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The Software for eSports Betting Netshop: Powerful Tools for Sale

Article writer: Elliot Clark

Netshop is a company with 15 years of experience in the gambling industry, commercial and fintech projects.

The provider offers a powerful technical base for successful internet projects. These are hosting services, security products, and solutions for rapid deployment in key regions, guaranteeing high security and gaming system performance.

Netshop software for eSports betting: powerful tools

To buy Netshop eSports solutions, contact the Bett-Market studio. We provide full support and help our clients deal with technical and legal issues.

Brief Characteristics of the Betting Offers

The software for eSports Betting from Netshop and other iGaming solutions can be easily customised using the universal Rest API tool.

The connection to the best event lines and dynamic odds, the integration of a game package, the installation of lottery software, and other possibilities are provided for operators, choosing the right provider.

The Netshop eSports solutions have received numerous prestigious international awards. In 2019, the company received prizes in such categories as “Outstanding Gambling Service Provider” and “Best Hosting Services” from the SEG Awards and Malta Gaming Awards. The provider was nominated for the “Leader of the Year” award at the end of 2020.

The firm cooperates with top bookmakers and eSports content providers. Among the developer's clients are Parimatch, Spade Gaming, Winners Bet, Reel RNG Slots, and LiveGames.

Reliable Hosting for Bookmaker Sites

The eSports betting software Netshop is compatible with industry-leading hosting services.

The list of offers includes:

  1. The rent of individual servers. The company uses its certified equipment without applying blade systems. Services run on modern 4-core processors, providing uninterrupted internet traffic up to 50 GB per day. Large clients often rent corporate services, increasing the bandwidth of their betting sites by several times for a reasonable price.
  2. The placement of an operator’s information assets on a dedicated rack in the data centre. The firm operates 12 data centres equipped with good hardware. Colocation hosting provides the reservation of a unique domain name, round-the-clock support, the operation of the iDRAC / iLO class control port, and continuous connection to the monitoring service.
  3. VPS hosting services. You can connect eSports betting software from Netshop using progressive cloud solutions without being tied to physical equipment. The maximum amount of RAM is 32 GB. The SSD memory is 400 GB. The service is based on hypervisor technology. It means that there are no additional visualisation levels between a site and cloud storage.
  4. The purchase of premium DNS hosting. The Netshop eSports solutions can process requests very fast (30 milliseconds per operation). Premium hosting also includes the failover and web traffic geolocation features.

The supplier's server hardware is localised in many regulated regions: Malta, Cyprus, the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Hong Kong. An operator can choose the most convenient location or place online hosting at several service points at the same time.

When purchasing comprehensive Netshop eSports solutions, an entrepreneur receives free online hosting for 1 month. It is quite enough to evaluate all the benefits of cooperation. At the end of the trial period, companies can buy the software and order hosting services.

Well-Designed Customer Service MyNetShop

Netshop betting software: MyNetShop

The bookmaker software is supplied with the powerful MyNetShop system. The module is characterised by an intuitive interface and a set of settings for conducting an efficient business.

The main features of the service are as follows:

  • 24-hour management and control of server infrastructure operation;
  • network monitoring of a dedicated server with instant SMS and e-mail notifications about failures, possible problems in the Network and scheduled maintenance;
  • remote access to assigned devices to turn them on and off at any time;
  • the improvement of hosting performance using point add-ons — from backup options to firewall devices, and API integration;
  • convenient and fast migration of data and its transfer to other devices without loss of performance of the betting platform;
  • the installation of additional applications in one click (the library contains above 250 popular CMS, widgets, and sportsbook scripts);
  • the management of files and multimedia (the creation, transfer, and copying) with the use of the FTP function.

Focus on Security of the Software

It is worth connecting the vendor’s products due to the impeccable protection of program components, as well as their uninterrupted operation during critical loads on the server infrastructure.

The manufacturer’s offers are as follows:

Multi-level DDoS protection

Most often, attackers artificially overload internet traffic from hundreds of different sources, complicating the work of a betting site.

The software for eSports betting from Netshop is well-protected from attacks and link flooding. The product includes a module for quick response to unauthorised interventions in the operation of a bookmaker portal

Emergency recovery

The developer provides access settings. Besides, server data is hosted in disaster-neutral regions. Any malfunctions in the functioning of the system will be instantly eliminated. The work of a gambling site will be promptly restored

SSL certification

The certification procedure provides for the complete protection of information transmission channels and domains using cryptographic encryption. The manufacturer uses a 2048-bit SSL protocol.

The vendor issues EV certificates (this is an extended business verification) for 1 year. Document processing takes 10 days

Reserve copying

The Acronis Backup product works with cloud storage. It complies with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policy.

Cloud copy systems include up to 100 GB of disk space, dedicated mailboxes, and full betting website support.

The eSports betting software from Netshop supports intermediate backups, online application-level restores, and advanced web security

Additional Manageable Services

Netshop eSports solutions: manageable services

You can buy Netshop’s eSports solutions along with a package of universal services for efficient work in the betting industry.

The developer's main offers are as follows:

  1. Database administration. A modern data centre provides continuous monitoring, fast installation, and replication of databases without losing the performance of a betting platform. The supplier guarantees high security of the solution with automatic control of access to information for key persons.
  2. Server mirroring. This popular service is based on transferring identical data from the main server to a resource of the second rank. After the installation of additional internet hosting (if for any reason the main server fails), all tasks and processing cycles are automatically transferred to a mirror site. The service increases the performance of an eSports site, improves fault tolerance, and speeds up the system recovery process.
  3. The preparation of technical documentation. When buying the software for eSports betting from Netshop, operators can order a package of technical documents. They are needed when applying for a betting licence in leading jurisdictions. The company will prepare network diagrams, privacy and accounting policies, application architecture, backup procedures, and other important papers.

The Main Things about Buying Netshop eSports Solutions

The considered brand is a renowned provider in the iGaming industry. It proposes lots of thoughtful services for modern businesses. For more than 15 years of operation, the company has concluded numerous beneficial agreements with the best bookmaker software providers. It has also received awards at prestigious international exhibitions.

  • The developer offers reliable internet hosting with a free trial period. You can rent a separate server or a dedicated rack in the data centre, as well as order placement of your informational assets on VPS or DNS hosting.
  • The server infrastructure is managed from the powerful MyNetShop command centre. The solution will help you integrate dynamic eSports content into the betting platform and motivate gamers to play and bet on interesting events.
  • The company carefully monitors the security of its solutions, providing multi-level DDoS protection, cryptographic encryption, backup of critical documents, information arrays, and internal systems.
To connect to internet hosting from Netshop or order other solutions from this firm, contact Bett-Market. We ensure full support of projects, from the preparation of documentation to the maintenance of ready-made betting systems.

Our catalogue contains equipment for stationary halls, security products, well-designed affiliate programs, slot machines, and software for conducting lucrative businesses.

Create a project with a minimum investment of time, money, and effort!

Elliot Clark


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