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Hardware and Software Betting System

Article writer: Elliot Clark

Nowadays, the betting business is considered to be one of the most profitable, and the Russian government passes laws that regulate its activities. Recently, the Accounting Center for Interactive Bets Transfer was launched, and now bets on sports can be accepted on the Internet. In such favourable conditions, more companies and entrepreneurs want to open a bookmaker's office.

Hardware and software betting system

However, bets can be accepted without opening the bookmaker’s office in the truest sense of the word, using a special device — a hardware and software betting system that performs several tasks simultaneously. In fact, it is a personal computer with unique capabilities for the production of bets.

What is the Hardware and Software Betting System?

It is a kind of a compacted bookmaker’s office, a device that allows making bets between players and a betting club and placing bets. The system contains a server with a database used for a single automatised record of bets and for the visualisation of results of sports events. The system consists of a monitor, a keyboard, and a card reader.

As in online casinos, players register with the system, and with each new login, the authentication process takes place. Such operations are conducted to avoid the security violation of both bookmakers and players. After the registration procedure, those players who placed bets get special cards and put it into the card reader. Then they can enter the system and get acquainted with the requirements of the game.

Before the game starts, on the client's screen, there is his account state and the table with payouts. Players should first select the event, the combination, the type, and the size of a bet, and then they can place the bet.

The system of the bookmaker’s office determines the outcome of the event and displays this action on the monitor, giving players an opportunity to see the result on the screen. If it coincides with the forecast, players get their winnings, and also they can place an additional bet and double the size of their prize.

The hardware and software betting system allows you to bet on football, basketball, exotic and virtual sports, horse racing, and many other sports and gaming events. 

Hardware and software betting system for sports betting

Manufacturers of the System

The production of the hardware and software betting system is carried out by specialised companies that offer unique betting equipment.

Their activities meet all the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation. Professional programmers and analysts, managers and engineers work on the creation of this unique system.

Thus, the InbetGames company, which, among other betting solutions, also produces the hardware and software betting system that is characterised by:

  • flexible assembly of components;
  • simple customisation of the interface;
  • mandatory presence of a bookmaker’s license;
  • easy installation of the software;
  • continuous updating of the modern content;
  • usage of unique mathematical models.

In addition, the hardware and software betting system supports the most popular OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) and has round-the-clock technical support.

Thus, the hardware and software betting system is a unique alternative to full-fledged bookmaker’s offices and opens up new opportunities for owners of the betting business.

Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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