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CASEXE: Buy Top-Quality Online Casino Platform

Article writer: Elliot Clark

According to statistics, 55% of visitors of online casinos play video slots and slot machines, 25% of players prefer live casinos, and the remaining 20% are fans of bingo, lotteries and other types of gambling.

Start an online casino with CASEXE

How to Create an Online Casino With CASEXE

If you are planning to create an online casino, we recommend you to focus on this information. And if you need the development of an online casino, which will quickly pay off and become profitable, we advise you to pay attention to such supplier of casino software as CASEXE. This company produces both casino software and innovative solutions for gambling, for example, software for bitcoin casinos. Moreover, with CASEXE you can create a VR casino. In other words, we can say that the online casino platform from CASEXE is the number one product for the effective functioning of the gambling website.

By the way, all the above-mentioned data are also the result of a research made by CASEXE. Employees of the company support their customers, who have already created a turnkey casino, in every way, as well as potential customers of casino software for gaming clubs. Leading specialists deliver lectures and webinars for operators and provide them with latest statistical data.
The leading product of the company is the online casino platform CASEXE, which is adapted to European and Russian gambling markets. Its casino software is developed and improved in the head office, which is located in the Czech Republic.

This online casino development is unique because it can be adapted to clients' projects, to their needs and vision. The CASEXE online casino platform is compatible with other solutions for casinos. Clients who order the development of online casino get access to the configuration tool, which can create a unique structure of the gambling establishment, with content and payment systems. Moreover, CASEXE will help you to obtain a license and will organize management and operator’s activities.

The CASEXE company works on the development of its online casino platform, improves quality and productivity of online casinos.

You can purchase the configuration tool from CASEXE and develop or buy a turnkey casino through Bett-Market.

Online Casino Platform From CASEXE

A high-quality cross-functional platform for casinos is the key to success and profit for the gambling business. Therefore, the process of choosing online casino platform is very important, and you need to pay attention to it.

The ideal casino software has the following characteristics:

  • cross-platform;
  • generality;
  • adaptability.

These conditions must be observed in everything: from the design to payment systems. Based on the CASEXE configuration tool operators can create an online casino of any kind and fill it with the best content from leading manufacturers: a poker room, a lottery website, and a betting website. All this is possible within the framework of one online casino platform, which provides qualitative casino software.

So, the CASEXE online casino platform is a very diversified and adaptive product. And now we are going to speak about its main features.

The design of casinos

Casino operators can use a wide range of patterns that were created in accordance with the latest trends in the field of design and usability. You can also upload your own logo, background graphics, and add banners and information about bonuses and promotions.

If you have a ready-made design mock-up, the CASEXE online casino platform can be integrated into the website. Also, you can order an individual design project from CASEXE developers. All casinos of this brand, even if they were made by a pattern, look very stylish.

Social games

Now social networks are one of the main sources of traffic and visitors of casinos. Therefore, it is very important for a gambling establishment that players can log in to social networks, share credits and invite their friends to participate in games. For online casinos, social traffic is really priceless, and moreover, it is an effective marketing vehicle. In order to be able to support social games, you will need to set up special parameters in the configuration tool.

Online casino play modes

In order to attract traffic to the casino, experts from CASEXE recommend businessmen to activate several play modes: a demo version, and betting and interest games. When a player will realize that it is really possible to win in a casino, and the chosen slot has high RTP, he will decide to place a bet. Therefore, free slot machines are a key to success. Highrollers (players who play for large amounts) already visit casinos for the winning purpose. But as for beginners, it is necessary to provide them with all conditions needed for a comfortable gaming process, so that they are not afraid to risk.

Loyalty program and bonuses

Bonuses and prizes are also a good promotion and additional motivation for players. If you set out to create an online casino and attract players, then it can be done with the help of bonuses. It is recommended to develop a system of loyalty and mechanics of wagering. In order to configure bonuses, you can use automated options or a manual setting. CASEXE provides patterns of bonuses and advanced settings.

Customer loyalty

When planning to buy casino, you need to remember that the main income will come from loyal customers. CASEXE has a huge selection of tools, which can help you to heighten players’ interest: patterns of bonuses, loyalty programs, progressive jackpots, push-notifications. The casino operator will be able to choose users, to whom he will give bonuses, or to set up an automatic mode for further games. The list of tools also includes email-distribution and SEO-optimization.

Structure of a casino 

In the CASEXE system, there are several levels of access: for administrator, partner, cashier, and for technical support manager. For stronger security, each employee of the casino has its own level of access. For example, technical support specialists receive a restricted admission to financial operations, and partners will not be able to see personal data of players without the administrator's permission. With such a system you may not be afraid for a leak of data, and it will make casino owners to trust employees more.

Payment systems

Payment systems on the CASEXE platform

A single e-wallet is integrated into the CASEXE online casino platform, through which all transactions pass: deposit payments and withdrawal of funds. Casino operators can add an unlimited number of payment methods, both international and regional. There is also an opportunity to control player’s deposit on their own. Moreover, operators have the right to set limits both for all users and for particular players. If you have some suspicions about one of the guests of your casino, you can ask him to show his documents for the identity authentication.

You can also divide the ways of depositing and withdrawing funds in order to make these processes more convenient.

Client management

It does not matter how loyal you are to players, operator remains the main figure in the casino. In order to manage visitors and the gambling establishment itself CASEXE has developed for operators a convenient office with various possibilities.

So, a casino operator can take the following actions:

  • manage customers’ deposits;
  • ban and unban users, and to have an access to the blacklist;
  • provide support through the chat;
  • monitor players’ requests to the technical support service or directly to operators.

The management office is clear and logically organized. Even a budding specialist can easily handle it. It is also worth noting that CASEXE provides all necessary educational resources.

CMS. Content management

Through the content management system casino operators are able to customize blocks, menus and banners of the gaming site, to edit the contents of a blog and the description of slots, and also to write about bonuses and the loyalty system. Moreover, through the CMS you can manage ads on the site and change images.

Settings of the gaming content are available through a separate menu, where you can find the following functions:

  • integration of new games;
  • selection of the casino software supplier;
  • activation and deactivation of games or the system of slots;
  • assortment and classification of games on the website;
  • creation of slots’ widgets.

The casino management system was created in accordance with preferences of casino operators. Developers of CASEXE took into account every opinion. If a business owner wants to create an additional opportunity for the casino staff, the CASEXE team will meet halfway and take all customers’ comments into consideration.

Casino’s security system

The online casino platform and White Label casino from CASEXE have several levels of reliable protection:

  • anti-fraud system (protection against fraud);
  • protection of key financial operations and management;
  • ensuring the stability of shards;
  • protection of servers from unauthorized actions.

Bitcoin Casino and an Ability to Create a Virtual Reality Casino

With CASEXE everything is possible. For example, a provider offers its customers to integrate software for bitcoin casinos. The value of bitcoin grows, digital money has become a full currency, and CASEXE was one of the first companies where it became possible to create an online casino with secure bitcoin transactions.

We should also say that CASEXE offers revolutionary VR casino software. Flexible casino software that is suitable for the most popular headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and others. The development of software for slot machines that support VR / AR technologies is a quick procedure, the result of which exceeds all expectations.

To order the development of online casino or to buy casino on a turnkey basis from CASEXE, contact Bett-Market consultants.

Here you can buy casino software from CASEXE, as well as software for a bitcoin casino, a VR casino or a ready-made online turnkey casino. The online casino platform CASEXE is an innovative solution for gambling business.

Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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