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Article writer: Elliot Clark

The Geneity Limited company, which was founded in 2006, deals with the production of electronic products and support for the sports betting software in the United Kingdom and worldwide. The staff of Geneity is located in Chiswick and consists of twenty employees. Recently, the PlayTech Corporation made an acquisition of the firm, and now it provides solutions for sports programs and Gala Coral.

Geneity sports betting platform

You can find everything about all services and positive aspects of the software from Geneity on the Bett-Market website. The company provides a full range of current offers connected with technical support. For being able to form a personal opinion on the quality of this sports betting software for bookies, you can test its demo version.

Base Characteristics of the Described Sports Betting Platform

  • Perfect workup of API interfaces (the maximum speed of the integration at all levels).
  • Built-in support for multi-operator systems and solutions for B2B class.
  • Flexible tools, which help operators to manage campaigns and payments (the inspection technology is based on the specified parameters of rules).
  • Improved CMS, which expands the capabilities of the client's website (availability of integrated managing tools for sports betting).
  • A set of trading tools and the information from external sources and pricing forming algorithms.
  • Multicurrency system and multilingual functionality (this element can be implemented into brands and channels).
  • Differentiated formation that depends on the jurisdiction or brand (operations within a single market).
  • Automatic payment system, which is based on data from continually updated sources.
  • Multi-level architecture with full scaling. The Geneity software provides a high speed of transmission and reception of a large amount of traffic.
  • Additional sports betting script for betting shops with the statistics on horse racing and the pari-mutuel betting system.

The Popular Sports Betting Software for Bookies From Geneity

  • The GenBet Sportsbook.

This sports betting script is the convenient and effective sports betting platform. With the described software you can have the most powerful offer in regulated markets and manage all content from one screen. The system is provided by several suppliers, allowing you to choose an intermediary for each kind of sports or competitions.

  • Telebet.

It is a unique tele-communication module.

  • Retail.

The sports betting software was created to manage EPOS systems efficiently and conveniently. The Geneity software provides the centralised customisation of online systems and land-based betting shops located in remote areas.

  • The Geneity Betting Shop software.

Its distinctive feature is the full independence. The Geneity software can be sold even to small betting shops. The sports betting platform significantly facilitates the centralised grip on retail gambling and can be used for the adjustment of both Electric Point of Sale and stalls.

  • Lottery.

The Geneity platform supports betting on the lottery

The Geneity platform supports betting on the lottery and provides a convenient real-time management system (in the toolset, there is a function that provides operators with an opportunity to limit the sales of certain combinations).

  • Geneity Pools.

A convenient interface with many possibilities for connections of the international type and its aim is to conduct pool races. The system is managed via a single interface, which includes the most common kinds of bets in accordance with types of jurisdictions.

  • Geneity Games.

This is a fixed gambling platform, which was developed with the use of ultra-modern computer technologies.

A Newly-Designed Product From Geneity: Virtual Racing Simulator

Virtual Racing Simulator from Genety

The joint solution of Geneity and PlayTech, which is made as the latest streaming of three-dimensional graphics, and a virtual simulator of horse racing. The unique software makes it possible to enjoy gambling and the adrenaline rush even if no real events take place.

Bets can be placed at any time. Moreover, gamblers not only can win a big prize but also get a lot of impressions, just like when they watch real competitions. To achieve amazing graphics effects, which are the same as in movies, the developers users CGI methods (previously these solutions took place only in high-budget Hollywood blockbusters).

The main feature of the server is the simplicity of the integration of the software with all available Geneity SportBook data and information channels with the minimal use of resources.

Positive Aspects of the Geneity Software

The developer has many strong points:

  • high-quality software and modern content;
  • the architecture of Geneity software solutions is presented in a unit design;
  • all the created software is carefully tested and verified;
  • excellent scaling system;
  • the full integration with IMS PlayTech;
  • multi-functionality: the Geneity software can be used for large-scale projects and small bookmaker’s offices.

Additional Solutions From Geneity

Geneity has a vast experience in the protection of data and provides its customers with the highest level of security. Also, the company provides technical support services, development, and implementation of consulting projects. The integration is available as well.

The technical support system in bookmaker's office

The technical support system and consultations on issues connected to the sports betting software are at the same level as the main production line of the firm.

Where to Buy Bookmaker's Office From Geneity and Order the Business on a Turnkey Basis

If you want to see how qualitative is the Geneity software – order its demo version on the Bett-Market website.

The best opportunities for launching the gambling business with Geneity and the Bett-Market system:

  • on the website, it is possible to purchase a bookmaker's office from the best suppliers;
  • you can order a bookmaker's office on a turnkey basis from Bett-Market;
  • franchises of bookmaker’s offices;
  • sports betting programs;
  • the promotion of your business;
  • a large selection of the software.

By connecting to Bett-Market, you get an absolute authority over the gambling system, an ability to take advantage of the most advanced tools for tracking and managing bets and prizes, and also a competent technical support.

Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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