1. Characteristics of the Betting Business during the Pandemic

2. The Prospect of Virtual Sports Betting

3. Where to Find Proper Software for Betting Projects?

4. The Most Popular Golden Race Products

5. Conclusion

A sudden outbreak of coronavirus, which turned into a global epidemic, disrupted the usual working rhythm of many betting companies. Lots of important matches were cancelled, and the number of available sporting events decreased dramatically. Owners of bookmaker projects began to look for a worthy alternative to real sports. Virtual sports betting became a real salvation for many entrepreneurs at this time. It helped to retain regular customers and save significant sums.

Profitability of virtual sports betting

However, can virtual sport become a full-fledged analogue of real sporting events? The Bett-Market team decided to study this issue in more detail and find out how profitable and promising virtual sports betting is under the current circumstances.


Characteristics of the Betting Business during the Pandemic

The spread of COVID-19 and the introduction of strict restrictions in many countries have influenced the development of the bookmaker business significantly. The number of sporting events has decreased dramatically. Ground-based establishments are closed. Businessmen began to apply new tactics and strategies for the development of their business. Some entrepreneurs focused on other types of betting, while other owners of gambling projects completely changed their line of business.

The most popular types of gambling today are as follows:

  1. E-sports betting. This type of gambling involves betting on the outcome of a computer game with real players. It has a lot of fans around the world. Tournaments in various sports are organized regularly.
  2. Casino games. The pandemic has contributed to the increase in demand for online slots and card games. Many betting enthusiasts decided to try their hand at this unexplored area of ​​the gambling industry.
  3. Virtual sports betting. The main difference between virtual sports events and e-sports lies in the lack of real players. The outcome of the games depends only on software algorithms. This exciting and interesting entertainment can become an excellent alternative to real matches in today's conditions.

The Prospect of Virtual Sports Betting

According to Golden Race experts, the prospects for virtual sports include the following characteristics:

  • the opportunity to save the capital and maintain a stable market position for operators;
  • one of the few alternatives to real sporting events;
  • the attraction of new players and the retention of regular customers;
  • the preservation of employment.

At the same time, analysts believe that virtual sports betting is unlikely to become as successful as betting on real sporting events and become its full analogue under usual conditions. Undoubtedly, this direction of the bookmaker industry has the opportunity to expand its potential audience. Nevertheless, most gamblers will bet on traditional sports more actively after the epidemic.

Where to Find Proper Software for Betting Projects

The changes that have occurred in the gaming industry have made many operators think about finding new software products that will help them to attract more players. The modern market presents lots of interesting offers. However, the selection of gambling software is a rather responsible task. Entrepreneurs should trust only real professionals.

The Golden Race team strengthened its efforts during the quarantine period and created a lot of innovative solutions. Consider the main characteristics of such products.

Certified software production

The company is engaged in the development of legal software products that do not contradict the rules and standards of the gambling business

Attractive design

The best brand's solutions are created, taking into account the latest trends in the gaming industry. The design of products is attractive, stylish and laconic

Customizable settings

Owners and administrators of betting websites will be able to customize the necessary settings quickly and easily thanks to the user-friendly and clear interface

Affordable prices

The company offers reasonable prices (compared with the cost of similar products of competitors)

High-quality technical maintenance

A professional team of programmers will help you make the necessary adjustments and eliminate technical problems in the shortest possible time

Golden Race is a world-famous manufacturer that has gained an impeccable reputation in many countries of the world. Gamblers like the products of this company due to the high image quality, realistic graphics, and a large number of built-in bonus options. Operators appreciate the software of this manufacturer for simple administrating and high safety. It is not necessary to have a great knowledge of computer technologies to make the right settings yourself.

The Most Popular Golden Race Products

Virtual sports betting software from Golden Race

Software for virtual sports betting, lotteries, and online casino games are the most demanded gaming products today.

  • Virtual sports betting software from Golden Race is characterised by high realism. Virtual matches look almost like games with real athletes. Many types of bets and odds are available to players. Third parties cannot influence the outcome of the competition. The course and results of the game are determined by the built-in software algorithms. The company is engaged in the creation of products focused on a wide variety of sports (for example, football, basketball, golf, tennis, hockey, etc.)
  • Casino games are created, taking into account the wishes and requirements of each client. You can create sketches of the desired design, and the team of real experts will improve them and create a unique, licensed product for your gambling website.
  • Software for online lotteries created by the developers of this brand guarantees honest results due to the use of a random number generator. Each player has the same chance of winning.


The coronavirus pandemic has changed the rules of the betting industry. Operators switched to virtual sports betting. It allowed them to stay afloat and retain their regular clients. Casino games have also become quite popular today. Entrepreneurs do not lose the opportunity to get more profits by offering new gaming solutions to their customers. We should realize that virtual sports betting is not a complete alternative to traditional bookmaker activities. However, it can help businessmen stabilize user traffic.

Bett-Market has been working in the field of gambling services for many years. We have a large assortment of gaming products from the best providers. Buy software from Golden Race to attract new customers and get decent profits during the pandemic. Contact our manager to find out more about our offers.

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