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Benefits of Opening a sports betting business in Argentina

Many Potential Clients

Millions of Argentinean sports fans regularly bet on their favourite teams and athletes

International Licences

Get an offshore permit that will let you provide online betting services within the country

Project Expansion

Attract clients from other countries due to the Spanish-language interface and crypto payments

Optimal Environment

Promote your start-up in the internet space using the most effective methods without hindrance

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Why Do Investors Buy Bookmaker Businesses in Argentina: Strong Suits of the State

The Latin American iGaming direction is fairly new, but very lucrative. Opening an online betting portal in Argentina is the best way to start a successful project in this region. The government of the state meets operators’ halfway. Find out more about Argentina’s gambling laws and the specifics of doing business in this country.

Launch a profitable project with our guide company.

The Reasons to Start a Betting Business in Argentina

Betting business in Argentina: strengths

The considered state is an excellent option for working in the gaming field. It has the following strengths:

Large potential audience

The country’s population exceeds 45 million people. It ranks 8th in the world in terms of area.

The majority of citizens (39%) are young and middle-aged people (25–55 years old). It is the ideal target group for owners of gambling businesses in Argentina

The demand for bookmaker projects

The citizens are interested in various sports. The most popular options are soccer and Pato. This entertainment originated in the 17th century. According to the rules of this game, eight riders on horseback have to throw a huge ball into the net.

Interestingly, a duck in a basket was used instead of a ball initially. This is how the name of this entertainment came about. Pato means duck in Spanish. Opening a bookmaker business in Argentina will undoubtedly bring good income to an operator

The popularity of English-language services

The state is ranked 25th in the world in terms of English proficiency. Young citizens learn this language for career growth, travel, and the use of foreign online resources.

Owners of English-speaking projects can adapt them to the requirements of the gambling business in Argentina quickly and easily

Argentina’s Gambling Laws: Conditions for Operators

Argentina’s gambling laws: conditions for operators

The monitoring of gaming and betting activities began in 1999. The country's Supreme Court ruled that the gambling business in Argentina is not a matter of national concern.

As a result, all powers to control gaming and bookmaker projects were transferred to the governments of 23 provinces and the federal district of Buenos Aires. The state is ready to resolve issues related to crimes in the entertainment sector.

The online segment was legalised in 2002. Entrepreneurs got the opportunity to buy betting sites in Argentina absolutely lawfully.

Taxation and Permitting

Operators wishing to work in an online or offline environment can obtain the appropriate documents by contacting the regulator of any region. In addition, entrepreneurs planning to open virtual betting kiosks in Argentina can receive licences in such offshore territories as:

  • Curacao;
  • Malta;
  • Kahnawake;
  • Cyprus;
  • Antigua and Barbuda, and others.

The following types of gaming are allowed in this country:

  • slot machines;
  • sportsbooks;
  • cards tournaments;
  • lottery drawings.

As for the taxation of betting land-based clubs in Argentina and internet projects, there are two types of deductions:

  1. Federal tax. Entrepreneurs are required to pay 5% of their profits to the state treasury.
  2. Regional tax. The amount of such a deduction is set individually by the government of each province. About 95% of the total amount of taxes collected in a particular region goes to its budget.

Responsible Gaming

The authorities urge the owners of betting land-based establishments in Argentina and virtual projects to organise bookmaker activities responsibly. They have to take some measures to combat gambling addiction:

  1. The establishment of the maximum deposit limit.
  2. Independent adjustment of gaming sessions duration by users.
  3. Regular reminders of the time spent on an online betting resource (3 hours after the start of the game and every subsequent hour).
  4. Permanent or temporary self-exclusion of gamblers.

Where to Order Reliable Sportsbook and Sweepstakes Software in Argentina?

Sportsbook and sweepstakes software in Argentina

The prosperity of an entertainment start-up depends on the relevance and decent quality of content. To get good gambling software in Argentina, you should choose a reputable supplier.

A reliable provider of the lottery and betting software in Argentina is characterised by such features:

  1. Rich work experience. Trust brands that have gained the respect of a wide range of gaming enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Choose vendors with an unblemished image and numerous respected partners in the local and international markets.
  2. An extensive portfolio of sweepstakes and betting software in Argentina. Choose developers offering diversified solutions for projects aimed at different target audiences. A large selection of content will allow you to attract as many potential consumers as possible.
  3. The availability of quality certificates. The reliability of bookmaker and sweepstakes software in Argentina must be confirmed by reputable laboratories. The presence of appropriate certificates will let you gain the trust of a broad audience.
  4. Advanced technologies. Select sportsbook and sweepstakes software in Argentina from manufacturers that use the latest techniques for creating iGaming content. Decent image and sound quality and cross-platform support will help you engage solvent customers.

We recommend you to pay attention to the assortment of the Bett-Market studio. We offer the best products from leading producers.

Turnkey Bookmaker Projects: Strengths of the Format

How to buy a betting start-up in Argentina on the most favourable terms? The most optimal variant is to develop a ready-to-launch project in collaboration with professionals from such areas as design, programming, technical support, and others.

After purchasing a turnkey betting site in Argentina, you will receive the following benefits:

  • the simplification and acceleration of the licensing procedure;
  • help in connecting and configuring gaming programs;
  • 24/7 maintenance of your project;
  • free consultations on any business issues.

If you are looking for effective ways to save your budget and time, we advise you to consider buying a turnkey betting start-up in Argentina.

The Main Things about the Considered Country

The reviewed market is one of the largest and most lucrative regions in Latin America. The state has a big population and advantageous conditions for launching entertainment businesses. The purchase of a turnkey betting portal in Argentina will let an entrepreneur recoup his or her investment very quickly.

Working in this arena has such specifics:

  • the creation of Argentina’s gambling laws at the provincial level;
  • the possibility of obtaining a licence and legal work;
  • the loyalty of an extensive local audience.
If you are planning to start your business in this country or any other promising region, contact the Bett-Market team.

Our consultants will help you choose the beneficial format of cooperation. Leave a request to find out more about the studio’s assortment, prices, discounts, and bonuses for regular and new clients.

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