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India is home to a large number of sports betting enthusiasts.

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Benefits of Opening a sports betting business in India

Large Population

Reach an incredibly broad audience of potential players by starting to work in the Indian bookmaker market

Favourable Laws

Be sure of the legality of your project — foreign sites can provide services to residents of India

Popularity of Bitcoin

Apply this advanced payment method to ensure a high level of financial transaction security and anonymity

Offshore Licences

Choose the best cost of a permit and optimal tax conditions in any offshore jurisdiction in the world

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Where to Buy Sweepstakes Software in India?

The issue of the legalization of gaming business has been considered in India for many years. Despite the fact that gambling is allowed in this country only partially, the sports betting area attracts many operators and investors. The theme of purchasing betting shop software in India has become particularly relevant in recent years.

Do you want to receive the best sweepstakes software? Check out the review of the Indian betting market, prepared by the Bett-Market team. Find out where to find high-quality sweepstakes software in India and how to start a successful business in this state.

Features of Land-Based Betting in India

Land-based betting in India

Since the reign of the British Empire, almost all types of gambling have been banned in India. However, the gaming laws of the country have one specific feature. According to it, leaders of different Indian states can make decisions about the legalization and regulation of gambling on their own. Thus, in addition to lotteries and horse racing, the government of three states allowed its citizens and tourists to participate in sports betting.

Despite the large population of India, not all residents of the country are gambling enthusiasts. The fact is that the income level of some people is very low, and they cannot afford to bet on sporting events. At the same time, citizens with medium and high incomes play games of chance and bet on sports quite actively.

Indian Gambling Licensing

For a smooth and legal operation of an internet gambling platform, applying for a licence is necessary. It will guarantee a complete absence of problems with the law, an opportunity to work with the best content manufacturers and create accounts in banks.

For now, the most efficient way to get the permit is to resort to offshore jurisdictions. Beginning operators are recommended to pay their attention to Malta and Curacao as the most favourable gambling destinations.

Otherwise, adequate jurisdictions should have:

  • reasonable taxation system;
  • low licensing payments;
  • decent reputation on the world’s market.

The Indian gambling market is regulated by the Information Technology Act (2000). This document does not forbid operators to target the local audience with foreign-based online casinos or sportsbook sites with their betting software in India. Moreover, players are not subjected to any type of punishment for accessing these establishments. Therefore, an operator should have no worries about the possibility to receive a ban or any other restrictions.

States Allowing Gambling Activities

Land-based betting in India is legalized in three states, such as Goa, Daman, Sikkim. These regions are especially popular among tourists. Therefore, the main focus of the gambling business is on foreigners.

It is also worth considering the fact that the development of the tourism sector has brought more opportunities for residents of the above-mentioned regions of India. The number of available vacancies has grown, and many locals have received decent work and a good level of income. Thus, land-based betting in India has become more accessible to the population.

Popular Sports

Betting business in India: popular sports

If you are considering buying sweepstakes software in India and starting your own business, you should study the features of the local sports betting market carefully. India has long been one of the most promising British colonies. That is why local people prefer sports that are very popular in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Probably, everyone knows that cricket is the favourite sport of all Indians. Besides, the locals are big fans of football, golf, and tennis. Consider this fact when choosing software for your betting kiosks in India. Provide a wide selection of sporting events for your customers.

Advantages of Betting Kiosks in India

Some businessmen believe that gambling will switch to the online segment entirely in the near future. In fact, they are mistaken. Undoubtedly, the Internet is developing very fast, providing more and more opportunities for online gaming. At the same time, sweepstakes software in India does not lose its relevance. Let us consider the main advantages of ground-based betting establishments.


As already mentioned, many Indians have very modest incomes. Some citizens do not have smartphones and tablets. The use of betting shop software in India is a great chance to make the betting business more accessible to different segments of the population


The betting procedure is very simple in such establishments. Even if this is your first visit to a betting kiosk, you will understand how to place a bet using the hints of a competent employee very fast

Quick payouts

As a rule, all financial transactions are performed using cash in such institutions. This means that you will receive your prize instantly


Many players often become victims of online scams. As for the land-based business, people can be completely confident in its legality. Opening a ground-based kiosk is a rather costly process, which includes the rental of premises, the search, and the purchase of equipment and software. If the operator has invested a lot of money in this business, it is obvious that he or she expects to create a long-term project that will work in accordance with local legislation in order not to risk his or her finances and reputation

How to Find Decent Sweepstakes Software Providers

Betting software in India: provider selection

The search for sweepstakes software providers in India can become quite a challenge for beginners. As a rule, gaming products are rather expensive. Therefore, it is essential not to make a mistake and invest your money in the right equipment and software. Here are a few criteria to help you choose worthy developers:

  1. The reputation of the brand. A good manufacturer should be well-known in India and other countries. Of course, many young companies are also ready to offer high-quality products. However, working with little-known providers is quite risky. It is better to trust real professionals and use their betting software in India.
  2. A large selection of relevant content. Betting products should be oriented on the Indian market and offer a wide range of sporting events that will appeal to local gamblers.
  3. Prompt technical support. Even the most expensive equipment and software can face some problems. Make sure that sweepstakes software providers in India can propose high-quality and rapid technical support.

The best way to avoid mistakes and to choose decent sweepstakes software providers in India is to work with time-tested intermediaries. Bett-Market has extensive experience of working in India and making tempting propositions on quality sweepstakes software for sale. We are ready to offer you:

  • products from top brands for sale (for example, bet365 software in India);
  • legal counselling;
  • technical support;
  • development of a promotion strategy for your business.

If you want to buy betting shop software in India, contact our manager and learn more about our offers.

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