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Bonobo Lottery Software: Great Start in Gambling Industry

Article writer: Elliot Clark

Lotteries have a dominant advantage: in most countries, they are not considered gambling and are encouraged at the state level. It is a great chance to launch a profitable legal business. Programs for lotteries by Bonobo will help earn good money in the sphere.

Lottery software from the Bonobo provider

The Bett-Market company offers software for lucrative draws, sweepstakes and charity events. Using a unique platform from a famous provider helps to make money and bring benefits to the community.

Find more information about the opportunities with Bonobo lottery software in this article. Whenever you are ready to make an order or ask for a consultation, leave a request for further communication.

Beneficial Information about the Brand

The Bonobo PLC company is registered on the Isle of Man. There is also an office for the software developers. The firm is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and presents its products on regulated markets.

The main development of the supplier is the Lottery as a Service platform (LaaS). It supports the creation of lotto and management of private draws in land-based and virtual casinos.

The enterprise cares about its reputation, therefore, it does not cooperate with "grey" business. The branded software can be purchased only by licensed and legal operators.

There are several types of connecting IT products from the provider:

  1. The purchase. Resource owner launches the software for online lotteries Bonobo on his website. If desired, the operator can agree to host the digital project on the seller's server.
  2. The rent. Access to the operating system is provided on the monthly subscription, which includes also the payment for hosting and draw management.
  3. Fixed price. The entrepreneur can sign a contract for paying a certain sum for sold tickets.
  4. Charity. The creator offers its products to non-commercial organisations on preferential terms and covers half of the costs of launching fundraising campaigns.

Bonobo PLC is leading a fair and transparent business by sharing all the information with customers. On the official website, the operators can get acquainted with the typical agreement.

5 Reasons to Choose Software for Online Lotteries Bonobo

The branded program allows the operators to create advantageous draws, and players to participate in them regardless of geolocation.

The platform of the manufacturer has such benefits:

High-Quality Visualisation

Software for online lotto Bonobo is developed with the use of the latest technologies. So the entertainment is distinguished with such features:

  • an attractive design;
  • a variety of lottery themes;
  • a convenient and adaptive interface;
  • the ability to use display orientation (portrait or album).

Bonobo lottery software ensures the development of new bright and exciting draws and charity actions. They are highly rated among clients, who are motivated to bet a lot of money.

Comfort and Multifunctional Back Office

The casino platform from the Bonobo company includes:

  • a control panel;
  • modules for draw organisation;
  • reporting formation tools;
  • system management services in real time.

The lottery software by Bonobo contains multi-language and multi-currency modules to adapt to popular regulated markets. Payment services support transfers from electronic wallets and banking transactions.

Fast Integration

Bonobo software for lotteries: fast integration

The development is based on API protocol, so the installation of the IT package will not take long.

After deciding to buy Bonobo software for the lottery, the operator of the website receives such advantages:

  1. Quick setup. The administrator may independently adapt the software components, taking into consideration the specifics of his business.
  2. Several payment options. Entrepreneurs can both buy and rent the developer's end-to-end solutions.
  3. Opportunity to expand the business. Bonobo lottery software is suitable for launching a start-up from scratch and connecting to a gaming resource. This allows increasing the range of entertainment and attracts more interested visitors to the site.
  4. A demo version. By connecting the software for a free trial, the manager can test the operation of the main services and verify their functionality.

Cross-Platform Environment

The software is launched on both mobile and desktop devices. The development works well and fast on the popular operating systems. There is no need for gamers to download applications since they can play in a browser. So the customers have fewer restrictions because there are no special rules to participate in draws.

Software for online lotto Bonobo includes a plugin providing access to entertainment via social media.

The program includes modules that remember the history of every user’s visit to the platform, and entertainment preferences. The system, built-in this way, expands the capabilities of the operator to develop a promotion strategy.

Marketing Methods

Affiliate, referral programs and modules for managing advertising campaigns are built into the provider's program. In addition, operators can get the support of a professional marketer.

Assortment of Entertainment and Templates for Creating Draws

Software for online lotteries Bonobo allows the user to organise activities of 3 main types:

Classic draws

The traditional lotteries with a limited duration of rounds and instant versions where all authorised system users can participate

Cash prizes and valuable gifts

Cars, phones, appliances and other awards of various value are offered as bonuses


This is a unique game that resembles bingo and keno. Entertainment includes jackpot and customisation options.

Users can exchange received prizes, so they consider this an additional benefit of the session

In addition to built-in developments, the software includes templates for creating such draws:

  • Classic (with a choice of a certain quantity of numbers from the proposed options);
  • Powerball (it has two ranges of bets — main and extra);
  • Bonus Ball (after choosing numbers from the basic set, an additional round is launched);
  • Place Pays (a universal system that allows creating paytables and various prize combinations).

Draws are held using a certified random number generator (as in slot machines). Flexible templates are equipped with options for setting margins, jackpots, and bonus programs. The operator can independently plan and create lotteries of any type.

The Main Things about the Bonobo Software Developments

Bonobo software for online lotteries: key notions

It is a great decision to buy Bonobo lottery software for entrepreneurs planning to start a profitable digital or ground business.

  • Bonobo PLC works on a legal and transparent basis. The company is registered on the Isle of Man and is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Software products undergo strict certification. Both operators and customers trust this product.
  • The provider offers several options for connecting software. The client can choose a convenient scheme of cooperation. Using the developer's platform, it is easy to organise not only a lottery draw or sweepstakes but also a charity event.
  • Bonobo lottery software features a convenient control system and a wide range of entertainment. The operator can choose one of the 3 types of installed lotteries or set up the draw using ready-made templates. It is possible to connect a progressive jackpot, bonuses, and adjust the margin.
  • The software includes affiliate, referral programs, and modules for promotion. The operator can easily manage advertising campaigns. The businessman gets the support of a personal marketer.
  • The manufacturer has developed a simplified integration system. An API protocol is used. The client has the opportunity to customise the options depending on the needs of his business.
The entrepreneurs can connect high-quality lottery solutions at the Bett-Market studio. We also offer the creation of a bookie shop from scratch, software for online resources and equipment for an offline business.

To learn more about the novelties of the gambling industry and place an order, please contact our manager.

Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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