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TVBet Betting Software: Order a Profitable Offer from Bett-Market

Article writer: Elliot Clark

The vendor created a unique gambling product that successfully combines the advantages of betting and casino games. Moreover, the company is constantly improving its software by adding unique and adjusted odds to the catalogue of entertainment.

At the moment, about 100 bookmakers have already integrated the solution, thus increasing their customer base and profit by several times.

Betting software from the TVBet provider

To buy the provider's software, please contact Bett-Market. The studio offers a complete solution, which includes pre-configuration and subsequent maintenance.

Unique Type of Content from the Supplier

It includes live games, supplemented by a variety of bets on the outcome of each drawing. The product combines the functionality of desktop and classic bid, so it can be successfully used both in virtual casinos and on sportsbook platforms.

A New Approach to the Organisation of Entertainment

Most manufacturers, when creating gaming solutions, adhere to the traditional scheme in which the user is at the centre of the gameplay. He performs all the actions, whether it is spinning the reels or forming the best combination in poker.

The TVBet company has bent the generally accepted rules, concentrating on charming dealers. They manage the gameplay, while visitors to the website watch the process and place bets. All this provides a dynamic and unique user experience.

High Popularity among Gamblers

The TVBet betting software attracts players for the following reasons:

  1. High level of trust. All actions are performed by dealers under the close supervision of gamblers (there is no built-in random number generator). Users trust the results of the drawings, and that is why they are happy to bet a lot of money.
  2. High-quality picture. All live studios have modern equipment, which provides round-the-clock HD broadcasts. The cameras capture the game from different angles, guaranteeing volumetric 4K playback.
  3. Variety of odds. The provider is constantly working on the expansion of the range of odds. The TVBet sportsbook software offers bets on the winner, the colour of the cards, the sum of drawn numbers, even/odd, and card suits.
  4. Prediction of results. The vendor’s product is based on mathematical algorithms, so the result of the game can be predicted. Unlike traditional slot machines where the outcome depends only on the operation of the RNG, all types of TVBet entertainment are based on numerical analysis. This aspect attracts professional bettors who do not like to place bets, relying only on luck.

Interactive Catalogue of Solutions

TVBet sportsbook software: catalogue

The described software includes 10 positions:

  • PokerBet. The game is based on the concept of Texas Hold'Em poker with the familiar sequence of rounds: bet, pre-flop, flop, turn, and river. There are 16 available outcomes, including 10 winning combinations and the chances of each of the 6 participants at the table.
  • Wheelbet. The wheel of fortune with 36 cells, painted in the typical colours of American roulette — black and red. The game has 10 possible outcomes. Drawings are held every 2 minutes, and users have a unique opportunity to place 10 bets in advance.
  • War of Elements. The task of gamblers is to guess which card will be higher after the distribution of the entire deck. Besides, the game provides 128 wagering options at once.
  • JokerBet. To score as many points as possible, players have to guess each next card in the deck. Already dealt cards are displayed in the user interface, and the joker brings additional points.
  • 7bet. This lottery software includes 7 balls with numerical values that ​​fall out in each round. Gamblers should guess combinations and sums of numbers, colours, even/odd numbers, and other parameters.
  • 5bet. In this game, rounds are similar to the previous offer, with the difference that 5 balls appear on the screen instead of 7. The list of available bets remains unchanged but the chances of winning a super prize are increased by 1.4 times.
  • 21Bet. It is similar to the classic 21-card blackjack but with 15 secondary bids on the outcomes. There are 2 participants in the round, and as for extra wagers, new options appear between each new card.
  • Keno. Numerical lottery with 80 balls and 8 possible outcomes. The winning combination consists of 10 balls. An unlimited number of players can participate in the drawing. If the bets of several gamblers win, then the prize fund will be divided equally between them.
  • Backgammon. A dynamic backgammon game with a bright interface and a series of extra bids.
  • 1Bet. This unique product combines the functions of bingo and traditional sports betting. There are 74 wagering options in the drawing (37 sectors and the same number of side bids).

Features of the Bookmaker’s Live Bets

In addition to an extensive set of entertainment, a variety of odds, and a high-quality HD picture, the TVBet betting software is characterised by such parameters as:

  1. Multilanguage. Gamblers can play in the interface window in Russian, English, German, Italian, and other languages. Simultaneously with the release of products to each new market, the provider presents updated software with an improved language bar.
  2. Multicurrency support. Betting tools (limits, deposits, cashout, etc.) are compatible with all popular currencies, including dollars, euros, pounds, etc. The brand plans to add the cryptocurrency payment function.
  3. Tools for developing a unique line of live entertainment. Users can create parlays with 3–15 initial bets to choose from. The decision to use different combinations is a great strategy for many professional gamblers who are well versed in all the nuances of the betting market and the mathematics of the game.
  4. Built-in jackpots. Every week, the provider launches a series of progressive jackpots, attracting customers with a solid prize pool.

TVBet Betting Software: the Main Advantages

It is worth highlighting the following benefits of the solution:

Good payback

Already 3 months after the installation of the bookmaker’s software, TVBet brings 25–30% of the operator's total profit.

The number of bets placed on games increases by 56%: every second, visitors to gaming sites choose TVBet drawings in addition to the main wagering line

The absence of seasonal offers

As you know, the profitability of a betting shop largely depends on the seasonal factor: a busy schedule of sports events when users receive thousands of dynamic odds throughout the day.

During the so-called “peaceful periods” (in the absence of significant events), it is important to attract players with additional bids, and the TVBet betting software perfectly solves this problem.

Wagers offered by the vendor are available 24/7 and do not require a long wait, that is, there are no seasonal campaigns

Simple integration

The manufacturer offers a customisable product with individual branding options and flexible margin adjustment tools.

To buy the TVBet sportsbook software, operators do not need to change the source code of an already working betting platform. Seamless integration takes a minimum of time thanks to special API tools

Rapid deployment

The vendor’s software has already been integrated by more than 100 entrepreneurs, especially B2B providers. A striking example is the UltraPlay developer, which since the summer of 2020, has been supplying its platforms with additional entertainment from TVBet

High level of security

The solution is certified by the GLI international laboratory, and the provider holds a licence issued by the Maltese Gambling Commission. All this once again confirms the reliability and security of the product

Offer for Land-Based Bookmakers

TVBet software for offline bookmakers

In 2020, TVBet presented an updated vertical line of Satellite products that are designed for land-based casinos and betting shops.

Customisable retail platforms are connected to a cash register, gaming cabinet, or self-service terminal via satellite communication, and the software itself is placed in special cloud storage. This approach speeds up the processing of all requests (transfers, acceptance of bets, calculation of results, support for continuous HD broadcasting), which is especially important for those regions where the internet connection is weak.

The Satellite product is a real breakthrough in the gambling industry. The solution will diversify the catalogue of any bookmaker and attract fans of card and lottery games.

To buy the software, entrepreneurs will need standard tools, a powerful decoder, and such equipment as terminals, consoles, cabinets, and systems for organising the work of a cash desk.

The Main Things about the Supplier’s Solutions

The brand has served up a revolution in the iGaming niche by combining the benefits of live table entertainment and sports betting.

  • The company's portfolio includes 10 unique casino games with dozens of additional outcomes. The product range includes both multiplayer options and drawings for only 2 users.
  • Customers choose the TVBet solution due to its detailed picture, excellent games of chances, and high level of confidence in the results of the rounds. It is an excellent choice for professional gamblers who understand mathematical algorithms.
  • The installation of the vendor’s software is beneficial for bookmakers for many reasons. First of all, the product increases the profitability of the company by 30% since it is not subject to the seasonality factor and is easily integrated into the structure of a website.
  • In 2020, the provider released the Satellite line. This is a new offer for offline betting shops with cloud data storage and information transmission via satellite communications.
To order and connect the vendor’s software, please turn to Bett-Market specialists.

If you are a beginning entrepreneur or, conversely, an experienced operator, then be sure to check out the full catalogue of our offerings. It includes turnkey platforms, solutions from well-known franchisors, security products, and payment systems.

For all questions, please contact our managers.

Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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