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Qiwi Payment System for Bookmakers: Fast and Secure Transactions

Article writer: Elliot Clark

Qiwi is a leader in the rapidly growing market of instant transfers. The provider offers a flexible and fully functional program for the betting business.

Thanks to the simplicity and reliability of multicurrency payments, the service helps operators establish trusting relationships with B2B partners and attract new customers.

Qiwi payment system for bookmakers

The vendor’s software can be ordered from the Bett-Market studio. Contact our managers and get detailed information about the Qiwi system.

Key Data about the Financial Gateway

Qiwi PLC is a company that provides payment services all over the world. The main share of users is accounted for by the CIS market but the service is also very popular in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

The multiplatform financial gateway was founded in 2007 by Sergey Solonin and Andrey Romanenko.

The system gained international recognition thanks to cooperation with Visa. In co-authorship, a multi-currency electronic wallet Visa QIWI Wallet was created on a prepaid Visa account.

Over time, the provider entered into other profitable agreements (with MasterCard and Gazprombank LLC), which also contributed to the increase in brand recognition.

At the moment, the Qiwi group of companies includes several legal entities:

  • Qiwi payment service;
  • Qiwi Bank JSC;
  • Factoring Plus LLC;
  • Qiwi Platform LLC;
  • Contact money transfer service.

Entrepreneurs benefit from the integration of the Qiwi system into betting platforms, online casinos, and sites where lottery tickets are sold. The solution is also in great demand in the field of e-commerce. These are internet hardware stores, portals for the sale of tickets, marketplaces, and other projects.

The Qiwi payment service for bookmakers in numbers:

  • 111.6 million transactions per month, including cross-border transfers, as well as depositions and withdrawals of funds;
  • more than 13 thousand business partners all over the world;
  • 22 years of successful work in the financial market of the CIS region;
  • more than 25 thousand requests per second, including user verification, replenishments of accounts, and withdrawal of winnings;
  • about 20 million wallets and virtual cards;
  • more than 150 thousand land-based terminals and payment outlets.

A Comprehensive Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

In 2021, the brand’s products were allocated in a separate line: Qiwi Business. The main industries where it is used are e-commerce, the transportation and taxi market, the tourism niche, housing and communal services, gambling, and sports betting.

Those entrepreneurs who decide to connect the Qiwi payment system to their bookmaker’s offices get access to the following services:

Replenishment of the electronic wallet

Operators and their clients have access to the following methods of depositing money:

  • bank transfers from prepaid, debit, and credit cards Visa and MasterCard;
  • instant transactions via Neteller, Skrill, and other payment services;
  • mobile and voucher transfers;
  • exchange transactions on WebMoney, Moneymail, and Yandex.Money sites;
  • cash replenishment via terminals and payment acceptance outlets owned by Qiwi, OSMP, and Contact;
  • operating cash desks of the Unistream international money transfer system

Withdrawal of funds

Bookmakers, their clients, and B2B partners can withdraw funds through:

  • bank transfer using QIWI Visa Plastic (QVP) card;
  • stationary cash desks — Qiwi, OSMP, Contact;
  • self-service terminals owned by Novoplat, X-plat, and SprintNet;
  • exchange transactions with WebMoney, Moneymail, and Yandex.Money e-wallets

Instant payments

The function is implemented in 2 ways:

  • by phone number on Qiwi wallets;
  • by card number or a unique token.

The solution is suitable for the mass transfer of welcome bonuses, cash rewards, cashback from bets (from 6.7% to 27%), and the implementation of other loyalty program options

Account management

The decision to connect the Qiwi payment system opens access to a fully functional backend.

Entrepreneurs can:

  • generate detailed reporting and analytics;
  • group users by segments (account creation date, monthly turnover of bets, and the average deposit);
  • receive individual services (microloans, business development consulting, etc.)

Issuance of Debit and Credit Bank Cards

Qiwi betting payment system: bank cards

The company issues branded plastic and virtual cards.

Plastic ones are produced with a magnetic stripe or a contactless payment function. Those business owners who decide to install the Qiwi payment system for betting shops have the right to choose the design, individual packaging, limits, and tariffs.

Branded cards will be an excellent choice for land-based bookmakers, emphasising the operator's exceptional customer care.

Virtual cards are issued remotely with no need for players to visit the betting room or the Qiwi office. The process can be performed directly on the site in order to receive various preferences: from a reduced commission for the deposition and withdrawal of funds to generous cash gifts. All management procedures can be carried out in the Qiwi mobile application or on the official platform.

Installation of the described payment system provides access to 3 types of cards:

  1. Qiwi Visa Virtual (QVV). The virtual account is valid for 3 months with a possible extension for a year or more. Gamblers receive a separate balance and standard tariff for the deposition and withdrawal of the earned funds.
  2. Qiwi Visa Card (QVC). A plastic or virtual card is linked to the main account of the operator or his clients. Its validity period is 1 year. For money transfers, a minimum commission of 1.5% of the transaction amount is set.
  3. Qiwi Visa Plastic (QVP). Several QVP plastic cards can be linked to one Qiwi e-wallet. It can be used to pay both in online bookmaker’s offices (a commission is 1.5%) and in land-based betting shops (operations are carried out without any commission).

Advantages of the Integration of the Financial Service

Let us consider the benefits that the connection of the Qiwi payment system for gambling locations will bring to their owners.

Increased Security of the Betting Platform

Qiwi is one of the first companies in the post-Soviet space to start using Blockchain in its financial products. The main goal of such innovations is to automate processing operations and increase the stability of the payment architecture.

Work on the implementation of a peer-to-peer network began in 2016. The following year, a subsidiary company Qiwi Blockchain Technologies was created, and in 2021 over 100 million rubles were spent on optimising financial channels.

The main advantages of the connection of the Qiwi payment system are:

  • automation of identification of players based on Blockchain technology;
  • secure storage of confidential data due to SHA-256 encryption;
  • stability of the payment infrastructure (data transmission channels, servers, and endpoints);
  • high level of security of the bookmaker's office (prevention of hacking, technical failures, fraudulent activities).

Wide Range of Transaction Methods

The Qiwi system for betting shops includes several innovative payment options:

  1. Transfer by nickname. Gamblers can create a nickname (a unique combination of letters and numbers) for their e-wallet. The service allows them to place bets anonymously, without making personal data publicly available.
  2. Transactions via a link. Bookmakers have the right to create a single payment link and place it anywhere, including on an advertising banner or the main page of the betting platform. The link can be sent personally to the players, for example, by e-mail, along with information about current promotions and loyalty programs.
  3. Payment widgets. The integration of the Qiwi system makes it possible to create branded forms of payment — with the bookmaker's logo, targeted messages, and special bonuses. A full-featured widget can be built into any of the operator’s betting pages.

Multicurrency Environment

The described payment system will allow you to make fast and secure transfers in Kazakh tenge, US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, and other international and local currencies.

High Performance

Modern data centres of the provider support the stable operation of the financial system, regardless of the quality of the internet connection and the location of an entrepreneur.

The service functions clearly and smoothly and accepts more than 25 thousand requests per second. These are applications for the replenishment and withdrawal of money, multi-factor identification, cashback, analysis of suspicious transactions, and much more.

According to the International Payment Card Industry Security Standard, Qiwi is considered the best financial services provider. The company processes over 6 million transactions per year and undergoes the prestigious QSA audit.

The integration of the Qiwi payment system for betting shops provides access to such patented identification tools as:

  • MasterCard ID Check;
  • Verified by Visa;
  • Mir Accept.

Useful Business Services

Bookmakers can order the following services from Qiwi:

  1. Opening a nominal account. This is an account for beneficiaries with a fairly wide range of activities. It is possible to conduct transactions between entrepreneurs and their B2B partners (hosting providers, franchisors), pay for patents, and carry out operations on behalf of third parties — beneficiaries.
  2. Factoring. These are mutually profitable commission fees, according to which the client assigns debts in order to receive benefits in the future.
  3. Overdraft. This is the receipt of short-term bank loans in order to repay debts to creditors as quickly as possible (for example, betting software vendors or advertising companies).

How to Quickly Launch the Qiwi Payment Service

Qiwi payment service: nuances of connection

Installation of software takes a minimum of time and does not require any specific knowledge on the part of entrepreneurs.

The official site of the company contains modules and libraries for the implementation of a single acquiring payment protocol and Qiwi Wallet.

The elements are grouped depending on the technologies that were used to create the betting platform:

  • 1C-Bitrix;
  • WooCommerce;
  • Node.js SDK;
  • .Net SDK;
  • PHP SDK;
  • Java SDK.

Software installation is based on a convenient and flexible API technology. Operators can add both individual settlement instruments and entire blocks to the bookmaker’s site without changing the program code.

The Main Things about the Integration of the Qiwi Payment System

Qiwi is a group of companies that provides secure financial services and products all over the world.
  • A comprehensive solution, Qiwi Business, supports such functions as the replenishment of an electronic wallet, withdrawal of money, account management, instant payments, and others.
  • The provider issues 3 types of plastic and virtual cards: QVV, QVC, and QVP. Each card is linked to a Visa prepaid bank account, which ensures complete security and confidentiality of user data.
  • The advantages of software installation include simple integration, multicurrency environment, various settlement tools, high performance, and availability of useful business services. The brand was one of the first in the world to start implementing Blockchain into its financial instruments.
The reliable Qiwi payment software can be ordered from the Bett-Market studio. We guarantee the fast and smooth installation of the solution at an affordable price.

The aggregator organisation Bett-Market provides the following services for the sportsbook market:

For all questions, please contact our managers. Leave a request to our specialists on the official web resource. We are in touch 24/7.

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