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Connect high-quality modern acoustic equipment for betting halls
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Allow your visitors to get maximum pleasure, thanks to an enjoyable musical design. Order up-to-date sound systems from the Bett-Market assortment.
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We present you cutting-edge sound systems from top manufacturers for projects of any scale and format

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Bett-Market offers soundbars, embedded systems, floor standing speakers, and other types of equipment

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How to Choose a Good Sound System for Sweepstakes

Many entrepreneurs do not pay enough attention to the choice of sound system for betshop terminals. In fact, the musical accompaniment is as crucial as the visual design of gaming establishments.

The Bett-Market team explored the features of modern acoustic equipment and prepared recommendations on how to select a sound system for betting kiosks for novice businessmen.

The Role of Sound Design in Gambling Business

Sound system for a casino

The sound design of the betting office or casino helps operators to create a unique atmosphere in their establishments. The correct musical accompaniment will motivate players to place more bets. Besides, a sound system for sweepstakes is an excellent tool for business promotion. Gamblers are informed about profitable promotions and bonus offers with its help.

Speaking of the sound system for a casino, it is worth noting that each significant winning should be accompanied by loud fanfare and positive music. This trick allows the winner to enjoy his or her victory to the full. Moreover, musical accompaniment will attract other players and motivate them to participate in various games more actively.

As for the betting business, audio design plays an important role in broadcasting sporting events. Good equipment should provide gamers with high-quality sound to allow them to monitor the game and the comments of the sportscaster very attentively.

How to Get Better Sound

There are many types of audio equipment. The functionality of such devices depends on the purpose of their application. For example, powerful loudspeakers are used for conducting outdoor events. High-quality speakers, subwoofers, stage monitors, and other equipment should be used for live musical performances.

With regard to the bookmaker business, the audio equipment should be quite compact. At the same time, it must be powerful enough to provide gamers with high-quality sound. The best solution in this situation is the use of built-in audio systems. They look incredibly stylish and perform their basic functions at the highest level.

When choosing audio equipment for your establishment, it is important to pay attention to its design. The colour and shape of the speakers should match the style of your gaming hall. Moreover, it is essential to place the speakers correctly. The purity and power of sound depend on this aspect. Here are some helpful recommendations:

  1. Use the walls. Do not place audio equipment in the corners of the room. Despite the fact that the strength of the bass sound can increase in this position, at the same time, the rhythm and purity can decrease significantly.
  2. Experiment with angles. Search for the best position to get the perfect sound. Ask a specialist for help to receive the desired result.
  3. Find the optimal distance. Do not place the speakers too close. There should be enough free space between them.

How to Choose High-Quality Equipment for Your Gaming Establishment

A professional sound system for betting kiosks should have the following characteristics.

The reputation of the manufacturer

This criterion is of great importance when choosing any product or service. As a rule, products of well-known, reliable manufacturers are characterized by higher quality. Besides, it is essential to pay attention to the price of equipment. Too cheap speakers are not able to provide you with high-quality sound

The material of the case

Modern audio equipment is made of wood or plastic. Products with the plastic case are much cheaper, but the sound quality of such audio systems is lower. The optimal solution, in this case, is the use of devices made of combined materials. Such equipment is quite affordable. At the same time, the sound quality is pretty good

Wireless connection

The presence of a large number of wires complicates the process of connecting built-in speakers. Choose wireless devices with remote control. This function will simplify the process of managing audio devices

Where to Buy a Sound System for Betting Kiosks

Sound system for sweepstakes & casinos

The purchase of a sound system for a casino or a betting office is an essential step in the development of land-based gaming business. It is crucial to choose a worthy product in order not to lose your money and get an attractive musical design. Many businessmen who want to buy audio systems for their establishments collaborate with experienced and trusted intermediary companies. They help entrepreneurs find decent developers and select the proper equipment.

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