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MasterCard Payment System: Instant Betting Transfers and Global Coverage

Article writer: Elliot Clark

Fast and secure transactions are essential for the success of any betting platform. Support for cross-border transfers with a minimum commission will attract the target audience to the wagering site and increase the profit of the bookmaker.

MasterCard payment system: general info

Experts of the Bett-Market studio recommend operators install the MasterCard financial service. The solution fully meets the challenges of the gambling industry and supports secure one-touch transfers.

Key Facts about the Developer

MasterCard Incorporated is the largest global financial module that unites more than 22 thousand institutions in 210 countries of the world.

Approximately 30 million retail outlets are connected to the system, including licensed gambling companies. The service is suitable for internet bookmakers, land-based betting halls, web casinos, and sites that sell lottery tickets.

The main function of the payment system is the instant and secure processing of transactions between acquiring banks and card issuers.

Basic information about the enterprise:

  • The brand was founded in 1966 as a result of the merger of several major US banks. The organisation was called the Interbank Card Association and worked until 1979. This year, thanks to rebranding, MasterCard entered the market and took a leading position in the shortest possible time.
  • The firm’s headquarters is located in New York, USA. There are also offices in many major cities, including London, Paris, Sydney, and Toronto.
  • The MasterCard Incorporated holding ranks second in the world in terms of processed financial transactions. About 38% of all money transfers are accounted for by the company. However, the Visa brand is still considered a leader in the niche with a market share of 43%.
  • Those entrepreneurs who work legally appreciate the service for high speed and security of operations. Many businessmen are interested in the integration of MasterCard’s tools into their betting platforms and internet casinos. It is also possible to install the software on food delivery sites, marketplaces, and other resources designed for online commerce and the provision of commercial services.
  • According to the Change the World international rating, the holding is included in the top 10 socially responsible companies, and Forbes considers it one of the most innovative developers in the world.

The corporation owns several financial products:

  • MasterCard’s payment module for bookmaker’s offices and web casinos;
  • the Maestro service of prepaid debit cards;
  • the Mondex software for working with electronic money;
  • the Cirrus worldwide network of ATMs and land-based terminals;
  • the MasterCard Electronic service with increased security requirements for money transfers.

Types of Credit and Debit Bank Cards

To connect MasterCard’s products, operators need to get the provider’s branded card. If the payer and the recipient of funds both have them, then the commission fee will be minimal.

There are 2 types of plastic and virtual cards issued by the company:

  1. Debit. Clients have the right to utilise only the funds that they deposited on the account linked to the card. Debit solutions are usually opened the first time a user or operator contacts the bank.
  2. Credit. The cardholder can receive money from the allocated credit line. Such matters as the provision of a monetary limit and the determination of its level are decided based on the rules of the bank that issued the card.

The integration of the betting platform with MasterCard’s program allows operators to receive the following types of cards:


It has a limited set of services. You can purchase goods in internet stores, deposit funds to your gambling account, book tickets, etc.

The advantage of the solution is the minimum commission deductions


A product with a basic set of services. The card supports multicurrency payments. These are transactions in US dollars, euros, and pounds sterling.

The monthly card maintenance fee is about 5 euros


A solution with an extended range of services. Gamblers can, for example, withdraw cash from ATMs abroad or get a loan under the minimum percentage.

For owners of Gold cards, a call centre with a personal manager is allocated


This card is characterised by high standards of service.

Operators and their clients get access to premium products of MasterCard and the issuing bank, as well as an increased credit limit and special seasonal offers

Why It Is Worth Buying MasterCard’s Payment Service for Betting Platforms

MasterCard payment service: advantages

The main advantages of the decision to install proprietary software:

Unlimited Confidence of Users

MasterCard is a popular financial system familiar to gamblers from all over the world. The availability of the solution in the bookmaker’s office will definitely attract the target audience and increase the level of their confidence in the operator.

Players appreciate MasterCard’s money-transfer program for:

  • the high speed of deposition and withdrawal of funds;
  • security;
  • minimum commission deductions;
  • instant access from anywhere in the world.

Comfortable Work in the European Market

The main currency of the system is the euro. The program is guided by its rate when it transfers funds. This approach eliminates double conversion (with the use of US dollars), which is received well by the local audience.

Gamblers from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Austria, Germany, France, and other European countries can deposit and withdraw winnings with a minimum commission for transfer processing and currency conversion. The use of Polish zlotys, Danish kroner, pounds sterling, and other monetary units also provides small fees for the operation.

Emphasis on Mobile Payments

Installation of the MasterCard service will attract owners of Apple technology and modern smartphones, making them want to visit the betting platform.

More than 55% of internet traffic comes from mobile users, and by 2025, this figure will reach 65%. The decision to focus on this category of customers will give the bookmakers additional benefits.

The connection of the payment system to the site will provide fast one-touch mobile transfers. To do this, the company presented the MasterPass program. Here, to make an application for the transaction, gamblers need to provide the minimum number of details.

Customers need to enter the number and expiration date of their cards only once, and with each subsequent transaction, this data is automatically “catching up”.

Support for Digital Transfers

The PayPass Wallet Services product was created for receiving and sending electronic money.

American Airlines, Barnes & Noble, and other international companies became official partners of the solution. Among the affiliates, there are also such well-known bookmakers as William Hill, Bet365, Pinnacle, and Ladbrokes.

PayPass contains several modules:

  1. PayPass Contactless. The program is designed for consistent acceptance and processing of digital money transfers through multiple channels. Authorisation and confirmation of a user account are based on the Near Field Communication (NFC) algorithm.
  2. PayPass Wallet. This is a set of tools for marking digital wallets and integrating additional cards issued by American Express, Discover, and Visa.
  3. PayPass API. The software is used to quickly install the MasterCard system. The company’s portfolio contains options for automated digital wallet API integration, fraud detection, and transaction verification.

Multitasking Back Office

MasterCard’s financial service has a simple and intuitive admin panel.

Bookmakers can:

  • manage user accounts;
  • activate additional verification levels;
  • generate detailed reporting and analytics in key areas of the operator’s activities;
  • connect multicurrency wallets;
  • open credit lines at the lowest interest rates;
  • invest in related business projects, and much more.

The multilingual backend is characterised by easy navigation and a tooltip system. Everything is as simple, convenient, and adapted to the needs of the bookmaker as possible.

Modern Security Solution

MasterCard payment security: components

The integration of the wagering site with MasterCard’s developments will protect the portal from fraudsters, intruders, and dishonest players.

Let us consider the main components of the software:

Mastercard Identity Check

Key features of the product:

  • checking the authenticity of internet transfers;
  • reduction of transaction costs;
  • accelerated data exchange between a betting shop and financial institutions.

The program operates based on the latest EMV 3-D Secure identification standards. The messaging protocol allows gamblers to authenticate themselves without presenting a plastic or virtual card


The connection of the producer’s payment system involves replacing the main card number with an alternative one, the so-called “token”.

This reduces the risk of fraud with debit and credit cards

Mastercard SecureCode

Security software is used for additional verification of participants of internet payments by entering a unique security code.

It can be described as:

  • a permanent code that gamblers set at the time of issuing the card;
  • a one-time password received via voice call or SMS notification.

The technology is currently being successfully applied in 122 countries on 5 continents

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

It requires customers and B2B partners to pass two-level authentication at the time of making a transaction.

The solution was implemented in 2021 and is 100% compliant with the International Payment Services Directive (PSD2)

The Main Things about the Installation of the Provider’s Financial Development

The Mastercard system for betting shops is an excellent solution for fast and secure monetary transactions.
  • Among the advantages of the software, we can name its popularity, multi-tasking back office, support for instant digital transfers, emphasis on mobile payments, and comfortable work in the European market.
  • To install the product, operators need to obtain a plastic or virtual card. Mastercard issues several types of them: Maestro, Standard, Gold, and Platinum.
  • The software includes modern security system modules. The main components of the solution are Mastercard Identity Check, Mastercard SecureCode, and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) services. Owners of wagering portals can also order the plastic card tokenisation service.
The Bett-Market studio offers to operators to install the vendor’s payment system at a beneficial price. We will provide fast and secure software integration, set up exchange operations, and give access to a better verification service.

From us, you can also order the following useful gambling services:

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