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Review of the Software

Article writer: Elliot Clark

The company is a well-known vendor of the innovative betting software and the software for sports betting. The betting software from this provider is of the highest quality — it has modern technologies that help the bookmaker’s office to conduct activities that produce a profit. sports betting software

Special programs for betting companies allow players to choose from the line of sports events those ones that they prefer for placing bets. Software for the bookmaker’s office is a service for the management of sports events databases and for the retrieval of statistical information on the best forecasts.

Thus, players do not waste time searching for data but find what they need and place bets quickly. Sports betting software has an updated sports database every day. The information on all events is up-to-date, and clients can operate it on favourable terms.

In addition to the fact that provides the betting software, it also offers many other products and services that are necessary for the bookmaker’s office.

Services from

  • The integration of the software for the bookmaker’s office on its websites. It is carried out by technical specialists who are high-level professionals in the field of the bookmaking.
  • Assistance in the opening of a bookmaker’s office from scratch and until its launch, including all the proper steps (which include the acquisition of a license).
  • Specialists hold professional consultations concerning the betting products themselves, as well as the business dealing in this field.
  • Specifically for employees of the bookmaker’s office, experts from organise training and master classes where they speak about all the nuances of the betting business.
  • Technical specialists of support the work of the betting company throughout its operation.

Advantages of

  • Its specialists find time for each client individually, advising him on all issues.
  • provides services to bookmakers and helps them to open betting shops in many countries all over the world.
  • Provides betting software for all types of gambling activities.
  • Pursues a flexible pricing policy, guided by wishes of customers and tries to make beneficial offers.

The bookmaker's software also provides the service on a turnkey basis, which includes:

  • assistance in the acquisition of a gambling license, collection, preparation, and submission of a package of documents to submit it to the jurisdiction;
  • consulting and technical support for a new bookmaker’s office during the first months of operation;
  • assistance in the selection of the rooms for the betting shop and its design;
  • assistance in the selection of competent staff for the betting shop. products

  1. Software for the bookmaker’s office.
  2. Betting programs.
  3. Lottery terminals.
  4. A lot of concomitant gambling equipment.

Betting Software From

Sports betting software from

The betting software allows clients to find bets that they are interested in and choose the best forecasts. Special programs make all this for players, releasing them from a time-consuming «manual» search and unnecessary work.

Those who are interested in high coefficients can also make use of services of special programs, which are equipped with simple and convenient functions and are named as calculating tools for calculations.

The betting software will also help to manage the bank and to produce bets, for which the website has a special service where every action is followed by advice and useful recommendations.

The bet that is placed during the game needs to be calculated, and there is almost no time for this due to the frequent change of coefficients. The betting software from makes it possible to place such bets correctly, without the risk of making a mistake and losing a lot of money.

Software for bookmaker’s offices also can:

  • process coefficients during the game;
  • give statistics and forecasts;
  • show the size of bets;
  • take into account the condition of players of the team and the schedule of its games.

Assistance in the Acquisition of a Betting License

If bookmakers want to work legally and officially, they will need special permits. It seems that there is nothing complicated here because all you need is just to observe laws and act according to all requirements. However, if you have not enough time and knowledge for that, we would recommend you to turn to

Specialists of the company know all the nuances of how to obtain a gambling license, precisely:

  1. What documents must be included in the package.
  2. How long does it take to prepare all necessary documents.
  3. What requirements for the gambling activity conform to the legislation of your country.

Betting Terminals

Sports betting terminals

For owners of the bookmaker’s office, the company also offers excellent profitable equipment: betting terminals that will help businessmen to save money and receive additional income. After all, such equipment does not require a lot of people to operate it — it does everything by itself. The terminal also does not take much space and carries out «honest» activities, does not enter into transactions with clients, and does not allow to place bets on credit, as employees of the betting shop can do.

Sports betting software allows you to hold events and place bets at a rapid pace. Naturally, payouts will also be made at the same pace, and therefore, bookmaking programs with unique service to help players are offered.

This betting platform is carefully checked before it is used, and the software for the bookmaker’s office is tested in a mandatory manner.

Lottery Video Terminals

In addition to the development and the integration of the sportsbook software, the team will deliver and install lottery equipment.

Lottery drawings have always been a favourite event for people in many countries worldwide, including Russia. Today, such kind of equipment as lottery terminals is in demand among both betting companies and other gambling market participants.

Lottery terminals can be put in places where there are usually many people — in entertainment clubs, in halls of large hotels, in Internet cafes and railway stations. The device itself does not take much space — it requires only one square meter for the installation, and it can bring an impressive income. It is worth noting that the operation of lottery terminals is not forbidden by law, and it is another advantage.

The team will install and connect electronic lottery terminals in any room at the request of customers, and a large package of approval documents required for carrying out lottery activities within the framework of the betting business will come with this equipment.

Stargamecasino Online Gaming System

This product is a gambling room for eighty gamblers. It has four kinds of roulette, poker, fast poker, keno, bingo, canoe and horse racing, speedway (motorcycle sports), and many other games. Online Game System

This product is designed for Internet cafes with computers where you can both use the Internet and play. Everything happens online, and the club's administrators have nothing to do with actions of visitors.

The gameplay, as well as such actions as depositing and withdrawal of funds, are carried out on the Internet with the help of online operators. This system can be installed both in gambling halls and at home. Its work can be done on the server, on a copy of this website, on the client's domain and with his brand, and with the help of his operators or operators of the company.


All employees of the company are professionals in the betting business and know all the nuances of the development and installation of the software for the bookmaker’s office. They have a vast experience and special knowledge so they are familiar with all matters connected with the betting business without exception.


The website contains all licensing documents that prove that the company’s activities are legal, which is very important since those partners who want to conclude a cooperation agreement can be sure that the team has good faith. The sports betting software produced by is also a guarantee since it meets all the requirement of players and European operators.

You can purchase the software for a bookmaker’s office or rent it from Bett-Market. Specialists of this company will give valuable advice for free and explain how to set up the betting business.

Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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