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Neteller Financial Service for Bookmakers: Multicurrency Environment

Article writer: Elliot Clark

It is difficult to imagine a successful betting project without a full-fledged payment solution. It provides fast and secure transactions, favourable currency conversion, and affordable bank account management.

Neteller payment system: general info

The Bett-Market aggregator recommends that operators purchase software from Neteller. The vendor has proved itself well in the market thanks to instant money transfers from anywhere in the world and support for cryptocurrency payments.

About the Developer

The electronic settlement system was created in 1999 in the UK. This is one of the first services to support fast and secure transfers. The launch of the program has revolutionised the niche and brought it to a qualitatively new level.

Entrepreneurs can integrate the brand’s solution into their betting shops, virtual casinos, sites for the sale of lottery tickets, and other iGaming platforms. The product is actively used in the field of e-commerce, including online stores, marketplaces, and other thematic portals.

A controlling stake in the company is currently owned by Paysafe Payment Solutions Limited. The provider is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, and its shares have been traded on the London Stock Exchange since April 2004.

What Neteller Can Offer the Betting Business

One of the key reasons to install the brand’s financial system is the high flexibility of operations.

The merchant has access to more than 100 payment methods with a single software integration. These are mostly cross-border transactions in electronic money but it is also possible to make transfers between bank cards or via mobile applications.

It is worth connecting the solutions with other financial services:

  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • Paysafecash;
  • Netbanking;
  • Euteller;
  • Fast Bank Transfer;
  • Epay;
  • Trustly.

Entrepreneurs and gamblers have the largest choice of payment methods. They can transfer funds directly between 2 Neteller wallets or utilise additional financial gateways.

The size of commission fees depends on what service the operator and his players use.

  • For transfers between wallets, the manufacturer’s system takes a minimum percentage of 1.45% without restrictions on the sum of money.
  • To deposit and withdraw funds to the accounts of third-party financial services, the company charges an increased commission, from 2% to 4.99%, depending on the contractor.
  • For some interconnected systems (for example, Bank Transfer or Member Wire) there is a fixed amount of deductions in the range of 5–12.75 dollars per transaction.

The installation of the service opens access to a multicurrency environment. The program supports transfers in 26 currencies, including US dollars, pounds sterling, euros, Polish zlotys, Japanese yen, Romanian lei, Indian rupees, and other monetary units.

There is also a convenient currency converter inside the system. The exchange fee is 3.99% with no limits on the transfer amount.

Secure Financial Environment

Neteller payment service: secure environment

One of the main reasons to connect the brand’s solution for bookmakers is the high level of security. The manufacturer guarantees complete confidentiality of user data and instant response to any signs of fraud.

The main protective mechanisms provided by Neteller are:

256-bit encryption

This is the encryption of passwords, access codes, and communication channels using a pair of keys known as the Public/Private Key Pair. They are made of 256 binary files (0s and 1s) and have 2,256 combinations.

It is almost impossible to encrypt the access key manually or utilise malware, which makes the connection of the brand’s payment system absolutely safe

3-D Secure

This is one of the components of two-factor user verification. It is utilised to make sure that a bank card (electronic account) belongs to its holder, and not to a fraudster.

Authentication is based on the principle of 3 domains (that is why the 3-D name of the method was created). With an additional verification level, players need to enter a password or a one-time code received via a voice call or SMS notification

IP/BIN address verification

The program matches the country specified during the registration process with the IP address (32-bit code) of the personal device used to log into the Neteller system. The software launches additional authentication when gamblers change the device utilised to enter the program (for example, when switching from a PC to a mobile phone).

The system successfully fights the use of subnet masks and firewalls, including such a tool as verification of the IP address

The betting software is made following the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

To increase the level of security of the service, the provider focuses on the following additional solutions:

  • monitoring of transactions in real-time;
  • bank account control;
  • access to blacklists of the targets of fraud;
  • fingerprinting upon request;
  • control of the time of the transaction to assess the degree of risks;
  • CV2/CVV security code verification, and much more.

Neteller Cryptocurrency Universal Service

An innovative project launched in more than 30 countries to expand the capabilities of the owners of betting shops through the use of cryptocurrency.

The integration of a bookmaker’s office with the developer’s payment system provides access to more than 40 digital currencies:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • Dogecoin;
  • EOS;
  • Ethereum;
  • Solana;
  • Tezos;
  • UMA, etc.

The exchange of funds is carried out with a minimal commission fee — from 1.3% to 1.5%, depending on the electronic card used.

The provider does not set limits on the maximum transfer amount. The minimum value is 1 USD equivalent.

Entrepreneurs and their clients can use cryptocurrency wallets to exchange, transfer, and store digital assets. In the future, the company plans to launch services for investing blockchain units in ISO projects and institutional storage of funds.

The connection of the Neteller Cryptocurrency option will help business owners attract new solvent traffic and expand the geography of wagers. Operators can accept bids even from countries with an ambiguous attitude of the authorities toward the betting niche. The service guarantees fast and anonymous transfers from anywhere in the world. All players need is a registered BTC wallet.

Why It Is Worth Connecting the Neteller Solution

Let us consider the main advantages of the vendor’s software for the sportsbook market:

  1. High performance. The system processes more than 20,000 requests per second. These are verification, deposition/withdrawal of funds, currency exchange, and acceptance of applications. The program functions without technical failures even in locations with a poor internet connection.
  2. Instant transactions. Entrepreneurs can create automated requests for the acquisition and sale of products, transfer money between internal wallets, and plan financial transactions a week or a month ahead. In any of the cases, funds are credited at lightning speed, without downtime and interruption.
  3. Wide geography of transfers. The integration of the system is available in about 200 countries on 5 continents. The provider serves users from all over the post-Soviet space and many European regions. There are also limited financial tools available in Canada, Israel, Hong Kong, and Macau.
  4. Multilingual support. The admin panel and user interface are translated into more than 15 languages. These are English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and many others.
  5. Convenient integration. The process takes a minimum of time and involves the use of API protocols. The modern API is based on advanced authentication and authorisation processes, allowing Neteller customers to quickly and securely access their data.
  6. Practical backend. The admin panel contains a wide range of options and settings for comfortable management of the financial environment. The company has developed modern mobile applications that can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.
  7. Universal bank cards. Bookmakers can issue a Net+ Prepaid Mastercard debit or credit card with a good limit to obtain borrowed funds. Entrepreneurs also have access to personal Neteller Standard and True accounts with favourable conversion rates and reduced commission fees.

Profitable Affiliate Program

Neteller financial system: affiliate program

The company launched 3 partner services that are aimed at attracting and retaining customers:

Neteller Knect

This is a universal solution for gamblers from different countries. Each action (such as deposition and withdrawal of funds or exchange operations) brings users a certain number of points, which can be exchanged for money or special gifts (football tickets, mugs, and scarves with logos of popular teams).

To start collecting points, players just need to visit the provider's official site and register in the Knect tab.

Neteller VIP

The loyalty program is implemented in the form of a set of bonuses and discounts that operators receive when the specified amount of money turnover is reached.

The Neteller VIP gambling payment system contains 4 levels of access:

The name of the program

Minimum cash flow

Bonuses, discounts, and benefits



Round-the-clock technical support, personal account manager for VIP clients



Reduced fees for currency exchange (2.79) and the purchase/sale of digital money (1.3%)



Preferential deposition and withdrawal of funds, money transfers without commissions



The minimum fee for currency exchange of 1.29% and a system of personal discounts and bonuses

Neteller Paysafe

This profitable affiliate service was developed for the bookmaker’s B2B partners. These are legal entities operating under a franchise agreement, hosting providers, subsidiaries, and software vendors.

Affiliates receive 20% of the income from the promotion of Neteller digital wallets. Profit is calculated every month based on the number of attracted customers and settlement operations that were performed by them.

The Main Things about the Installation of the Provider’s Financial Gateway

The brand offers a product that is extremely popular in the betting market.
  • Among the key features of the software, we can name high performance, instant transfers, wide geography of transactions, multilingual support, convenient integration, a practical backend, and the availability of universal bank cards with a reduced commission.
  • The company guarantees reliable protection of transfers against fraud and technical failures. The security measures are 256-bit encryption, IP/BIN address verification, the identification 3-D Secure, bank account control, etc.
  • The provider offers a flexible loyalty program for bookmakers, their clients, and B2B partners. The system contains 3 levels (Knect, VIP, and Paysafe) and an extensive set of bonuses, discounts, and benefits for regular visitors.
The Neteller service can be ordered from the Bett-Market studio. Our specialists provide fast and secure software installation via a system of open API gateways.

We also offer such useful services as:

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