected and unwanted breaches. Therefore, we pay extra attention to protect all our software to the maximum extent.

Advanced Payment Systems

Here, we don’t talk about real money since it is a direct contradiction of your sweepstakes business. Instead, our detail in-game currency doesn’t make it complicated for players to understand how big their wins are. Moreover, with proper demand, we can create an advanced individual payment method for your establishment. The entire process of development sweepstakes games currency is like a piece of cake for our proficient designers.

Receive the Best Experience from Innovative Bett-Market Business Solutions

Extensive gaming content

In order to start running a sweepstakes business, you will need a web management platform with extensive gaming content, administrative management panel, cashier, not talking about the place and tools themselves. Bett-Market can provide you with the top-notch software that will be suitable for any gaming environment you might organize.

Each of our games has a live demo that you can try yourself and figure out whether it suits your preparation.

With efficient software from our company, you also receive a bunch of excellent features to boost your management experience:

  • your clients will be able to play from any physical location and computers you choose;
  • you have the ability to create and link unlimited locations with the help of our innovative admin panel;
  • the joint cashier’s software can be tracked altogether using our progressive admin panel;
  • feel free to create as many computer accounts as you need by using the soft we provide;
  • create virtual cashiers and allow them to grant entries to the players and pay their winnings.

Ordering Your Games from Bett-Market is the Most Beneficial Investment You Can Make

Our company has already helped a dozen of land-based sweepstakes facilities to progress into profitable venues. We work hard to make sure your targets meet the expectations.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask for the desired service. Our team of responsive specialists will do everything to make you feel satisfied. See you at Bett-Market!

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