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PointsBet Betting Software: Order a Profitable Solution at Bett-Market

Article writer: Elliot Clark

Software provided by the firm contains many original features for both players and operators. One of the most striking offers of the company is the PointsBetting system, which can adjust the size of winnings depending on the difference between the predicted and actual results.

The brand is known for its non-standard products for fans of popular American leagues. For example, in the season of 2020–2021, it was focused on the US National Football League. The firm offered bets on all matches within the NFL, as well as the free PointsBet Pick 6 game.

Betting software from the PointsBet bookmaker

To buy the solution offered by PointsBet, please contact Bett-Market specialists. We guarantee a loyal pricing policy and the integration of gambling entertainment from the world’s best manufacturers.

PointsBet Software: Nuances of Licensing

PointsBet is an Australian firm, the target audience of which is local operators and players. The brand was founded in 2018 and has a permit issued in the Northern Territory of Australia.

A powerful impetus to the bookmaker’s development was the cancellation of the American PASPA pact in 2018. The law has been in force in the United States since 1992. It prohibited any bets that were not placed in dedicated gambling areas (Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and others).

With the revocation of the act, the US betting market became available to many companies, and the PointsBet team was one of the first to take advantage of this situation.

At the end of 2020, the software offered by the brand was licensed in 6 states:

  • Colorado;
  • Iowa;
  • Illinois;
  • Indiana;
  • New Jersey;
  • Michigan.

As restrictions on betting are lifted by local authorities in other states, the company plans to further increase its presence in the US.

Licensing in Australia and America has several differences, so the software is available on 2 websites: with .com and .au domain names.

The differences also apply to:

  • welcome bonuses (in Australia they are prohibited, in the US they are not);
  • live betting (in Australia it is possible only via mobile phones, and American gamblers can play on the website), and other aspects of the bookmaker's work.

Available Markets

The product offered on the PointsBet resource covers more than 30 sports and about 120 markets, including international and regional competitions, large commercial meetings, charity matches, and other exciting events.

Unlike other Australian firms, the brand did not focus on horse racing, the most popular sport in the region. This direction is presented on a separate page along with other types of entertainment.

In general, the software offers bids on volleyball, darts, rowing, basketball, tennis, golf, soccer, cycling, cricket, motorcycle races, and other sports. A separate tab is dedicated to eSports solutions with support for the most popular virtual disciplines within the advanced tournament series.

Since the betting software is focused on the markets of North America and Australia, their national leagues are the best represented. AFL, NFL, NBA, and NHL matches receive more than 50 pairs of odds per game. In the final meetings, gamblers have more than 70 available bets.

Large Selection of Betting Options

PointsBet sportsbook software: betting options

The PointsBet betting software has one feature that distinguishes the product from the offers of competitors: a wide range of bids. It includes both the standard scheme with fixed odds and the unique method of calculating winnings:

Traditional bets

To make the numerical display of odds possible, the provider uses the American and Asian systems. The toggle button is located on the main page of the gaming site.

As for the range of wagers, users have access to:

  • totals (more/less);
  • spreads;
  • futures (for championships and some players);
  • express bets;
  • bids on statistics (related to the team and specific participants);
  • monetary lines, and other options

PointsBetting wagering

It is worth buying the provider’s programs for the sake of the original betting option. The company renounced fixed rates in favour of dynamic lines.

The system adjusts the user's winnings depending on how much the actual result differs from the predicted one.

For example, gamblers bet 10 dollars on the fact that their favourite basketball team would win and score over 100 points in a game. If at the end of the meeting, the score is 110 points, players will immediately get 100 dollars (the initial bid is multiplied by the difference between the forecast and the real result).

The second option: the team won with 95 points. In this case, the calculation will be the following — a successful bet on the winner minus 50 dollars (10 dollars multiplied by 5: the difference in the scored points).

In practice, clients always win but the amount of their earnings is adjusted depending on the final statistics of the match

Live bids

The software provides a live line for both traditional wagering and the PointsBetting system. At the same time, it is slightly smaller than the pre-match line but with good coverage of all popular matches.

Such a procedure as the acceptance of bets depends on the region:

  • residents of Australia can only bet using the provider's telephone service;
  • gamblers from the US have the right to place wagers directly on the bookmaker’s website.

The section with live odds has been updated with online streaming of the most in-demand events, including top matches and finals of the NBA, US Open, NHL series, and other tournaments

Cumulative System of Bonuses from PointsBet

The brand offers a wide range of bonuses that are actively used to attract and retain customers.

The bookmaker’s loyalty program is characterised by unprecedented generosity in comparison with the offers of competitors. This fact is explained by the desire to stand out and gather loyal clients on the wagering platform.

The list of bonuses is constantly updated and improved. At the moment, the software includes the following types of rewards:

  1. Bonus for the first deposit. Users are offered 200 dollars and x1 rollover (the required turnover amount). Those players who make an initial deposit of 1 thousand dollars receive 2 risk-free bets of 500 dollars each. In case of failure, users will get the spent sum to their accounts but if the bid is successful, they will be able to get much more money.
  2. Referral bonus. An active gambler receives a unique promotional code that can be shared with friends. When a new user registers with the specified code, the person who brought him to the gaming site will receive 50 dollars.
  3. One-time promotions. Every day, the company chooses a sports market or a specific match for which it sets increased odds. This option is extremely popular with professional gamblers who instantly notice a profitable pair against the background of other offers.
  4. Accumulative system. For each bet on direct odds and futures, users receive 5 points, and another point for each dollar won. As a result, 250 points bring 2.5 dollars; 500 points bring 5, etc. Earned money can be withdrawn or used for the placement of other bets.

Additional Offers for Customers

The PointsBet betting software contains several interesting offers that are not included in the provider's bonus program but are very valuable for users:

  1. The Early Payments option. The solution is based on initial odds. For example, you can cash out winnings during the hockey game when the potential winner leads with 2 goals before the fourth half. The feature is available only for fixed lines in the pre-match format.
  2. Express insurance. It only applies to combined wagers with 4 outcomes. The provider returns 25 dollars for losing 1 of the 4 bets. If all 4 bids fail, users will receive 100 dollars.
  3. Wagering without commission. The size of the margin (5–15% depending on the market and the bookie) is always compensated by the bets of gamers. Therefore, with equal chances, the final pair is presented as 1.92:1.92, and not as 2:2 (a betting shop took 8%). But PointsBet offers several unique interest-free lines, automatically increasing the player's earnings by 5–15%. In the season of 2020–2021, all NFL matches received such a bonus, thus having attracted an even larger audience.

Features of the Payment Module

PointsBet bookmaker: payment module

The described betting programs are characterised by a well-thought-out payment service.

Features of the system:

  1. Several ways to make transactions. It is possible to replenish a game account and withdraw money using Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards, ACH eCheck Internet banking, PointsBet PrePaid pre-paid cards, and the PayNearMe electronic billing system. Cash deposits are accepted in allocated gambling zones in the USA (Atlantic City casino, Double Eagle Hotel casino complex in Colorado, and others).
  2. Instant crediting of funds. Whatever payment method users choose, transfers are made within 15 minutes. The exception is electronic transactions via ACH eCheck but in this case, the maximum waiting time is 24 hours.
  3. Good limit policy. Minimum and maximum deposits are set at 5–50 thousand dollars, while the minimum bet is 1 dollar. The size of maximum wagers is determined for each type of sport, while the total weekly winnings per user do not exceed 500 thousand dollars.

The PointsBet Pick 6 Unique Game

Before the previous football season (NFL series), the provider presented the PointsBet Pick 6 free game. It is aimed at acquainting users with the company's products and the basic types of betting in the NFL.

Gamblers need to register on the PointsBet Pick 6 site and guess the results in 6 virtual football matches. The forecast must contain not only the name of the best team but also the exact number of goals missed and scored

The drawing of prizes is held every week, and the winner receives 25 thousand dollars. If several users predict the exact result, the money will be divided equally between all players.

The Main Things about the Provider’s Content

To buy the brand’s product as soon as possible, please contact Bett-Market. We offer a high-quality solution from one of the best providers in the industry.

  • The software covers more than 30 sports and is focused on popular US leagues: NFL, NHL, and others. Live bets are accompanied by online broadcasts of the most significant matches.
  • The product includes both traditional bets (multiple parlays, fixed odds, outcomes on statistics) and the original PointsBetting development. The system adjusts the user's winnings based on the difference between the expected and actual results.
  • The loyalty program offers referral and welcome bonuses, activity points, and one-time promotions. Gamblers can also insure a bet to protect themselves against losses in all 4 categories.
Bett-Market specialists offer sportsbook products from the world's leading developers.

Our catalogue includes both turnkey platforms and franchise-based programs. We will help you with casino licensing and marketing promotion and assist in the creation of truly exclusive gambling solutions.

For all questions, please contact our managers.

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