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Wezzet: IT in the Betting Business

Article writer: Elliot Clark

The Wezzet company successfully introduces complex IT and progressive business technologies into betting products and renders their professional technical support, thereby increasing the profitability of the use of high technologies in the betting business. The Wezzet bookmaker’s office (that is, a gambling establishment that uses developments of Wezzet) has the software of the highest quality, which is very user-friendly for both operators and players. 

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The company has collected all the necessary certificates and passed expert reviews. Its activities fully conform to the current legislation related to the field of the betting business.

Wezzet: IT in the betting business

About the Wezzet

Wezzet uses advanced and modern technologies to maximise the effectiveness of gambling. The company's specialists fulfill all the conditions and standards that correspond to the rules of professional service of customers and respect all their interests and wishes.

Since May 2012, the Wezzet company acts as a trade and service representative of SLP Services in Russia. Its competence includes the technical support for all betting products from Wezzet.

SLP Services is a universal betting system from Wezzet, which is full-featured hardware and cash system that provides those companies that run the betting business with professional service. The Wezzet bookmaker software offers players to bet on sports and lotteries, as well as such games as poker, keno, dog and horse racing.

Wezzet computerises workplaces for cashiers and builds up touchscreen terminals of customers. The company will also provide a background for successful activities, which, undoubtedly, will contribute to the regular and high income of bookmaker’s offices.

Company's Products and Services

The acquisition of a report on all financial transactions happens in real-time in the processing center, which was created for the fixation of all system operations.

Professionals of Wezzet will deal with the installation and placement within one day, and they will also test the operation of the equipment, using modern SaaS-technologies.

The Wezzet Company Provides:

  • automatic switching of world channels during the TV broadcast;
  • customisation of terminals of those players who do not need to be distracted by cashiers when they are playing;
  • customisation of terminals of cashiers, who can settle with players using tablets, and who now do not need to see into the work of bookmakers;
  • control of limits on bets with the help of an automated system that allows you to save up to eighty percent of the work of financial and sports experts from Wezzet;
  • control over the situation in a club (office) through an interactive video surveillance system that allows you to use for this purpose the Internet or mobile devices.

Moreover, the technical support center works in a round-the-clock mode – at any time you can contact it in the chat or write an email, or call at any time – a free IP phone is provided exactly for this purpose. The staff of the technical support service will answer any question at any time of the day. Also, they track every application.


Wezzet technical support

It is worth noting that the equipment, gambling indicators, and the entire activity of the sports line in the betting shop go through a constant and close analytical monitoring, which ensures the security of the entire system.

Cashiers and managers of the betting shops can undergo effective training connected with the Wezzet system within one day.

Wezzet is a company with the software of which you will be able to create a perfectly working betting business. To buy or rent a provider's products, contact our manager.


Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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