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The gambling industry in Russia has a rich history.

An extensive potential audience and stable market conditions will let you get the desired profit in short terms.

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Benefits of Opening a sports betting business in Russia

Freedom of Operators

Foreign online betting projects can operate in the Russian internet space absolutely freely

Fast and Simple Licensing

Obtain a betting licence in the optimal offshore jurisdiction to interact with Russian gamblers

Activity of Players

Take advantage of the main strength of this country — amazingly active users of bookmaker resources

Economic Stability

Attract players willing to spend large sums of money on betting from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities

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Bett-Market – One of the Best Option to Buy Sweepstakes Software in Russia

The gambling business world doesn’t stop progressing day after day. It concerns both online gaming establishments and land-based facilities. Those who have timely perceived how lucrative this can be for your career are already reaping the benefits of the latest gambling solutions. One of the trendiest ones is a sweepstakes business.

Land-based betting in Russia

Bett-Market offers you the most technologically advanced solutions for land-based betting in Russia.

Land-Based Betting in Russia

Before we jump into details, let’s try to understand the sweepstake process itself. What is it, how it works, and why Bett-Market is considered one of the best sweepstakes software providers in Russia?

Basically, the land-based business is forbidden in the country. You can’t open a casino in the city centre, place colourful banners on top of the facility and start hosting players. The local authorities have strict rules what concerns this type of entertainment. However, some people don’t mind spending their free time and resources with such an activity and search for possible alternatives. This is where Bett-Market offers you licensed bet365 software in Russia.

Instead of being a conventional land-based gambling establishment, you ask the visitors to pay for the time spend in your facility. After that, they can finally enjoy their beloved games with the most reliable sweepstakes software in Russia from Bett-Market.

High-Quality Betting Kiosks in Russia

Indeed, there are several existing betting kiosks in Russia. However, Bett-Market knows perfectly well how you can organize the entertaining process for your clients so that they wanted to return to your establishment over and over again. The number of exclusive features can boost your sweepstakes business significantly and prove you are cooperating with the most efficient sweepstakes software providers in Russia.

Betting kiosks in Russia: exclusive features

Secure Gaming Systems

If you are worried about the security issues that can disturb your clients’ gaming process, you will forget about those concerns with the good-quality software from Bett-Market. Not only do we use the latest technological achievements during the development process, but we also update all the features according to the new creations available on the market.

Technical Support

The proficient support team members will take care of any malfunction you or your clients might face during the entertainment process. 24/7 technical assistance will start eliminating issues right after you inform us about the problems in the system. Bett-Market cares about the tiniest possible mistakes to provide you with the top-notch sweepstakes software in Russia.

Intuitive Management

Even if you don’t have extensive experience of running a sweepstakes business, our high-class software doesn’t require proficient knowledge for flawless operation. First of all, you will receive in-depth instructions on the managing process itself to be able to use all the available tools to the full extent. Secondly, our user-friendly interface won’t make it complicated for you to study the unsophisticated analytical data.

Distinctive Design

If you are looking forward to setting up one of the best betting kiosks in Russia, you will need a particular design that would make you stand out from the crowd of existing establishments. Our software manufacturers care about the visual part of the system as much as about the functionality. Our company will guarantee you an offbeat design that will be adjusted according to your ideas.

Immersive Sound

All sweepstakes software providers in Russia work with the sound effects on the top level. However, Bett-Market offers you an individual approach to the end result that won’t repeat any existing facility in the world. Our proficient developers pay significant attention to make gaming content sound pleasant to your clients and motivate them to continue visiting your establishment.


There is another reason why we supply one of the best betting shop software in Russia. A specialized bonus system comes with all of the games that we provide. People love free spins that don’t require paying money. Therefore, it will be highly beneficial for you to attract new players with a peculiar bonus program available only in your sweepstake kiosk.

What Are Some Other Benefits from Bett-Market Betting Shop Software in Russia?

Betting shop software in Russia: benefits

Bett-Market is a licensed sweepstakes software provider that guarantees you immaculate service backed up by some of the most important pillars of this industry.

Legal compatibility

Bett-Market offers completely legal software that would have no issues with the authoritarian control in case of any unexpected check-ups

Players’ attraction

Additional loyalty programs will make your clients boost the traffic and increase the profit you receive from your sweepstake business

A wide variety of games

Our developers are ready to implement all your ideas and create different kinds of games on sports, sci-fi, fantasy, and other topics

Which Individual Features Can Bett-Market Offer to All Clients Who Buy Betting Shop Software in Russia?

All the above-mentioned peculiar business solutions are just the tip of the iceberg that you are going to receive from us if you happen to order our sweepstakes software in Russia for sale.

Just check out these individual features that you can receive after the beginning of cooperation with the top service provider on the market:

  • self-generated terms and regulations templates;
  • individual approach to the design of each sweepstake platform;
  • complete messengers’ synchronization;
  • automated selection of a winner;
  • Android and iOS compatibility;
  • a wide range of entry abilities for each sweepstake platform.

Just contact our support team and inquire about betting shop software in Russia from Bett-Market. A responsive team of experts will provide you with a brief description of cooperation conditions for you to decide whether it is beneficial to work with us. Remember, time is money, and the land-based betting in Russia is continuously developing by leaps and bounds. Make sure you join this profitable sphere until it is too late.

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