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Advantages of the Dragonfishtech Sportsbook Software

Article writer: Elliot Clark

Dragonfish is an independent B2B division of the 888 company, which was founded in 2007. Dragonfishtech deals with the development and the comprehensive support of competitive and relevant solutions in the online gambling market.

The software developed by specialists of exactly this company ensures the smooth operation of the 888 sports betting platform. Moreover, the supplier has a number of less known but no less effective products, such as various kinds of slots, poker, bingo, and applications for bookmakers.

Sports betting provider

The Best Sports Betting Software

It is now possible to test the software from Dragonfish with the help of such an opportunity as to connect demo software via the Bett-Market company. Become a partner of Dragonfishtech right now and attract new customers with high-quality and convenient applications.

Betting software for bookies from Dragonfish: the main advantages

  • Availability of certification and licenses of many countries, including Great Britain.
  • Twenty years of working experience in the gambling industry and the observance of current trends.
  • Flexibility and variability of the offered solutions, which allow operators to make the applications keep up with the needs of customers.

Affiliate programs that provide the bookie management software, as well as the software for the betting and the gambling business, also have some beneficial differences:

  • ability to change settings of management;
  • localization of applications;
  • cross-platform integration of products.

Sports Betting Platform: What to Choose?

Sports betting platform: how to choose the right one

The qualitative betting software provides the most effective communication between bookmakers and gamblers. The whole success of the creation of an online bookmaker’s office may depend on the right choice of the software. Currently, the market for betting applications is overfilled with identical types of offers from various bookmakers. For this reason, it is very important for customers, first of all, to have tools for the creation of unique and competitive offers.

The high-quality betting software for bookies should meet the following requirements:

  • maximum protection of the information;
  • seamless operation of the server part;
  • presence of a real-time mode (the ability to update pages without reboots);
  • intuitive payment module for the convenience of employees;
  • user-friendly interface.

Very often, sports betting software providers ignore the requirements of partners related to the customisation of applications. However, the developments of Dragonfishtech allow users to fully customise the management of the application, which provides casino business owners with a number of significant differences from their competitors.

You can not only change the currency and the language but also track statistics of various actions of players, and set up unique bonus systems and promotions. Moreover, the platform offers applications that are targeted at the users of mobile devices, which notably expands the audience of bookmakers.

Unique platform solutions Dragonfishtech allow you to use the developer's products on several types of devices simultaneously. It significantly increases the loyalty of players and provides the steady growth of the number of users.

Sports Betting Software Providers and Not Only

Over the years of its existence, Dragonfishtech has been developed more than one million successful games, including a variety of slots, video poker, live casino games with real dealers, and branded applications for such projects as Xfactor, Spiderman, and The Fantastic Four. Usually, games from this developer are provided in two formats: a downloadable application and a browser-based online game. The supplier's ability to integrate products into new platforms is the reason why he always can meet the needs of the targeted audience.

The company is the world's largest provider of the software for bingo, it provides technical and program parts of the 888 project, and also stands for the popularisation of responsible gaming.

One of the main tasks of Dragonfishtech is to guarantee the safety of the users’ data and expand the sphere of the influence of its partners. The marketing department of the company will deal with the attraction of new customers, and a wide affiliate network will allow suppliers to be aware of the latest requirements of players and of the market trends.

You can experience all the capabilities of the product from one of the world’s leading companies by purchasing or renting the betting software for bookies from Dragonfishtech today. Bett-Market is an official partner of this vendor, and therefore we guarantee the highest quality and reliability of this software.

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