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Lottotech Lottery Software: Buy Top Programs at Bett-Market

Article writer: Elliot Clark

Lottotech is an original program developer that produces creative solutions for the online sweepstakes business. The company offers an innovative platform, which allows the players to buy tickets from the largest official draws in any country. To participate in the game, the user only needs a gadget and internet connection.

Lottotech lottery software is a flexible and scalable program, which allows the firm partners to enter international markets and open up new opportunities for gaining profit.

Lottery software from the Lottotech provider

The platform gives access to more than 20 official lotteries of different countries, innovative widgets, appliances and functions. All of these options help the operators earn good money.

To order the software solutions, send a request to Bett-Market managers. Our employees will contact you for further consultation.

A Supplier with Impeccable Record

The brand is producing reliable software for lotto operators. The manufacturer cares about its reputation by following the principles of responsible gaming and establishing close ties with partners.

The advantages of brand products:

  1. Convenience for customers. The lottery software by Lottotech gives an opportunity to play in the largest certified draws, as well as buy tickets with a handy and trustworthy cross-platform interface. This enhances the reputation of operators and attracts an audience.
  2. Multifunctional administrative panel. After deciding to buy lottery software by Lottotech, managers receive a set of administrative services that increase work efficiency. Entrepreneurs can control acquisition metrics, value, retention, etc.
  3. Reliability and variety of draws. The digital lottery platform is designed to the highest quality standards. The brand-new technologies of online games are used in the development. This has made the company’s entertainment so popular and profitable.

The operating system for lotto meets the expectations of administrators and players: the product is reliable, safe and profitable.

Software for Online Lotteries Lottotech: the Functions

The main advantage of the program is its advanced functionality. The online platform includes several options that significantly increase the profits of operators:

Ticketing System

The scheme of draw participation is designed so well, that the visitors will return to the platform and buy tickets for new activities.

A reliable multi-currency payment service is another great advantage. Transactions are fast and transparent, so users do not have to worry about their money. This increases trust in the system and attracts many customers.

Built-in software tools allow:

  • expanding the target audience by introducing new game features;
  • adding value to customers;
  • monitoring the involvement of players;
  • managing a personal business from anywhere in the world.

The ticketing system is simple, convenient and stable. Users have no difficulty participating in sweepstakes, which means they stay on the platform longer, complete transactions and come back again.

Group Game

A popular format among all the lottery lovers. Players who want to enhance their chances of winning an award can purchase multiple tickets for a total value.

Lottery software by Lottotech is a multi-component but easily managed platform. It includes special tools that enable:

  • organising a group game;
  • monitoring and controlling the processes;
  • protecting the interests of the participants if necessary.

The program for lottery works in such a way that group investments become not only economically profitable but also exciting. They increase the interest and involvement of the portal clients and contribute to their retention.

Lotto Bets

It has become a trend for operators to use systemic strategies when creating a lottery business. The producer has taken this direction further and developed an advanced lotto betting program for the platform.

Players can guess the outcome of the game in several formats, and participate in draws in real time.

Software for online lotteries Lottotech with advanced functionality enhances operators' profits by increasing user engagement.

Live Draws

The producer’s platform also supports the Nunie Live Draw system, which generates random game sessions chosen by the operator.

The businessmen can:

  • define the frequency of live lotteries;
  • plan sweepstakes for each month;
  • formulate the terms of participation;
  • assign prize amounts.

It is worth buying lottery software by Lottotech to provide players with a wide range of entertainment options.

White Label Program for New Investors

Lottotech software for online lotto: White Label program

The company offers a White Label platform. This solution will be convenient for non-experienced clients who want to start working in the online lottery segment.

In accordance with the scheme, the customer is guaranteed to receive the following solutions:

Site template

This is a web resource with individual settings

Operating system

The implemented software for online lotto Lottotech supports all types of draws.

Additional options, services and special instruments are provided

Financial module

The payment service supports 40 popular methods of remuneration. Transactions are secure

Complete back office

It is a convenient system with management tools, analytics and reporting services

Multilingual customer support 24/7

Players can contact support via e-mail, phone or chats

Marketing tools

There are SEO promotion options and services for organising advertising campaigns

By cooperating with a White Label provider, a beginner in the gambling business will successfully promote his lottery brand on a web platform with a high-quality interface and personal settings.

Lottotech and Mediatech Solutions: Benefits for Operators

In March 2016, the software developer announced a distribution and maintenance agreement with Mediatech Solutions. The partners of the company received extended access to the brand's lottery software. The entrepreneurs now can open a draw business under the White Label program on favourable terms.

The scheme of cooperation is well-thought-out, so the entrepreneur does not have any difficulties with installing Lottotech lottery software or promoting projects. The platform includes marketing tools and components for managing player accounts.

Daniel Graetzer, Mediatech’s CEO, commented on the signing of the agreement:

Online lottery is becoming extremely popular and this is the right time to expand our portfolio with world-class content. By collaborating with a flexible platform provider like Lottotech, we are confident that our operators will take advantage of the new offerings.

Delzar Khalaf, CEO of Lottotech, added:

Mediatech is one of the most progressive and promising companies in the gaming industry. I am delighted to be teaming with them for a strategic expansion into the online lottery market and look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership in the future.

The Main Things about the Provider’s Developments

Software for online lotto by the Lottotech company is an excellent choice for an entrepreneur who decides to open a web lottery business or launch a slot machine portal.

  • The developer's platform provides users with access to 20+ types of draws. Due to a comfortable cross-platform interface, it only takes a few minutes to select and buy tickets. Clients can participate in a group game or live draws, and bet on the lotto.
  • The system is well-organised and easy to manage. The producer offers a multifunctional back-office, payment modules, marketing tools, analytics and reporting services.
  • Operators can work under the White Label program. The solution package includes a website, software, and promotion tools. The provider also ensures 24/7 customer support.

Administrators can buy Lottotech’s software for online lotteries on favourable terms from Bett-Market. Our managers will assist in program selection based on the specifics of your platform. The tech department will take care of software integration and configuration.

You can also order software for an online business, offline betting solutions, and turnkey bookmaker shops.

Do you have any questions? Ask our consultants.

Elliot Clark


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