1. What is a Casino Hosting

  1.1. Features of the Internet Server

2. How to Connect the Hosting for a Casino

3. Free or Paid Servers for Online Casinos

4. Advantages of a Stable Casino Hosting

  4.1. High Security

  4.2. Work With Bulk Traffic

  4.3. Legality

  4.4. Technical Support

5. VPS for Gambling: Varieties

  5.1. Types of VPS Hosting

6. Conclusion

Sooner or later, each operator encounters a problem of finding the best hosting for the casino. This is a long and labour-intensive process that requires certain technical skills and an understanding of how the software works.

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What is a Casino Hosting

Casino hosting: features of the internet server

The Internet server of a casino (hosting) is the technical equipment on the hard disks of which the gambling resource is stored. Not only text documents can be placed there but also huge databases, DNS files, mail, videos, various plugins, and SSL security certificates.

The special software, the aim of which is to support the operation of a certain online casino service, is also located on remote servers.

Features of the Internet Server

Each unit of the server equipment is characterised by the following parameters:




If for some reason, the equipment fails, operators will need quick data recovery. All information should be as up-to-date as possible, and the back-up can really help with this.

In the ideal case, it should be carried out at least once every 24 hours

Support for CMS

A good server should provide the correct interconnection with all popular content systems, such as WordPress, Drupal, OpenCart, and other products

The high figure of Uptime

This parameter shows how much time the server worked for a certain period. The higher is this indicator, the more reliable is the server.

Moreover, no resource can provide 100% Uptime because it is simply impossible

How to Connect the Hosting for a Casino

To connect a casino hosting, operators can choose between 2 ways:

  1. Independently organise a server room for the casino hosting. In this case, the business owner will need certain technical knowledge, as well as the necessary computer equipment, stable access to the Internet, and continuous power supply.
  2. Use the services of certified providers. It can be either private companies (hosters) or major information providers (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo) that specialise in the provision of a wide range of telecommunication services.

At the dawn of the development of the gambling industry, most operators were focused on their own technical capacities. They bought and set up the necessary equipment on their own and were engaged in the maintenance of equipment. Over time, this approach remained relevant only for big companies, as well as for those who work with complex and non-standard products (the so-called high load projects).

The great bulk of operators have become clients of hosters. Such companies organise separate data centres with a modern and reliable infrastructure.

The online casino server is equipped with computers, routers, uninterruptible power supplies, memory modules, multiplexers, and other functional units. Also, providers should install intrusion detection and fire-fighting systems, as well as a cooling system.

In practice, the maintenance of data centres requires certain expenditures. To optimise costs, providers lease out some places on the server, rather than units of equipment. Clients, in turn, get good hosting for their gaming sites. Their work will not depend on the number of gambling projects hosted on the server since each operator has an independent server space.

To connect a casino hosting, you can use both paid and free resources. At first glance, the second option seems preferable because it allows you to keep costs down. But it is not all that simple.

The free server for an online casino has the following disadvantages:

  1. Mass advertising posted by hosters. To switch it off, you need to pay a monthly fee of at least from 15 to 20 dollars. Often, for this money, it is wiser to connect a hosting for the casino on a paid basis than to use unpaid products.
  2. Low throughput and unavailability to high loads. In such cases, online casino hosting simply fails, and valuable data can be lost.
  3. It is not possible to use a second-level domain. Such an approach could provide a stable hosting for the casino but, alas, this option is available only in the case of paid services.
  4. Limited functionality of the control panel. For operators, a number of useful settings, due to which the administration of the gaming site is much more complicated, is not available.
  5. Slow customer support or the lack of it.

Paid online casino hosting has no disadvantages that are mentioned above. Obviously, if the entrepreneur plans to create a successful and prosperous business, he will not need to buy products for free.

Advantages of a Stable Casino Hosting

Advantages of a stable casino hosting

Paid hosting for a casino has a wide range of advantages. Of course, not all of them can be noticed at first glance but in the course of subsequent work, the advantages of paid server technology can hardly be overestimated:

High Security

IGaming is a highly profitable business. Accordingly, the number of dishonest people who are trying to make money using illegal schemes is also quite large.

Successful gambling resources are daily subjected to the powerful hacker and DDoS attacks, and they also suffer from the theft of intellectual property and bulk Internet traffic with the use of bots. Therefore, security issues are becoming a priority for most operators.

To create a reliable online casino, hosting is equipped with a wide range of innovative tools. Here are some of them:



WAF (Web Application Firewall)

Advanced software filters, which are used as screens between the local computer network and external online traffic. In practice, they detect up to 95% of malicious traffic

IDS (Intrusion Detection System)

The aim of intrusion recognition systems is to protect the gambling club against DDoS attacks. The technology detects and blocks any attacks, anomalies in the network traffic, spyware, aggressive viruses, malicious applications, and other suspicious activities

VPN tunnels

Specialised secure channels through which the information is transmitted. 128-bit encryption is often used for data coding

IP Deny

A convenient tool that is used to fight against hackers and spammers. To create a reliable online casino, hosting companies are equipped with the technology that can block specific IP addresses

It is important to understand that many providers use original developments that protect online casino hosting. Ready-made solutions have several levels of security. Operators can be sure of the integrity and safety of their gambling platforms.

Work With Bulk Traffic

High data throughput is something without which it is difficult to imagine a stable casino hosting. Providers are required to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the resource even at the time of critical loads on the website. The server should have high data throughput and be able to process huge amounts of information in the shortest possible time.

In the ideal case, a casino hosting is required to accept more than 1,000 users per second, and only powerful and high-tech equipment can handle such requests.


As you know, different jurisdictions have a different attitude toward the gambling business:

  • There are countries where iGaming is officially legalised. Among such jurisdictions, we can name mostly offshore zones: the Isle of Man, Malta, Curacao, and Gibraltar. However, gambling is also considered legal in many European countries, for example, in the UK, Croatia, Italy, and Estonia.
  • Jurisdictions where virtual gambling is strictly prohibited. These are the Middle East, USA, China, and other Asian countries.

It is logical that physical server equipment can only be located in countries with a legalised gambling industry. This is the only way to manage online casinos legally (by obtaining a license or entering into contracts with the world’s leading providers of the game content).

Technical Support

Professional round-the-clock maintenance is crucial for the owner of a gambling project. Operators must be sure that any malfunctions in the operation of the casino (yes, sometimes it is possible) will be immediately fixed with the help of qualified customer support.

Experts often offer complex consulting at the beginning of cooperation with each client. This approach is highly appreciated by customers, especially entrepreneurs with brief experience.

VPS for Gambling: Varieties

VPS for gambling: varieties

Virtual Private Server is a virtual server for an online casino. As it was already mentioned, providers often divide server equipment into several independent cells. The operator can rent one of them and place his gambling website.

VPS for gambling has the same advantages as a separate unit of server technology. At the same time, VPS is much cheaper to maintain than its stationary analogue.

As for the advantages of VPS for gambling, it is worth mentioning the following:

  1. Complete independence from other Internet projects located on the same physical equipment.
  2. The presence of a personal IP address.
  3. Ability to operate the resource independently. The administrator gets root-rights and access to all catalogues and libraries of the system.
  4. Work with bulk traffic. VPS can operate smoothly even under the conditions of high loads on the system.
  5. Provision of additional plug-ins and programs that allow operators to expand the capabilities of the gambling platform.

Types of VPS Hosting

VPS have different visualisation methods:

  • Software VPS. They work on the basis of the server core. This approach provides the maximum speed of operations. It is also important to consider planned online traffic. Its ups and downs cause frequent system malfunctions, which is extremely undesirable for any casino.
  • Hardware VPS. Their operation is based on the increased isolation from other projects hosted on the same server hardware. In practice, it allows you to withstand large loads without the performance loop. VPS is characterised by the improved manoeuvrability. It can be easily transferred to another server without losing the quality of service.


Hosting is the key to a successful and profitable gambling business. Therefore, it is worth being scrupulous about choosing the right one:

  1. There is free and paid placement on server hardware. Operators should avoid free of charge options since they do not guarantee the reliability and security of the platform.
  2. When choosing a paid server, it is important to pay attention to such indicators as security, legality, and availability of customer support.
  3. The best solution for an online casino will be to localise hosting using VPS. In this case, it is worth taking a closer look at the VPS hardware. They are more manoeuvrable and have an increased capacity.

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