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Skrill Payment System for Betting: Simple and Secure Setup in a Few Clicks

Article writer: Elliot Clark

It is hard to imagine a successful betting business without a reliable financial module. It should provide fast and beneficial transactions, guarantee the complete security of confidential data, and offer flexible tariff plans.

Skrill payment system for bookmakers

The Skrill service fully complies with these requirements. The Bett-Market studio recommends operators connect the payment aggregator and personally verify its advantages.

Key Information about the Financial Gateway

Skrill is an international system that supports multicurrency transfers all over the world.

The company was founded in 2001 in the United Kingdom under the name Moneybookers Limited.

Initially, the product was created to carry out simplified transactions using the sender's e-mail address. Over time, the range of services offered by the brand has significantly expanded: the provider has added new options and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The Enormous Popularity of the Service

Owners of the gambling business will be interested in the integration of the Skrill payment system into their bookmaker’s offices, online casinos, poker rooms, sites with lottery draws, and binary options trading platforms. In Europe and North America, the developer occupies a leading position in terms of the number of transactions made by gamblers.

The company actively supports international sports. Thus, in 2022, the provider became the exclusive partner of FC Milan, a popular European football club. According to the contract, the brand’s logos are placed on promotional banners and uniforms of players.

Skrill is one of the few payment options that are offered by eBay sellers.

The financial aggregator is actively used:

  • in marketplaces;
  • in online stores;
  • on sites for housing and communal payments;
  • on Forex platforms.

Besides, it is a favourite financial tool of freelancers (photographers, writers, programmers, designers, etc.)

Skrill ranks second in the world (after the American PayPal system) in terms of the number of completed transactions and popularity with the mass consumer. The solution is available in 200 countries and supports transfers in more than 40 currencies.

The History of the Company

The milestones in the provider's development are:




Launch of Moneybookers payment aggregator and its renaming to Skrill Group


Acquisition of the FCA licence and issuance of the first electronic money in the EU


Growth in the number of clients of the service. As of January 1, 2005, the number of registered users reached 1 million people


Issuance of the proprietary solution — Prepaid MasterCard


Conclusion of mutually beneficial partnership agreements with Visa, eBay, Samsung, and other well-known concerns. The number of clients of the service exceeded 20 million, and the number of trading partners is 100 thousand


Purchase of the PaySafeCard financial service and rebranding of the company


Addition of new monetary units: Polish zlotys, Danish krone, and others


Launch of the Skrill-powered cryptocurrency payment gateway for fast and secure transactions in digital assets


Growth in the number of active users of the site. More than 50 thousand entrepreneurs decided to install the Skrill payment system for betting shops and integrate the software into online and crypto casinos

What Services Does the Provider Offer for Business Owners?

Skrill payment software for betting: services

The decision to connect the Skrill payment system guarantees fast and secure money transfers in a few clicks.

Convenient Deposition and Withdrawal of Funds

The developer’s hosting solution supports:

  • transactions using debit and credit cards;
  • payments through the SWIFT system;
  • settlements in electronic money;
  • instant mobile and voucher transfers;
  • cash transactions, and much more.

All the above-mentioned methods are integrated into a single database with convenient management and navigation. Entrepreneurs simply select the option they need and approve the operation. Everything else is done automatically by the system, including request processing, checking for compliance with AML policies, chargeback administration, etc.

Instant Bank Transfers

They are carried out on the basis of the Rapid Transfer program. The solution allows gamblers to make payments directly from open multi-currency accounts (in US dollars, euros, and other monetary units) without leaving the betting platform.

The Skrill payment system for bookmakers is integrated with 3,000 banks. These are both well-known international organisations (for example, Raiffeisen Bank International, BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, and UniCredit Group) and smaller enterprises (for example, Ukrgasbank, and many others).

Local financial services can also be added to the Rapid Transfer program to expand the range of options offered in betting shops.

Mass Payouts

The 1-Tap feature is designed for recurring payments. Transfers can be made automatically, by filling in the minimum number of details and accelerated verification of contractors.

Connection of the Skrill system with the 1-Tap option will simplify:

  • distribution of bonuses;
  • transfer of one-time cash prizes;
  • sending cashback.

The feature can also be used to make recurring transfers. These are payments for the services of a hosting provider, settlements with franchisors and software vendors, etc.

Cryptocurrency Operations

Installation of the Skrill service will be of interest to those bookmakers that accept bets in digital funds. In 2018, the company launched a cryptocurrency gateway and has been actively developing this direction since then.

Key features of the Blockchain module:

  1. Automated trading operations. It is possible to accept bets and pay out the winnings in digital assets directly on the Skrill site, without switching to additional applications and third-party resources. Operators have the right to take advantage of the fluctuations in the blockchain currency market in order to experience the crypto money benefits firsthand.
  2. Multicurrency environment. The Skrill service supports transactions in more than 40 digital units. These are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, EOS, Ethereum, Litecoin, Solana, Tezos, and many others.
  3. Convenient exchange of funds. It is done thanks to a currency converter. The company offers competitive rates concerning the average market indicators. The feature is available to owners of e-wallets in euros, dollars, and pounds sterling.
  4. High speed of operations. The vendor guarantees instant transfer of funds to the gambler's user account or a bookmaker's e-wallet. The approval of the application does not exceed 5 seconds.

Practical User Interface

Connection of the financial system is available along with a multi-tasking administrator interface.

The program contains a wide range of options for:

  • user account management;
  • formation of detailed analytics and reports;
  • grouping betters by various indicators (country of verification, frequency of visits, minimum/maximum volume of transactions per month);
  • trading on a cryptocurrency exchange, etc.

The financial gateway can be connected to the CRM system of the wagering site. This will increase the level of customer service, improve the payment policy of a betting shop, and optimise the management costs of a bookmaker’s office.

What Types of Accounts Can Be Opened with Skrill

The system supports 3 options:

Personal account

This solution is for individuals — visitors to the wagering site — and self-employed persons who provide services to the operator (for example, work on the promotion of betting shops on the Internet).

A personal account supports the deposition and withdrawal of funds to a card, transfers within the system, and cryptocurrency transactions. The solution can also be used for one-time replenishment of an account in online casinos, poker rooms, and bookmaker’s offices

Commercial account

It is designed for legal entities.

The integration of the Skrill system allows operators to pay for the services of B2B partners (hosting companies, software vendors), transfer salaries to hired personnel, and transfer prizes/bonuses to gamblers

VIP account

It differs from the previous 2 with improved terms of service.

Holders of the VIP status get access to the company's premium solutions (microloans, reduced commissions) and can consult with a personal manager in the round-the-clock format.

The status depends on the cash turnover for the quarter:

  • bronze — turnover from €6,000;
  • silver — from €15,000;
  • gold — from €45,000;
  • diamond — from €90,000

Why Is It Worth Buying the Skrill Payment Service

Skrill payment service: connection

Let us consider the main advantages of the decision to install financial software.

High Level of Security

The integration of the betting platform with the Skrill payment system is approved by the FCA — the UK Banking Supervisory Authority. The work of the company complies with international AML and IFT policies.

The brand is qualified as a first-level payment service provider according to PCI DSS — the International Bank Card Industry Security Standard.

Verification in the system is mandatory for both individuals (players) and companies.

The identity can be verified in several ways:

  • using incoming and outgoing bank transfers;
  • by sending a copy of the passport or utility bills with the address and full name;
  • via a one-time payment from a virtual card.

Only after successful verification, bookmakers and gamblers can carry out operations in the system.

Minimum Commission Fees

The company offers the following tariff plans:

  1. Basic services. Registration of a new account, payment on sites and marketplaces, and sending money to an international bank account (using the IBAN code) are carried out without commission.
  2. Receipt of funds. For the replenishment of an account via a bank card, bookmakers need to give away 2.5% of the transaction amount, and a transfer to another Skrill account will require a payment of 1.45%. The receipt of money from gamblers and B2B partners is not subject to commission.
  3. Withdrawal of funds. The percentage of deductions depends on the card to which of the international payment services the transfer is made to. Neteller has the most loyal tariff plan (3.49%). MasterCard takes 4.99% and Visa 7.5%.
  4. Cryptocurrency operations. Transactions over 100 euros are subject to a 1.5% fee. Transactions less than the specified amount are charged at the rate of 0.99–1.99 euros per transfer.

Simple Installation

To launch the Skrill payment service, entrepreneurs do not need to have any specific knowledge and skills.

Configuration is carried out using flexible API gateways. The solution can be easily integrated into a working betting site without making changes to the basic program code of the bookmaker.

The Main Things about the Connection of the Brand’s Financial Module

Skrill is the universal software for fast, secure, and cost-effective transfers.
  • The company offers a great variety of financial options, including international and local payment agents. These are mobile and voucher transactions, cash transfers, and settlements using bank cards and electronic wallets. The system is interconnected with more than 3,000 financial institutions all over the world.
  • The brand offers 3 types of user accounts: personal, commercial, and VIP. To open each of them, it is necessary to go through verification with identity confirmation via a one-time transfer or the provision of document scans.
  • The advantages of the decision to install the software include a high level of security, favourable tariff plans, a convenient currency exchange within the system, a practical user interface, and demand among betters.
You can order the Skrill financial module from the Bett-Market studio. We provide fast and secure installation of payment software at the most affordable prices.

From us, it is possible to order such useful betting services as:

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